Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Our 11 days of Christmas blessed us with soooo much but hearing the news while out of the country about the mall shooting, how McAfee was allowed back over here, then the shooting of young innocent children in Connecticut, another shooting at a hospital wounding 4....I was ashamed and embarrassed somewhat to be from this country.

So with such a tragedy as this, in lieu of a posting about our trip, I will only leave these photos until Christmas is over. I pray for comfort at this time to the parents of these children, other children to feel safe again, and the troubled youth afflicted by whatever traumatic experiences that cause them to do such things to be able to obtain help. Being an NRA member, I am for modification of gun laws. Raised to respect firearms and lock them up (and needing them for country, rural, and hunting purposes), I don't see a need for assault type fire arms.

Till then, I hope this Christmas brings us peace and love above all things and hope to become a mentor for troubled youths at the very least.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I don't know why it always seems soooo slow to reach Christmas through the year and then when we hit the month of's magically accelerated at an alarming pace. And no wonder everyone starts decorating before Thanksgiving. It gives them more time to do that along with the shopping, cmas cards, mailing gifts, dry cleaning, hitting parties, and heaven knows it takes us 3 days to do a tree around here since I have to unwrap each ornament but not this year! With opting to do a vacation in the Caribbean, I decided to forego the tree, candles, garlands, etc. and just throw some wreaths on the outside of the house and tie a red ribbon around the afghan hound standing on my mailbox :}

Did get a lot done like the dry cleaning, some packing, rental car, house sitter, kennel reservations, and even hit my first Christmas party etc. but I feel like Stan in Southpark :l  Eeeeeewwwwweeetttt :P  Lol....I'm not sure how I feel about spending a warm Christmas in the Caribbean. It's been 15 yrs since we were alone on one without dogs, kids, grandkids, friends, working, or something :l  Who am I going to sing silly songs to and skip with?!?

I don't even know what my reviews on it all will be yet but just hope all will be good on the home front. Hoping they don't raise our taxes in congress because it's been nice to have the extra money to update things and take the extra trips :} I do know I will miss the grandkids beaming with happiness, worry about the dogs, and I was impressed with how my son-in-law and daughter made them attend each dinner seating so we could all be together on our cruise with them this past April :)  It was hard chasing them down on the ship though with the shattered arm on pain meds to watch them play and get photos of them :/

So we will dance, have our private flight with tropic air over the great blue hole, and heaven knows what else. I think we will just 'wing it' most days and really enjoy not having a list of things to do! :D  For now, I already started my 'January's List' on things to resume or pick up :}