Monday, November 30, 2009

Traffic Jam

FINALLY the yahoo Afghan Breeders group discussed something that pertains to my needs. Pat Gilbert's piece on Sunny Shay, backers, breeders, etc. has me linking her site so I can read all of her articles before asking for guidence or a seminar. However, a pile of puppies in my life would keel me over with a stroke lol!  Just want what Paros deserves...a Championship Title with an excellent handler/groomer. And a comment about her typing 'scarified' instead of 'sacraficed' was worth reading just for the humor!  To dyslectics (myself included) is 'nuf' and Santa has been 'Satan', in my letters anyway.  So "fun Santa" becomes "nuf Satan"! And no....I didn't grow up listening to my albums backwards for a forward perspective but animated blessings from Jesus in my emails has me wonder sometimes if my friends are trying to banish me to hell :/  So 'nuf said ;)

It's well known the bikers, family, and other friends would rather take a physical beating than me open my mouth with a brash opinion rendering my tongue as a sharp edged sword :l  That's why I have to keep these posts private for a bit. When my 70 year old mother says this...I have to attend most family functions with my script of xanax or miss them all together. Thank heavens there aren't many holidays requiring my presence or I would be in rehab :} Oh least I got enough respect from them to have never had trouble in one of my bars or the ones I managed for others. I always said "What I don't see...won't hurt you" ;)

And wee woo hoo!  Paros hiked his leg yesterday to pee for the first time!!  I watched him watch the neighbors lab who runs amuck pee on our trees yesterday and he decided to try this himself lol!  They sure are funny. I can't think of anything that brings me more joy or readiness to spend cash on. He's a big boy now and sad how they grow so fast. Posting a favorite pup pic of his first day out in Greece with his breeder.

They email back and forth in the Afghan Yahoo group like they were in a chat room so off to finish the emails clogged up in that box! A traffic jam one can appreciate ;)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Parking Zone

Boy am I glad to have this going so I can post what I find where these days!  Fontspace had some irresistable fonts I couldn't help but download; Aspire, Black Jack, and Dragonfly.  I such a font freak and typing that...wonder if he is still online. I did notice Moyra and Peelee aren't here anymore so still surfing to see who is still up and who isn't. Also researching plugins. I'm still not sure who will have the better metal application between Alien Skin's Eye Candy, Blade Pro, and Dreamsuite 1. Just mad my KPT acts retarded and scared to get a wacom till things are in order. Think I'll attempt to straighten that out today and by Monday I'll try the demo's on the 3 programs and see which one I will benefit most from.

With my beastie bud in Louisiana this week I think I will start to work out again on the gym, do some stitching, bathe Paros, check on monitoring company, and see the realtor. Computer stuff to be included are cleaning and reorganizing file downloads, re-scanning my drawings, reinstalling KPT, etc. Then there comes the dreaded study and research of HTML, CSS, XHTML. Lisa Explains is a good place to start because Lisa explains to kids lol and maybe it will all come back to me pretty quick ;) Before all that I have to update my status on Deviant Art community and post some stuff in the Yahoo Afghan Hound groups. And why did I get suckered into facebook?! It's worse than myspace! I'm so leaving that blank over there. Only yahoo thing I like is the start page although MSN is my home base (considering Phong who has a killer start home page for art deviants like myself...mwa hahahahaha).

Adding note to self on textures, layer styles (ok...I really should read Al's books I bought :/), scripts, and check for tut sites available for Alien Skin and Dreamsuite. Also....


Friday, November 27, 2009

Merging Traffic

Or public domain and gov sea photos into my downloads file folder!  Whoaa. A couple of good sites today were Public Domain PicturesPublic Domain Image, Public Domain Photos, and from NOAA Photo Library (some to be credit from the Ring of Fire exploration but wow!  Quilt inspiration!! Lots of beading and fibers there ;). The first one I mainly found to photographers whose works I drooled over, Anna and Peter, so like others have done me in the past...I will have to send them something in the mail if I ever get around to using their works in a digital piece. For now they will make great personal E-cards and well...2 days of reading and surfing this subject...I'm good to go next tutorial that asks to pull out some kind or puddle with cobblestones, or an orange. LOL...I take a lot of pictures but yet to shoot an orange unless it was in med school or something :l

Next to re-study HTML which is HTML5 = XHTML these days :/  Boy am I behind. I thought I was doing good to produce frames and slicing and dicing images for rollovers. Flash had just came out and I was studying it along with CSS before I quit this stuff. Seems Dreamweaver is still the software to own though. Some things never change ~sigh~

Glad the dogs are doing good from stealing one of the Turkey breasts out of the sink. Paros enjoyed half the breast and doubt he shared any with Bayou. I did cook it anyway for them and they think it's Christmas already lol! Just glad I didn't have to b*tch the vet down to the clinic yesterday on Thanksgiving :o

Well, at least I'll have enough pics of color to digitally render in the fantasy photo manipulation tutorials. It's a pile of mess in there so off to delete or throw in here some wallpapers I was playing with earlier then sort merging traffic or downloaded photos into separate folders; sea, landscape, nature, winter.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Watch for Falling Rocks


Awesome day and boys loved the big, big chicken turkey!  Thought of my friend in Louisiana and found a couple of neat free stock photo sites from good ol' Photoshop Support. Morgue Files has a guy that shoots swamp and cypress pics in Louisiana, Free Stock Photos has some awesome religious and mediteranean photos but you save pic instead of download hi res shot. It does have some serious links and if I ever get a chance to do some digital art...I will have to send them where I post their works. Photoexpress also has some clean downloadable pics but have to go back and read all the lengthy terms of use. I think one was that the shot has to be used in smaller form (under 700 px.) so thats no good if you want to distribute wallpapers :/ For a fee, dreamstime and I Stock Photo are the best. Makes me want to pull my good camera out but need a tripod for my lenses.

Closed this to keep private and play 'keep away' from some individuals. You have to be seriously drunk or drugged out to be around and keep up so I like my head like I love my day...clean and clear. Hate the drama and strange unknown persons all with a social and financial status less than the IQ of the mentally disabled :l  Hehe...I can download what I really think now! Whew.

Miss my father. He was always on the fence post with me concerning family matters. God has a good man with him so are on my mind as usual and I miss watching out for 'falling rocks' without you ;}

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Crossing

Hmmm. And deer, and black squirrel but lately...not many wild turkeys.

Run, turkey, run!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This Lane Ends

For Birthdays, Deliveries, and Holidays

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dangerous Curve Ahead

Lmao...I'm about done with re-loading my computer. Just have to figure out how to use that plug in device to back all this stuff up :l Last I played hard on a computer was around 2001-2 and had converted to CD's from floppies 3 years before that and never really learned or used it that much. Too busy with the software programs, bar, and beach house. Now we have this new thing that has been in my drawer for a couple of months now.

Scanned drawings today and now time to blog for my 15 minutes of fame lol!  Really this is my private 'download' BS spot, add links that I lose from computer deaths, and throw a few pics up to be housed here until I do the 2 year old parked web site :/ Got a little serious about it last night and laughed sooo hard reading 'web pages that suck' along with other site building resources when they said "NO MUSIC". I about burst a gut or bladder thinking 'Well...I'll just load 2 songs to play at the same time to thwart visitors'. This way I can keep all my rants, raves, disorganized thoughts, bookmarks etc. in a lumped up pile; here! I also thought of why one of the Hell's used to call me 'woodstock' back in 79-80. I asked him why and he replied "You are like the bird character in the peanuts that flies aroumd, stumbles, then rolls into something banging it's head" :/  LOL...I remember banging my head on one of Barry's hanging plants last year not once, but twice!  He busted me both this is in thoughts of him ;)

Hound club responded today so now I am stalking them instead of others with wallpapers trying to get them to let me put their/our club site online. Am I using them for a guinea pig? Partially but it's free to them and practice for me :) I think it would be great to have a site online for us! It's subject to review and editing and well...I gave her the option of publishing it herself. Just my way of donating to the club until I get upstairs to do 'physical' art lol! I'm heading up there today but's have Jim unpack my weight bench that has been reboxed for 5 months now or I'll be joining some Jenny Craig crap so therefor the road sign today is...hehe....

Dangerous Curve Ahead

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scenic View

Really nice out today and spent a good time outdoors. Gardener came out too and didn't get a chance to catch him about the bushes and bush hogging the back but really won't need it till spring with the cold weather setting in. Should have gotten some shots of the trails through the woods and always forget to bring a camera when we are out for a drive.

Did some more computer arts and a harley wallpaper and one for the Afghan Hound Club of Memphis but they are busy and don't spend time in the computer. I freak if my mail piles up in my boxes more than 3 days! Hope she doesn't get much email because I sent 2 this week myself. At least I don't get 1-200 per day when I was "Southern Roads" lmao!  Use to have the guys do the voting and checking orders. I personally took care of the graphics end and then there were the 'sweet' emails about liking my work or what song was playing. Those were the ones that always sent a gift around christmas...even if it was just turkey feathers from thier farm, their crafts, or a singing card.

Posting a link to a killer leather tutorial that was better than mine! Don't know what I'm going to do with it yet unless I scan some of my drawings. Saved me from going upstairs to grab a piece of leather to scan for texture or pattern lol so kudos and links to them!

Off for now to check on art and hound groups. Till then...some more cheesy art but smokin' brushes!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Parking Zone

Jim was sooo encouraging me yesterday with re-learning my computer arts and it does inspire me to move upstairs and finish my craft room but up so late tossing some art out and finishing others that I may take it easy. I just kept thinking about Cyril Huze emailing me from his laptop on his way to sturgis some years ago about God knows what...probably my 101 renditions of Harley computer art and purchasing a custom bike...and how I've hung onto a couple of killer ideas for him exclusively so I headed for his site. Whooaaa!  It looks awesome and nothing like it did some 8-10 years ago!!  Well...hehe...since I've been doing NOTHING for that long and it appears he is more busy than ass was back tracking!!  Just wasted a lot of years (unless playing video games and running a bar counts as something :/).

Bottom is an old rendition of a Harley graphic set I did when I was Southern Roads called "Harley Rising". Of course I am playing with Afghan photos and drawings so they are "Abstracted Afghan" and "Afghan Rising".  You can't really see the stars that form the shape of an Affie in its small form but shows nicely in it's large scale (not done here...they may boot me off for sucking up space :l). Jim really likes the abstract one so I have it as a wallpaper right now.

At least Paros and the quiet has me in motion again so I can veer out into traffic again, then it will be NO Parking Zone ;}

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Playing 'keep away' from Jim didn't work because I came down with whatever he had but so far only yesterday put me down. Unpacked some and working with actions filters, textures, etc. It was good to still see Indigo online but still don't get the 'apha channels' concept. Run the other way from gradients. Working in wallpaper scales so I can resize them and adding more links to making brush and texture tutorials. Not much here so uploading a couple more photos along with my office which only has 2 boxes left to be unpacked. Just don't know where to put them because I'm full up in here :/

Have a niece scheduled for a c-section on my oldest daughter's birthday the day before Thanksgiving so it's getting to where I can't keep track of how many nieces I have but at least it will be my second nephew :} Madison will always be my best pal though so gotta put a photo of her up. She keeps trying to move in with me lol! Tooo cute and well...talked me into buying the puppy at the flea market from a puppy mill. What's worse is she wants to take it back because it's too big now :l  Geez. A pet for Paros and gives something for Jim to pet when P is in my lap ;} Good thing because after shaving one in the Afghan Hound community will ever sell me another hound and with no help to hire around's a good thing but feel sorry for Paros for not having another 'big dog' to run with.

Argghhh. Did I mention I HATE wysiwyg's?  And the new Adobe collection with dreamweaver is out for only about 3k. I can barely keep up with the upgrades for $800 :/

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Slippery When Wet

Maybe I should have named yesterday's entry "Deer Crossing" because Jim saw 5 deer in our yard last night coming back from Ark. And with his co-worker going home after 7 weeks or more in NC today...we talked this morning about him and the deer always in his yard but today is titled such because I found the most awesome Ice tutorial from Tutorial Wiz. He had everyone stumble on the alpha channel instructions but I somehow completed the task via layer background (I think) and again from the Brazilian's corrections of just duplicating the alpha channel which became 'alpha copy 1' (incongruent with the original tut writers instructions). No matter. It came out nice all three times I created it although PS crashed on me twice last night :/  My metals are enhancing (PS Lover) as well so maybe I can get my site started and house all my road, Louisiana, travel, and event pics. Haha...maybe I can then start putting finished projects online as well!

May add something later like another cool site link, photos from the past, or even a new one but just putting new stuff and links on for now before I forget where they came from ;}

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Road Block

It looks like I'm officially off of hiatus and although I would like to say I am done with dumb...I live in the land of idiots who are 'stuck on stupid'.  They are obstacles hindering a movement forward and causes me to step backward to remedy their inefficiencies.  The most disappointing one being with my vets staff.  Again I bust them in not updating their records when they sent out a card informing me of Paros yearly visit when he had it 2 months ago and we had to go twice because he didn't want anything to do with the over hyper tech trying to pull his blood!  She wanted to shave his leg thinking that would resolve his crisis lol!  And Jim may have brought home the H1N1 virus from his trip to NC. He is showing symptoms of coming down with a nasty cold so far and it was during his week in NC that CNN news reported the hospitals there were putting up tents due to this crisis.  Hi co-worker has been there for over 7 weeks and I wonder if maybe they should have just transfered him lol! He sends good jokes and pics of deer in his backyard so I thought I'd put where the nest in ours....that needs to be bush hogged :I.  We see them but no shots yet and for "Wayne's World" lol.....we hope you are homeward bound soon, dude ;)

On the subject of glad the drapes are up most everywhere and we have been able to sleep without Paros howling at the nesting deer from the windows at 3 am!  He just patrols his property in the daytime now and always comes press his head down on me giving that deep grunt to let me know it's time to pee and patrol outside :/  I still don't know if that is an innate thing with him or his breeder taught him that but it's much cooler than just they sit by the door warnings. I am absolutely loving him more each day although he is the most stubborn and independent hound I've ever owned!  The frozen semen used to produce him was more viable than one would believe!

Links to tutorials to add today are for the filter KPT from ArtRage and 2 online PS communities; Deviant Art and Biorust (hope I can remember my passwords). Currently listening to 'The Cure' and reading software manuels :P but hope to make it upstairs for some stitching, organizing projects, and setting up craft room. Also have to call the vets to set the records straight, email Afghan Hound Club of Memphis and realtor,  bathe the dogs, and find the registration forms from AKC and hope this time I take the ink cartridge # to town so I can print it :l Typical time consuming Saturday stuff so outta here to unblock the road :/

Friday, November 13, 2009

No Speed Limit

Weee!  Fence is up and Paros is full throttle!  It's great too see him play off the lead outdoors again. I just think of the movie "Marly and Me" when he lets Marley off the lead to run amuck on the beach and probably why I adore the Verve song "Lucky Man". And don't I feel lucky!  I've had so much free time that I baked, grilled, and played with all my software trying to re-learn layers, filters, transforms, custom gradients and textures and oh come vectors, alpha and masks in the channels palette!  Pulled out painter and never did get my intuos drawing tablet but good thing. The saying "If you don't use it, you lose it" is true. I lost it. Maybe that is why Jim throws his arms up in the air and yells "FRIENDS" when we are in the nut isle of the grocery store :/

Well...I may still have a lot to learn but the global piece didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would. Of course my mesh isn't as tight as the tutorial over at Photoshop Cafe as I would have liked it but it does remind me of the fence. All in time for my youngest daughters birthday too. We enjoyed looking at old photos and reminiscing of her time with us in New Orleans area. Hehe...she seemed to get headaches around our fiends...uhh...I mean friends. Whatever...we play hard anyway and we could use a dose of fun for the holidays away from family tensions and stresses of charity to the direlects and homeless. It's all good but I need a real break and miss my other 'family' and main home too. Jim and the boys didn't get to go with me last year so here I come again Dot!  Swamp surfin'!! Then off to see the boys! And swamp pics, eagle shots, Copelands....

Still unpacking and still re-loading pics, fonts, bookmarks, etc.  Now my computer is making noises again. Hope the new computer company (Howard Computers) back their services. And the economy is supposed to be stressed?  Ha!  Still can't find services for obedience, grooming, or other classes around here. I may go back to school for grooming and although I had several weeks of apprenticeship Dr. Edwards provided for me years ago after dropping out of college, it wasn't enough for show cuts. I can do most breed clips and with matt comb in hand...I was always out to save the pets coat from clipping!  We had show groomers and handlers in Louisiana though and between them and me...the boys stayed in full coat.

Till then, we are off the chain so NO SPEED LIMIT!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yep.  We party the days before and after the actual day...hehe.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm on hiatus right now and have detoured for a...

Happy Birthday, honey!

(Till Sunday ;)

XO and :P

Monday, November 9, 2009

Reduce Speed

I was asked for my opinion on something yesterday before I headed out the door and being that it was from one of my favorite contacts...I opened the email, rushed through the photos, and then commented on what I scrolled quickly through.  When we reached Memphis, I found myself running into people, walls, my husband, and then I am asking someone in electronics about dog food :/  I can vaguely remember my husband laughing all day yesterday and he probably thought that I had left my mind at home! My father always told me: "Slow down and think before you speak". In reflection...I recalled only spitting negative opinions and observations on things I've encountered so I asked myself why was this when generally I am a positive person?

I think we all become in such a hurry to meet a deadline that we don't slow down to obtain a balanced view.  There is a dual nature to everything; black/white, fast/slow, order/chaos, right/wrong, positive/negative.  Upon returning I looked twice more at the photos and it became clear that I couldn't "see the forest for the trees" as the say. I never have been the leader type, just the typical virgo follower like my husband (also a virgo). So who's leading the pack?  Paros aka 'Marley'. According to Cesar Milan...this is the first thing we need to come to terms with; slowing down in order to take control.

And when focused....what did I discover about those photos?  That there was more good points than negative ones and that a fast paced lifestyle just leads to stress, chaos, disorder, and negative view points so today's photos are on my youngest daughter and her dad's cab company in California along with the graphics I created for his website years ago, a road pic from my area. And the road sign/message?  "Reduce Speed Ahead" (or get a ticket lol!).

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Men At Work

I'm missing church this morning and adding fresh pics I took yesterday on the way to dinner in Oakland.  Jim is unpacking and I am opting out of my yahoo Afghan group because I found out my member # is 666 (as luck would have it :/).  I did find a mentor from there who has been helpful with referring us to a handler, where to start his AKC registration with the papers from Greece, and also see some wonderful people from there I've had contact with before who have reputable kennels as well but tomorrow I have another date with my husband to light my candle alone in peace. I just won't put off the fence on one of the few weekends we are both home and I am able to walk (and lol...I was wanting to show off the fact I could go to church with shoes on both of my feet at the same time!!).  Oh well.  At least we don't have to work EVERY Sunday like we used to!

Charleston is a slow paced southern town with loads of charm. I really like it here. Southerner's in general aren't really ever in a hurry to get anywhere anyway and although I will miss the shopping and services a larger city has...I won't miss the crime, drugs, violence, and fast paced progression that comes with it. I think the laid back lifestyle will set in more once we get settled. The lady from the restaurant we frequent in Oakland was surprised we haven't already unloaded here. I guess I am more careful planning on the placement of things like paintings, prints, books, etc. and the red master bedroom has me confused on whether I am in the flames of passion or fires of hell.  I'm more like 'smouldering ash' lol! Ok, ok....with all my recent troubles one would say 'fires of hell' but this place has good vibes and maybe I'm just a descendent of Joeb :l  I do have 5 gallons of paint to remedy that and as for services or mass...just like animals...I don't want to take my negative vibes around others for them to pick up on.  Usually the first thing Ceasar Milan from "The Dog Whisperer" tells his clients and what they teach in animal behaviorism in college gathering for me this morning.  Haha...maybe an exorcism later? Not funny.

Off for now to add some links of my refound Photoshop Tutorial sites here before we head out of town. I can thank our Father on the way for all the blessings and pray for the afflicted, hungry, & abused children so REDUCE SPEED: Men At Work ;}

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Children At Play

Wee woo hoo!!  Jim is headed home and I will have to race the dogs to the door to greet him! We will measure the area I want to fence and purchase the supplies this weekend but play the rest.  I am only putting up a temporary farm fence until I decide what I really want. I don't like the looks of privacy fencing and it isn't in my budget for wrought iron right now (not to cover 4 acres and I know the gates are about 3k alone :/). Plus I may just want to replace intercom system with surround sound since I listen to music more than TV (hehe...we call the "Puppy Monitors"). I'm sure I will still cry about P's coat and it will come to Jim as a shock but his coat is sooo thick...I will still need help. My past hounds were more fine and silky coated (except for Dancer but then his wasn't even as thick as Paros!).  I will forever beat myself up about this and only the Afghan world knows how serious coat care is. Geez.  I use to not only groom my personal physicians dog but one of the Vets Afghans I interned for as well.  My speed and control of circumstances failed me but I will be in a better frame of mind with Jim's arrival.  I hope.

Although this is sounding more like an Afghan Hound site is intended for journaling so I can re-ad my favorite links and practice with hand coding for my site in case my computers die again. I can't believe I could once manuever around the graphics programs, do frames in dream weaver, had all the filters, and still do interviews, report on events, run several web sites, etc. No wonder I lost my southern roads names (.com, .net, etc.) and hired help around the house when I opened the bar/restaurant.  Multi-tasking too much. Glad to say the sign has finally found a new home at the Mr. Harrington's Truck Stop in Jackson, Tn. He kept the name plate for his biker gear shop. He is a handsome and friendly elderly gentleman with a cool dog, 3 Truck stops, buffets, shopping plaza, etc.

And for those who may be appalled by earlier posts about 'boob shots'...I was too when thrown into that snake pit!  After a divorce...I had to drop out of my 6th yr. toward DVM in med school to maintain a lake home in Louisiana. I also had to quit the clinic and opt for more money via bar management...then biker crafts, jewellery, web sites, events, etc.  I raised extra money for abused and neglected children through auctions at poker runs and help organize an event to raise funds to bring a dead child home. So God does send his angels in dark places. I guess I am sometimes one of his warriors.

Jim and P are priority right now so for today...CAUTION: Chilren at Play ;}

Friday, November 6, 2009

Do Not Enter

Whoaaa.  Half the day went to finding the "off" button for emails in my yahoo group I just joined.  I was skeptical about joining at first because it was for breeders. I did find what I was looking for.  Friction caused his coat to mat above EVERYTHING; move, surgery on foot, broke brush, etc.  One email had a pic of 3 mountain lions by a car in the Colorado snow with "Hehehe, honey, would you go warm up the car?"  Then it hit me!!  Before the broken pin brush and move...I chewed my husband out for rubbing Paros' coat in all directions when he would pet him!  Bad!  I could have sent his a** to that car :}  Then when the move came and people were over...same thing.  Snapped at my younger sister, niece, etc. With me incapacitated and all that was going on...his coat was doomed.  If only I had found back up help.  I always said I was a mean and strict boss and my oldest girl (this paragraph) hated helping me with leaves on Saturdays because we could never keep a gardener.  My girl that helped me clean my pool and cars from the beach house was stolen by the car dealer up the road because my cars stayed spotless. Ok...maybe she left because I am hard edged :/  I think my girl here must have developed the same edge.  Her Roller Derby shot here speaks the same as well as the pictures of her in her band; Area 69.  Hmmmm.  Wonder if she gets this 'mulit-tasking' thing from me too?

Maybe I should have named this entry "Beware of Dog".  Me.  3 good things did happened today though.  Went to lunch in town and noticed the 3 new murals they put up in town this month. One is of Morgan Freeman who so happens to be my neighbor.  The others?  A group member who does Afghan quilts too! Also noticed Sirae Breeder online there.  I like her and her kennel of hounds. But noooo. I was still mad all day. My jaw still hurts from staying clenched in anger and neck tight from tension. I just couldn't clear my head from reflecting back on everything that has happened in the past 7 weeks. Then my husbands co-worker emailed me asking if he could give a good home to the boob shots!  I couldn't help but burst with laughter and soooo needed that!  I did send him a modeling pic of my youngest (here) in Hawaii. He would have made a good camera man with all that enthusiasm ;}

I am going to light a candle and do penance for all the swearing I've done this month and can't wait till it all washes away. Like the hair on my beloved hound ~gloom~ Or the beach house on the coast. And to those who do enter here...BEWARE OF DOG!  Me.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Which Way?

Hating myself and being down all day yesterday for having to clip my hound...I avoided emails, phone calls, door bells etc.  Just had a few drinks, played with "widgets" and videos on the computer.  Did talk to a friend in Louisiana and my sister of course.  If anyone knows how I am about my or my dogs's them.  The family even knows that I'm to be buried with my hounds ashes, hair, and boots on lol.  I had to get over it today and do it or don't.  His first cut is done and he's ready for a bath before I 'finish' him but I'm surprised how handsome he is!  I left the back legs and some of the front along with his head and he looks like a biker with chaps on!!  I have to's the first time I've ever had to clip one of my dogs (including Lhasa's) but pray it's the last.  I'm sooo going to order back up pin brushes instead of the junk they sell at these chain pet stores. Yuk!  Only good for dog food, treats, and frivilous items.  Not even good leashes or collars :P  May this be a note to myself to order a couple more snoods, martingale collar, pee band, and a mat or grooming table.  Can always throw the arm on my craft table with a good matt down ;}

Also noting here that I hope to find the music dvd for The Verve.  Want 2 copies if they have them...their original video and one with clips from Marley and Me.  Haha...that's what we listened to!  He was being set free from his bi-weekly brushings and the lyrics keep reminding me it's all in my mind; all the love we have. He was excellent through it and I'm sure his hair will be grown out before I find a competent handler anyway (I sure would like to have the money they will be paid!).

And yesterday when I went to get a case and the store clerks wanted to assist me in carrying it out...I wondered how they knew I was Jim's wife.  Duhhh!  I probably look like the only other "biker-ess" in a town with the population of 2,198!  So as in the song matter how many corners I have to turn, how many lessons I have to learn...I'm a lucky girl, I have no disgrace with who I am, I know where I'm at, and I got a love that will never die. And wait till P gets a real taste again of his liberty next week when the fence is up!!  I'm sure that I may not get to work on any of my projects for the next 2-3 weeks but boy are we going to have a blast playing fetch, learning tricks, jumping hurdles, and just enjoying the weather before the winter comes.

I'm still deleting old graphics, pics, and keeping just the ones I want.  I may just use some graphics I previously done since I'm having a hard time relearning the new updated versions of software for Photoshop, PSP, not to mention the filters and all. They don't even have Blade Pro anymore. I gasped at the new prices of Alien Skin's Eye Candy and the likes!  But this time I know to burn a CD with just the select photos as I've been through this twice this year, not to mention broken bones as well :/  Guess I'm getting too old for skates and how I miss having a horse so I need to note the broke bones year here as well :l