Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chaos In Movement

My first month in Charleston, MS. has brought rain most every day, a trip to the local hospital to remove a piece of wood from my foot (not to mention I broke the other foot trying to unpack boxes against the docs advice :/), and my afghan hound become matted since I neglected brushing him everyday when his pin brush broke. Once I set up, my computer and washer broke, missing grandmothers antiques, along with other chaos that ensued from the move.  So today I decided to create this blog hoping it will save me from redundant emails (which I  do need to restart an email group once I focus on the direction the wind blows me in) and post all my favorite sites I seem to keep losing from computer crashes. At least until I can finish my website.

Thanks to Evi and my daughter...I've updated to a digital camera finally so maybe I can post some photos of my works as well and edit according to individual taste lol...if intended parties ever respond. Will miss my Southern Roads sign and name, my drill press and band saw, and the basement space I used for dyeing my fabrics, leather, ribbons, etc. I'll just "wing it" till then but the chaos of moving and setting up house will keep me in another direction for now.  I needed to update web site and all the graphics I lost...thanks to PC Doc for saving the wrong files :P's halloween and my anniversary was yesterday so Jim and I will enjoy each others company tonight since he was away up in Tn. last night and tomorrow he will be heading to North Carolina for the week. I plan to just read, blog, work on my site, keep grooming Paros, empty more boxes, load my guns, and sew while he is gone. If I get too bored I will play a few video games, surf, or check out what's in Charleston.  I could use a new 22 for potential snakes since ammo is expensive these days.