Monday, May 23, 2011


1984 Metairie, La.
Nothing like taking a break from painting and visiting in the city on a Sunday. We went to my stepfathers and took him shopping, chatted, washed a couple of dachsaunds, repaired a couple of minor things, sat amongst the jasmine and palms on the patio, and looked at my mothers little treasures in one of her treasure boxes. He was curious as why she would save little silly things like a small broken glass dachsaund or bird. Of course I have lots of these dumb sentimental things that are just special or evoke a memory. I never knew she had these too :}

It was raining most of the day and the sky was ominous with tornadoes still touching down in midwest states but it was a nice and special day. My oldest daughter also stopped by to visit while we were in town. I had a long hard laugh with her about the gardeners that would always quit at the lake house she was brought up in. She detested helping with the yard when they left.  She laughed how anal I am and the jokes about 'cleaning the woods' lol. I am kissing this lawn guys butt because he is the only one in town. I also still giggle over my mother's Erte #5 piece and of all her pieces...still don't know what she saw in what I call the "seasame street" phase of his :l (and boy I remember checking my feet to see if they were bleeding when she hit the museums on Royal in the 80's when she bought all those :/).

80's visit
Trying to save some old photos. Jerry was always a sharp dressed man and it was them who turned me on to the ZZ Top album "Eliminator" when it first came out. I enjoyed their visits when they would come see me in New Orleans and loved having them for Christmas day dinner at the Fairmont a time or 2 (we ritually would eat at the blue room every Christimas day with other prominant families of New Orleans area). Very different from when I lived out west.

Well...coming back home to his Royal Fuzziness and cohorts is always nice too :)))  Good to see new memories are being formed. The new pup is starting to look like a siamese twin growing off of Bayou's butt lol :D

Today is nice & Memory lane is good :)

Friday, May 20, 2011


She's a Stalker :/
Ooooo...sometimes things go sooo fast and with the new pup's whining for a poo 1:30 in the wee hours...I don't know how I get things done. I fixed the feeding schedule by the third night and yesterday she started using the stairs so no more carrying the little baby gaga lamb at least. Bayou is getting frustrated with her now though. He started out by taking his squeak toys we call "wee wee's" to her but now he is mad she has taken them over and runs from her :/

Naked!! No Shutters or bushes :(
But the hardest part of this week has been coming to terms facing my mother's things. I am sooo glad she wanted me to have my grandmother's jewelry and the other stuff I just made a space in a walk in closet with a chair to put them because I know I will need to sit and cry it out when I go through them. I didn't even bother to put tissues because my sobs of late require crying towels. I think it is one reason I keep myself busy and try not to think of her things moved from their places but know this is best. I even dried some flowers with the funeral program I plan to arrange in a collage with her picture.

Black Trim Done
Well...had a quiet day yesterday so painted the shutters :D The house looked funny bald for a bit and I don't know why I planned to wash the dogs and start painting in the white on the house today but it will keep me busy. I am still shopping for slate to put in the den and trying to match them up with the paintings I want too. I told the artist so he can place that notch in his belt lol ;) My mother was great at decorating but I never had her artistic ablities so I am just matching stuff to the dogs ...then to the room :l I dunno. She would laugh though and say how retarded I am :} (Ready for Desparate Landscape Show lol).

Jim comes in from Alabama tomorrow so hope to squeeze a trip by my stepfathers with him so he can put a tighter seal on a patio door. I have to be in the city to hit one of my banks on a work day too. Hope to multi-task in one trip to shave another 4 hours off but tought to get Jim there during bank hours.

I think when Jim asked for the first time in 15 years why do I take all these pictures of the house...I was a bit taken back. He lived with me during the sale of one home and purchase of the beach house when we first shacked up and I reminded him of how I still have the photos of him in the 10 ft. area digging out my pool :l. He wants to see those again lol...10 yrs of debris no pool company on the coast would touch (not to mention the tree roots from a black oak that grew through one of the skimmers :/). I'll have to post the before and after pics one day :))))

But now...I need to face this and quit running on empty :{

Monday, May 16, 2011


It was a nice road trip into Georgia and a lot of hot meals with antibiotics knocked Jim's grungy cold out. The boys were happy little riders and wouldn't listen at all. I think the worse part of it was in passing the tornado paths in Ms. and Alabama. You could see where it left a big path and went across the road to the other side. It must have been wide and the arial shots and news said it left a winding path of 80 miles without letting up in 2 states. Soooo sad and devastating. It's like the earth is just dying.

Got Spot?!?
Well...we will never stay at the Jameson Inn again. The pics of the room online when I made our reservations had a 4 post kingsize bed in a large room. Not only the bed was different...the room was TIGHT. Not to mention we had to slide furniture over to put Paros cage in the room. We couldn't sleep either. AC didn't cool well, carpets were funky, and people giggling down the halls and opening doors all night had me up 5 and 6 times :/  They also charged us more than they said over the phone :P Glad they gave us a king bed as I requested though. If we had a double...Paros would have sent us to the cage :l

We visited a harley shop and I had to check in on the boys before we hit a restaurant. Jim said it was like having kids and I just laughed and told him we couldn't get by with throwing children in a cage and leaving them behind for ANY amount of time lol!! :D

The trip out to the breeders was lovely. She has an awesome place on 10 acres and is definitely our kind of people! Woods, country, animals, natural and down to earth :}  I enjoyed the day listening to her and seeing all the animals (horses, boxer, poodle, afghan pups, a chinese crested not to mention she also has another few acres across the state line with Borzois and Macaws. I did feel a bit apprehensive when she reached into her blouse to show me her pet! I first thought it would be like one of the 1% biker ol' ladies who flashes a tit with a tatoo at ya! Nope. More yuppie like us and had a Sugar Glider hanging around! Soooooo cute!!! I wanted one along with a Macaw, another cage, property next door so I could hang out.... ~lol~  It was an awesome day :}

Baby Gaga :}
Thanks to her...I now have a sweet baby girl ~gagaga~ :}  I went in for the other more vivacious girl for Paros...a pet for my pet but left with a sweet natured female pet for me :D  Truly 'Serendipity' And I walked away more knowledgeable thanks to her. I loved the separate grooming room/office area where she had a porcelain tub mounted in a professional type base with storage under it. Unlike the metal tubs in the clinics and grooming shops that 'ping' and move and are smaller ;)

And we are discussing spending a vacation or 2 on the road visiting all the antique and flea markets across the south and up into the Tenn smokies. Since Jim really can't take all his time off at once.... this will really work out for us this way and we can just rent a cabin in Gatlinburg with his fuzziness and pals :).

I'm a Rider!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I always believed that things may not go as planned because something else was intended in the great design of things. We have been test driving SUV's Monday and learning that Jim is sooo big...only Yukons, Tahoes, Escalades, Navigators, or Expeditions are our choices. Well....looking at the prices makes me want to shrink wrap him to fit so wouldn't you know....they call him back out to Alabama for the week and Martial Robin Emails his new paintings!!!  Weee!!! So no blues about the SUV right now...we will save it that for later. Right now I am measuring areas with my measuring tape and converting Cms into inches lol ;)

And how beautifully that worked out. We will both be on road trips and will reconvene online next week to purchase one (piece shown above). So P will get his road trip and a girl but to be honest...I think I am becoming more excited for myself than apprehensive about having a female! And a blonde (what is called 'red') black masked little 'Belle Fille du Sud' like the afghan 'Taco' in the commercials years ago ;)
Yep. Things work out for the best. The house and shutters are starting to show so good thing the south moves at a leisurely snails pace or I would be painting the house during a blue time. Instead, we will be having a bit of christmas in May and singing little road songs with a joyous heart :}

Still looking for retriever :/
Yep. Afghans are my heros from the blues ;)

Sunday, May 8, 2011


The first half of mother's day weekend had me soooo down with an extra kick when I realized Jim was detained in Alabama, sick as a dog, and that I wouldn't get to go see my stepfather and sit in my mother's gardens. With him there and her art, flowers, dogs...I can still feel her.

I did speak with a couple of breeders and impressed with Chandhara Kennels. I always like her pics and think she was the one with the mountain lions on her property with the caption "Honey, go warm the car" lol ;) Unfortunately she doesn't have anything at this time and I don't think I can go another month watching P sulk and pine over  'Wayne's Girl'...the Retriever :/
Homemade dogfoods
Of course Jim drags in around lunch so I pumped him up with vitamins, juice, and one of the antibiotics the doc wrote me a script for on Friday until I can slam him in for a visit too. Then I was able to share the news with him!! I found a beautiful girl afghan pup! Now it feels like she is more for me than for P lol.  Paros will still be delighted to have a companion to run and play with that looks like him in size and shape so it is a good mother's day after all :)

And yesterday I saw the most unusual black & red butterfly.

Healing is coming about.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Monday was a good day. The camera surveillance DVR was set up along with the online info and software installed to be able to view the house. Also looked at some of Shell's photos and burned them to DVD's. Then we were sick by Tuesday and wouldn't you know...the Vista came in :/

Picking up where I left off will be hard at first. The 5 gallon drum of paint and supplies are still outside where they have been for the last 3 weeks. It may be there another week because the Vista is next. How funny when the Fed X people asked if that was the same computer. They said they would not buy an HP until it was spit out how they knock the box around to death. They were quick to reply in retaliation of how they have no control once it reaches Dallas conveyor belts :l This one wasn't so beat up so I am hoping....

With Jim in Alabama...our trip to see my stepfather will be delayed till mother's day. I think it's best and places me by my mothers favorite things...her dogs, husband, cooking. It will be nice to help him out and I plan to show him a 10 minute bisque recipe and wash the 4 dachshunds while Jim cleans the gutters or repairs whatever it is he wants :)

For easy bisque recipe:

Sauteed onions in butter...then add more butter and flour for a light roux
Pour in stock (or boullion), add milk (half/half or heavy whipping cream) little at a time to keep thick... then a bit more butter :o

From here...anything goes. Shrimp, shallots, corn, potatoes, aspargus, crab meat...I usually add something green along with something else. Cooks in 10 min...1 pot...and I add cheese and bacon crumbles on top when doing potato/broccoli bisque. I call it "stuffed potato" bisque :9

Next vist I will show him how to make one of his favorites....beef stroganoff (in 15 min with a left over roast or steak).

Also trying to find classes for Tai Chi and/or Yoga. Seen one at Crime Stoppers site in the next town so maybe the homicide investigator that works there will know something (couldn't find it on site).

Now for HP and start looking at laptops and a pal for Paros :)

Monday, May 2, 2011


We were warned early to make the airport yesterday because security was to be increased. Her husband knew of Bin Laden. We just thought something else and of course he couldn't tell us but was concerned so much love and respect to him for loving my daughter :}  My fault. She inadvertantly pilfers time like me and I guess it was getting medicine that detained us and had her last to board with them calling her name :l I watched till her plane flew away and hope she heals :)

I am just journaling time events of this week before it escapes me. With my mother's death, the tornandoes, Bin Laden, funeral, Paros dental, meeting my grandson, brain is full :/

Morning View
Easter to 4/26...Blank until the power went out in the middle of the night. It was humid and hot so we rolled a roll away bed to the craft room to open the doors off the balcony to feel the breezes. Sunrise brought on memories of my mother in Arkansas. We made coffee with a blow torch and ate chips to keep from opening the refrigerator. No big storms really. Just a 'country' thing from local power. Ordered Shell's ticket on Monday....I think

My Sign from Parents :D
4/27 to 28....Mild thunderstorms with tornado warnings. Direct TV didn't even search for signals as usual  so this was of concern and the news was atrocious. 6 tornados descended around Birmingham, Ala. On Thursday I ordered flowers, rented vehicle 35 miles away, drove back home to drop off miata, went to Jackson to pick up Michelle and Dustin but don't get back home till 2:00 am. One of those days the alarm company installed the camera.

4/29....Awake at 6:30. No sleep. Leave at 7:30 to take Paros to vet for test and dental. P pooped EVERYWHERE during the 2 hour drive in his cage and on himself. Almost $700 for dental, then to breakfast at Cracker Barrel where we had to change for the funeral in their bathrooms :/  Met cousin to drive in...almost late... visitation...funeral. I had to listen with funeral staff in private away from unknowns in the family section that sounded like holy rollers. Blue juice topped it all off when a 4 year old neice was tilted over the casket by her blue haired cousin... sending mom off with just a little 'hummingbird nectar' as I would like to think Mother would call it :} Heart broke for Stepfather but the part that allowed me some peace with it all was seeing Vicki and Brenda...meeting Jerry's congregation and thier beautiful service :))) Pick up P...visit stepfather. Michelle is sick with strep and baby coming down with it :( Visited graveside.
Jerry's Love
4/30...NOTHING.! Licked wounds. No one called for Shell except family in Cali. Sister did call for something but forgot :l Ate at restaurant. Vaporizers, chamomile teas, lemon, honey, etc. :l Shared our 'Video of the Week' (Ode To My Family), copied Shells pics and burning on DVD's.

5/1....Leave early for airport, stop at walmart....barely made the plane :l  Watched pat down as it was too hard to rewrap on body harness. They called her name to board :/  Watched plane take off, returned silverado (not buying that model) and by the time we got home...she boarded in Chicago for San Diego. Safely home :)  Whew :D

Bonding with D over french fries, chocolate ice cream, and whipped cream was awesome!

Shell scared of hissing whipped cream can in trash can....PRICELESS lol!!! :D

Well...and the signs & hummingbird nectar :l

Sunday, May 1, 2011


So much gratitude to Vicki, Brenda, and Neda for showing support and restoration of faith and dignity. For my daughter, Michelle, for her support, grace, and love. My new grandson for the joy he brought.  And also thanks to my stepfathers congregation for the beautiful services and to the funeral homes staff for the privacy and support to hear the services in private with my youngest grandson.

And to my best friend who always feels my sensitivities. Taken on morning of funeral.