Thursday, February 14, 2013


Fast, quick, and in a hurry with this post and scribbled valentine...lots I'm still catching up on, slinging dogs at the vets, but all is good. Did break down and had to run a couple of hours away to pick up a washer in stock instead of waiting for the 13th back ordered larger model (which was yesterday so I can't imagine another 2 weeks more of any of that mess!).

Ordered new mattresses for the house and saw Serta had ones for I Paros was too cute nosing in his box and jumped on it. Spoiled boy. He knows it was for him :} They deliver that tomorrow along with slinging Annabelle in for her shots and a bath. Picked Bayou up from his last week and his eye was injured in a fight. Second time he went at Paros since picking them up at Swann Kennels :(  Dunno what stress they went through for all that but Jim and I have to keep our dogs segregated now :/

Got a visit from a sister and another family member last week too. I was un-excumincated for a few hours and hate I can't help her in her time of need but all I know to do is what our father taught us. Be honest, open, and do right. Tactfully. Being the oldest of 5 siblings I should protest this mutiny but ooops. I'm still on my ship :o  Or maybe I'm just in tow like Carnival :l

I'll try and post pics of P, Bayou's injury, and everything else as soon as I sort out memory cards, laundry, mattresses, dogs, and yes....AT&T new Uverse service with DSL here in an un-fiber optic area :l 

Till to them and all anyways. Stay afloat ;)