Thursday, July 26, 2012


I talked with ATT a few days ago about current situations and somehow got caught up in the story of the whole 2.5 yr ordeal of no speeds. The women were soooo nice and they are shaping up their company (I'm assuming from the merge with Bell South...I dunno) so she said an engineer would be out to check on things. All I could think of these last few days was "The Engineer is coming! The engineer is coming" like Steve Martin from "The Jerk" :/  I guess todays communication comes more in the form of the internet rather than the phone book but a few minutes ago she called and it should all be ok :)

Paros Cuddle 2010
A bit depressed about my daughter's final days here in the states had me online in Expedia booking flights to California for the middle of August. I am glad I called her because she is leaving the 10th to 15th (this has been rescheduled a bit due to forms, exams etc.). She would have panicked anyway knowing this...I thought a trip to Europe on the mediterranean would be nice. I was ready for it but once I got a little clearer on what's important...and even though Jim's son never passes up here...I thought we'd drop down toward Miami to see his grandson and book a cruise to the southern carribean down to South America on a new smaller boat. We will leave his memory of us to be "The Cruising Grandparents" lol. Hard to believe I have transformed from hard core adventurer taking flights, renting vehicles, and taking risks into venturing into jungles alone to being catered, pampered, served, and toured :l least I made it this far!

This all hinges on a beloved friend from Canada's visit. They are our age and riders too. Also homebodies these days like us and going through the same medical aging people thing :I They do spit off and about more than us though. I've literally been watching the grass grow with all the dirt hauled and apread plus the seed planted and hand still out :/ So if they do make it down and we go to New Orleans for a few days and we will book for a week in the caribbean. If not...I'll just book a 2 week excursion and catch NO another time.

Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve
Glad St. Lucia .org is still active because Jalousie Plantation, my favorite place in Soufriere, is not The Tides, Sugar Beach Villas. Prices are up and comparable to Ladera but worth consideration since it is an old plantation with separate villas and surrounded by the Pitons on the ocean. La Petite Fleur des Pitons (private gated villa with pool) can be leased for $300 per night but amenities are sub standard (the views, price, and privacy nestled in the pitons make up for it). There is also Balenbouche and Fond doux estates which are old sugar plantations with villas but how I wish I could squeeze Ladera, a 5 star resort with private villas and the best views of them all, in my budget! I won't even discuss Jade Mountain and afraid they will charge me for posting a link (and you'd think their web site would be spectacular). As for La Dauphine...I'd rather go back to the ship which is anchored for 2 full days at this island.

As for song to post and that's been on my mind...Amazing Grace sung to the tune of House of the Rising Sun (this version but also Sons of Anarchy version by White Buffalo). Somehow I know I did win and life has been a bit back to normal these days so in the spirit of when I used to sail in the New Orleans regattas for New Orleans Yacht club against Southern (and whoa the champagne flowed because we were a diligent, tough, and motley crew! A chemist, lawyer, judge, roving somebody, and me! My light weight and ability to pack and fly the spinnaker was my strong point ;)) aboard the Bura liava (Latvian for 'sailboat' owned by Refuged Lativian Chemist who married a friends father and taught me to skipper an auxillary craft)...I'm just rolling with "Charlie Brown"  though because 'Southrn Cross' recordings aren't so good). No Sunday services last week but book of Sirach's chapter (Catholic Bible) on Health for the Body and Soul read for a member of the Sons of Silence who passed and the remainder of us who were once succumbed by this, that, or the other. Stress does affect health.

Speaking of health...lots of appts. next week. New General Physician in particular and I'm relieved the secretaries kept messing up and telling me I didn't make an appt. with the local town doctor when I would show up for it :/  Everyone kept telling me not to reschedule because he is cranky, mean, etc. And after seeing him milk the empty bottles in front of him at the restaurant this week, it is just a blessing I'm not paying to go through stupid to get to asshole! (takes one to know one :I). That's like stepping in crap and dragging it with you :/

So a glass of wine to Richard (French pronunciation ~Reeeshard~), daughter's journey, growing grass, lossing ass, awakened muscle in my hand, and hell....finally fast internet! I couldn't open the bottle of beer but most things on the horizon are correct ;)

A Special Note of Congratulations. Paros's breeder in Greece retained a sister of his who had her first, well, puppy. One very special girl. Evi may not know how God blesses her in a special unique way but I see it. P was the only boy in her first litter. Her second brought about a solid white miracle and this one...a very special girl who will be strong willed because she will not be encumbered by the stress brought about by other siblings. The lucky, sacred, spoilt only child ;) (Photo here of Ice sent by her owner/breeder in the seas surrounding Greece. I photoshopped the lead out and was going to do something with this for her but forgot :l). I also had to post a joke found on FB here. Author unknown :l

Saturday, July 21, 2012


I'll always laugh about the 3 hour bike ride.
And death only separates us physically ;)

Friday, July 20, 2012


. first adult tooth was extracted this week and seems there is no flouride in the water. It's not really in most bottled waters either but when I heard the dentist tell another patient it really isn't a big deal because it's found in food...all I could wonder is why didn't he tell him what foods? What if he doesn't drink or smoke since it's found in beer, wine, and tobacco? It is in minute quantities in fish and sodium flouide is more on the toxic side. Flourine is in the periodic table and flouride is just the decomposed state...or anion of flourine. Now I know why most all Mississippians have issues with their teeth :l  Although knowing the competency levels (or lack of) of professionals here...I'd rather them not chemically alter the water :/

And although the docs are ok here...Jim and I discussed they aren't really saavy like the ones in Louisiana. They are just substandard to good. They don't tell you when to come back, won't discuss alternative treatments (I got a "We won't discuss that till we get there" from the peridontist...and after the root and plane procedure...I got an "That didn't work so let's do this" :l). I remember my dentist in Slidell had the orthodontist and peridontist in the room with me all confering about my TMJ. Of course I wasn't about to have my jaw hacked and extended at the time (I was about 35 in 94). I just always thought this was the caliber of physicians one could expect.

Then there is the bone doc and the general health doc. The bone doc visit this week bought me some more hand therapy time but I've missed the past 3 appointments because of the tooth. It has been slightly loose for a year and the peridontist stuff...along with the shattered hand/wrist/arm...just made me go have the thing pulled. OW. Wasn't bad until 15 minutes later! I had to ride the next day on pain meds but hanging off of them these past 2 days (because I hate them so and they make me feel generally sick) so I try to focus doing other stuff as much as possible. Like Photoshop yesterday, blog today, bathing dogs and I will need to do the finish work on their clips.

And ironically enough...working on a batman piece from Abduzeedo's tutorial and they had that horrible shooting at the Batman movie last night :((((( He did his in pixelmaster made for Mac...which I want sooooo bad. The mac that is but I guess I need reliable internet first.  Mine is draaaggggging today and of course ATT isn't going to change things :/ The other 2 versions I just ran with from my first "Apocolyptic War Angels" piece I did several months ago since it kind of reminded me of (also posted here). I was also lazy and didn't want to 'google' for a batman symbol so just used the wings. (I also don't make a very good student right now....I didn't even finish the tutorial :( ). And to add to the strange daughter had to have all their teeth done this past month before being deployed from California to Japan :l

So hell...I live under a stange sky in a stange state with strange doctors and even the big companies act strange by putting us off with internet and not coming out to say one thing or another. I guess it's just the Mississippi way. Last of the wild west...or south lol. I do have a taste for danger but not concerning my health (pun intended). Guess we need teeth guards with those crash helmets over here :/

Special Note....Paros seems great on the cooler water with flouride and no Waggin Tails chicken jerkeys! :D (I just have to get it in my bottled water now to keep my bones from shattering I guess :/). They were howling and funny last month when I watched "The Grey" about the wolves. They all jumped in bed with me and watched the movie once they realized it was coming from the TV but that video was toooo long for here. Did post new pics of New Orleans new 3 laned twin span and photo of them on the balcony in their clips :)

New New Orleans Twin Span

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Since my last blog on Father's day, my realtor/friend, Lannie, comes by and we go for dinner, a drive, and to each others houses discussing the current events in our lives. Nothing like a bit of kindness, compassion, or concern to lift your spirits. And of course hearing of her troubles...they made mine seem insignificant but the love transfered from one person to another is like the paint transference when another car scrapes yours. It's there. You feel or see it. And so it was on Sunday's service with our Pastors message on 'Weathering the Storm' and how each apostle had emotions of fear, concern, anger, or panic and couldn't understand why Christ slept in the boat. He knew the storm would pass just as the storms that are inevitable our lives will eventually come to pass. This was followed by his wedding and looking about the room at his reception, I could see and feel the smile and joy on everyone sported at this happy event.

Good vibrations, like negativity, has it's way of spreading like a disease or in this case...wild fire. So when I awoke the other morning realizing I would probably never be able to play the guitar again, I put this thought away with the knowledge that I could learn piano (fingers are ok but supine movement (?) of my hand doesn't seem to be coming about). Keeping the blues at bay, I kept positive and busy with training Mana, painting the bedroom, shopping for a receiver for the bose surround, giving my bedroom a makeover, and not working my arm out so much. Seems to diminish the pain by giving it a rest. I've always heard "It only hurts when I laugh" but in my case, if feels good. It only hurts when I over work my arm :/

But this past sunday I was late for service which was a drag. I needed that message to keep me going and to take Lannie, my realtor, to lunch for all she does. I had asked her why did other churches send cards in time of crisis or surgery and her reply was "Because you have personal service. Me!" Lol...I felt a bit spoiled on that one so I try to do good for her too. We were also privileged to be able to treat the pastor and his new wife to lunch as well. I not only got the message..I got his sermon notes! I'm blessed and humbled to have an awesome congregation and church like this :)

I am also lucky to cross paths and share a moment in time with the people in my hand therapy class. The girls this week shared some of their crazy events as well. One answered a call to a woman she said sounded like me. She said the woman acted like she didn't know her and well...she thought I definitely stepped off the deep end and lost my ever loving mind :l  The other had her phone number accidentally published on craigs list for inflatible party bounces. (I stop and still lol on this...'Hello Fraline... you have inflatibles?') :D Then there is a older gentleman we all adore and just kept laughing hard when I kept asking how his week was, then another on the phone with his college saying "I'm in therapy right now" (ROFLOL!!) Well scoot over on that party bounce, I could use a session too lol!! I guess we all know who transferred or brought the disruptive craziness to the table :l

And what was the message I finally read this monday? From the parable about the woman who pushed through the crowds to touch the garment of Jesus in order to become healed and that the crowds of christ were composed of 3 kinds of people. The ones in front who can touch and pray with christ (doers), the ones in the middle who observe (spectators), and the ones in the rear that can't see or hear anything but second hand news. It's our job to move forward and touch others. Transfer emotions, intentions, words, works, etc. This is living. And the gambit of a touch leads us to a variety of emotions like those experienced by the apostles in that boat. An energy that isn't inert or dead, but alive and leading us to a wide array of choices, journeys, feelings, and experiences.

Of course things always merge and become clearer around here so when I heard about Rushnell's book "Divine Alignment" on the news (5 series of 'God Winks'), I had to put the sermon down for a moment. How ironic he was talking about a similar 'movement' causing 'transferences' of energy! And it is exactly how I try to explain what I experienced during this incident I had in surgery over 30 yrs ago! (I watch 'I Survived: Beyond and Back too but this is another story for another day :}).

Lots of good vibrations the past two weeks. I had to clip Paros down since his coat was matting with my hand out but with the heat in the 3 digits, it will be cooler for him (even though he doesn't budge from the air conditioning but after surviving the 3 months no water, running out of took this to lose control of his coat :((( ). At least we don't have to live with the 'fires of hell' or 'flames of passion' red color in the bedroom! Painting it a neutral color may bring decent vibes about in the rec room we made our master bedroom (games include who can sleep the longest, PS3, WII PS2, 2 TV's, and old people pill popping :/). But yesterday's session (lol...pun intended) at Southern Hand Therapy had me reaching the steepiest incline of laughter so I guess I guess I will be rolling downhill on this roller coaster of life soon.

To add to the congruent idiosyncrasies and idioms that occur here...adding to the list of homocide investigator who put my security camera system in...the deputy sheriff just spread top soil in the back and I also hired his cousin, a Charleston police officer, to do the lawn (he does bushes so 'whew'. More help and less stress on me but will miss Jimbo :( Just wish he did bushes :/). Then there is dispatch, the neighbors son, next door. least we are very safe and our law inforcement supplement their incomes from honest hard work as opposed to a corruptive means ;)

It still all comes down to balance though. We keep in motion to find an order or balance. We get up when we fall or fail and keep pushing on. And when we think we have made it...we should also come down from our high horse in order to help others and find that balance together.

So this week I've just been saying "Well hopping apostles in a boat! Put your crash helmet on Mr. P because we are alive and in motion!"

*SPECIAL NOTE: Fact is...this country was founded and fought for our religious freedom. Our forefathers added "One nation under God" into our constitution. I probably wouldn't have made it this far without my freedom of speech either so to hell with those who disturb the balance.  I hope all the negative vibes find you :P