Tuesday, June 21, 2011


But working on it lol. I told my daughter I would name a post "WE'RE ALL WHITE" whenever the house was finished being painted and Jim being the northerner he is exclaimed "Oh! That is racist!" :l  Racist? Lol...If I'm not all white...I must be something else and he don't seem to mind the junk in my trunk :l With as hot as it has been and all we've had to do...I am glad at least half the front is done.

Got some stitching done but machine is acting possesed and about ready to grab a sage stick and carry out an exocism over my machines over here. So I took some pics with the SLR I bought last summer and all the pics have been blurry so reading to see if maybe I set something wrong there :/  Might as well grab the security camara books too and get down with that as well. At least the afghans are getting along. I think it's the walkabouts together :)

Started an early jump on trying to wire the house with surround sound. Really wanting wireless and bose at that because the only speakers with bose right now is the computer and car. The surround on the TV's are good but the bose system for them is complex to understand when integrated the whole house so I can stream music from music DVD's on one of the TV's, CD's, radio, or from the internet without wires. Bose have wireless but not if you want to build them into the wall so I plan to hit up the salesman with that right after the AC conversion and painting :}

And man my head aches trying to understand all this. What happened to the day when you could just pick up the phone and request what you wanted with the professionals? Ha. Guess we would have to be in Cali for that where they offer uploads of 1.5 plus :/ I have been playing with PSP but hate it really so updating the PS finally. I played with the afghan scribble lol, cleaning it up a bit and then it hit me. Duh...why isn't my wacom tablet hooked up?!? I am about to hit Mafia Wars again in FB because I'm tired of the PS and XBox ...not to mention 'Game Lounge' nor PSP isn't cutting it when I want a mental break from studying all this :(

Mental Break?!?? I guess we're not all white lol. Yet :P

Thursday, June 16, 2011


It may take a bit for me to catch up on all the emails but got half down so far. It's been a rough couple of weeks so I'm behind on everything but did get around to changing up my services. Keeping bellsouth internet though because it's unlimited whereas ATT isn't :P. A lot of their own people were unaware of the limited 150 GB so the email address I've had with Ma Bell from 13-14 yrs ago still rides ;)

Fell really sick after Paros Birthday and missed the mail carrier with my paintings at the door. I was down for 3 days and when I went to pick them up...forgot about the Miata :/  I had to let the top down to get them home and then forgot about an order I had to pick up at the vets. The box they came in looked a bit beat up so I just opened them the next day to check their condition. A bit worn on the bottom but I'm NOT sending them back lol! I adore them :}  He (Martial Robin) is awesome and I LOVE his style of painting :))))

I did buy a new room dehumidifier/AC/heat in one on wheels so I can keep the room constant and looking at stone to cover the Fireplace with. I think the gold face will be the first to go though lol so hopefully they have something in black wrought iron or similar. I also replaced the ceiling fan with a leather and wrought iron fan so packing up more stuff for my realtors shop in town.

A rough P before clipping neck :(
Well...the Afgan Hound Club of Memphis is still going and plan to make the specialty show in August. Hate I missed the meet but was quiet surprised they are still kicking about. I also have had to tweak my machines and need to start looking for a new sewing machine. Then there are all the calls I still owe to people but I did find another one of my favorite afghan artists I've mentioned before when I did the 'Afghan Fire' peice with the smoke brushes. She is just low key online but still hits the shows and if I had a handler...I would have known this :/  So Raintree Kennels are online again and some of her bronzes and watercolors are there. I did get to use my machine a bit and drew this of P under the fan for some thread painting so feed dogs off lol! (lightly done in red pencil then cleaned up with levels adjusted in graphics program).

So it's been a rough journey for me with my health and catching up, my machines, paintings, and the poor plants but we are all cool and having some lazy summer days :)

Happy Birthday Paros, Jacob, Sheri, Tommy, etc. :))))

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Ok. I hear ya'll lol!!! Mardi Gras stuff wins right after I finish the mailbox bling and wee wees for a friend lol. But this weekend is finishing up DVD's so I can mail the memory cards back, hunt down my HP guy so I can start ordering a lap top and some ink, read up on my security camera book, and write a couple of letters.

And funny how the requests for that came in right after my sister pointing out her Mardi Gras piece I made for her years ago. Hers was tooled or burned into leather from a design I customized for her. I still have some buckram, leather, hides, boxes of snake bones, feathers, and even some sticks although they need to be cleaned in the twists with a dremel, stained or painted, and lacquered. When I first got P and the puppy was still in him...he thought it was necessary to attack and save all my hides so my stick is void of it's pheasant feather, bones, an ermine, and a rattle :/ Maybe after legs here gets a bit bigger I'll reattach them ;)

Good thing I named her 'Annabelle'. I still find myself calling her Annie sometimes. We had prepared for Annies arrival for a while and I knew I would forget. Like yesterday when I had to gas my own car because Jim was out of town lol. By the 3rd trip inside the store to let the woman know their pump was broken...she asked if I had lifted up the 'black thing' :l  What black thing?!?!  Haha. What the nozzle was on :/  Duh. My sister later pointed out these were really old pumps. I really miss full service stations here. Banker did say yesterday that they still have them in NY and some places though :)

And while thinking of Mardi Gras, leather, relaxing etc...I rendered my 'Afghan Fire' PS piece with PSP leather effects. 2 layers, recolorized, changed layer properties. They give you a solid metal doubloon when you are invited to a New Orleans Mardi Gras Ball (mine was given to my daughter) and it just makes me want to cast metal now lol :D

So...if I had services with the house painting, cleaning, errands, car, dogs, etc....I'd just say "Get 'er Done" and "Fill 'er Up" then lock myself in the craft room :D

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


For the past month it's been 'In and Out' of states, town, outside with the new pup, gardens from her digging, people, car rentals, airports etc. If we aren't east and west on the tornado paths, then we are north and south on the blues trail lol. Hit 5 states and flower purchases for the gardens 3 times...with 4 plantings :l So much for salvaging what she dug up but she knows 'leave it' now lol :D

Love, Heat, or Siamese Twins?
And in and out with potty training. After eating, drinking, napping....no wonder I always liked buying the older show dogs that had issues obtaining majors. At least I got sleep and didn't have to 'puppy proof' the house from cords, plants, or anything that isn't anchored or made of steel!! I don't need Jenny Craig....I have a puppy!!! And it's confused with it's breed because it seems to have a penchant for the Shih Tzu lol!! They pant and hold paws :o (I have to have Charles Barsotti's book..."They Moved My Bowl" now lol. Thanks Jim ;).

Well today was really nice even though we are hitting 100 degrees now. I made my last trip out of town on a day excursion to wire money to Europe for the painting here so I will have the pair this week!!! I am locking the doors and STAYING IN for at least a month to prep my den for the beautiful art created by Martial Robin. I visited my oldest daughter and although my baby brother couldn't make lunch...my little sis did :)

Yep. I was in and out of places today...daughter's house, mom's house, sisters house, 3 restaurants, 2 banks, and shopping...not to mention the past month a funeral, airport, picking up puppy 2 states over, sick, doctors, 2 car rentals, 3 garden replacements and family.....for awhile at least I AM OUT!

Maybe resuming house painting will be in :}