Friday, February 27, 2015


It has been a blessing to have my craft room back and after 5 years of fighting AT&T and healing the shattered arm mess...then the awesome 3 month visit from the grandchildren...I've been setting it up and seeing what all has expired, dried up, or still useable. And although I have to find another medium to incorporate my media due to the arm injury (like no skiving or beveling leather...tried to use the dremel until it got caught up in my hair)...I did find sculpting with a lighter weight leather to be doable. I will try some soft sculpture, and then move on to the box of gesso's and canvas I was going to ship to my favorite painter in France until the Post Office told me the cost for shipping it :o He has been experimenting with sculpting and has an innate natural talent in any medium and is very familiar with the lines and form of afghans as well as other animals! I just wish he had an artist's retreat and although working air bubbles out of clay and working with slip is too much for my lame arm...maybe he knows of another method of working the clay to prep it for sculpting. Till then I have been in sculpey and play doh because Paros doesn't want anything to do with wet leather being molded around his face lol :D I don't mind so all my mask's fit my face or wig head :l Think I will work with the joint compound and plasters to see if they are any good. We have started back into our reno projects as well.

The weather has been really nice and in the 60's for the most of January, which is warm for this region but the average is in the 60's for this time of year yet we got snow so I've been bellowing about how mother nature just needs to be on Prozac or Xanax around here. It was beautiful and Paro's just LOVE'S it but I haven't seen an Afghan Hound who doesn't ADORE the snow! It's been awesome to see the pictures of everyone's afghan's on Face Book while hibernating upstairs during this past 2 weeks of cold and 3 days of snow but find I HATE the laptop! Don't know if it is the AMD processor, window's 8, HP's junk programs they won't let me uninstall or the laptop who seems to have a stubborn mind of it's own. I miss my desktop's and of course being 6 core processor...any and everything will be slower than this so I'm not sure if it is normal for the laptop to be so insufferable :P It is nice to take it across the hall into the craft room though :D Convenience. Nice :)

With Jim in Atlanta since Christmas until the past 2 weeks...I've had lots of time to think on finishing this house up which should make it easier to move on and if not...nicer to stay. Doing the kitchen with a reverse Osmosis water system will help with the water and gastro issues. Pulled up most of the tile in the kitchen, then learn I could've had engineered hardwood put on top of it but now it looks like I need a leveler or at least put solid hard wood down which won't require any floor prep and will last longer. I've also thought how we won't have VIP status cruising Europe if we get to go since Carnival doesn't go there anymore but with the kitchen remodel fees adding up, not to mention I still have to suffer these specialists for my neck and liver...and what....they wouldn't check my back during the fall because my insurance wants to do one thing at a time?!? Omg...there goes my vacation but we will get there. Eventually.

I have never written a fan letter either. So a new thing to do. Who would it be? My favorite people in the past century have died like Dr. King, Mother Teresa, but then there is the Pope (LOVE the new Pope!!!), the Deli Lama (the BEST!!), my favorite stars were Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren then it hit me! I wake up every morning and have been to over 20 countries sampling coffee's from even more and I still love my Taster's Choice after 40 years almost! I have had ex's to walk away but taking that brand as their favorite. Including Jim. If I run low...I just grumble...go back to your Maxwell house lol :D And there is Italian and French coffee's I brought back along with Dunkin, Starbucks, etc. in the freezer. Did I mention the several varieties of Keurig? Yep. That Letter will be to either the Pope, Deli Lama, Brigitte, or Taster's Choice!

Weee, bling for house :/
For my Reno and D├ęcor shopping...I have been checking with cabinets to go, Shop RTA Cabinets, The RTA store, and RTA cabinet store. Not sure if the 2 RTA stores are the same but so far the websites look different. Then there is Home Depot an hour away or Lowe's which is only a 30 minute ride but takes a back seat to the other. My mail is full with mags from shopping with Grandin Road, Horchow, Restoration Hardware (*favorite*), Frontgate, Etan Allen (my grandmothers favorite), and thank you sis for spoiling us all on where you were employed, Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma, for almost 3 decades :/ QVC is awesome in some things like kitchen, jewelry, handbags, but it's been a miss on most. You just can't beat the explanation and demo of some things though nor the convenience of TV Shopping when you live 2 hours from major stores in any cardinal direction lol :D Not to mention Easy Pay when you need something and are broke lol. We have our mother to thank for that one but my Dad has me stubborn and spoiled rotten on Sear's Kenmore and craftsman tools! If I can't find something in one of these stores (or Dillard's)....I'm doomed to the dreaded over glorified Dollar Store called "Walmart" :o I just wish there were services for flooring installation, electricians, landscapers, or general contractors. Thinking of asking farm bureau if they are aware of any (who are LICENSED and BONDED. Not ones who got a new chainsaw for Christmas and wanting to go into the business omg lol!!! :D).

Nuff for now. Still have slushy puppies from melting snow to groom, paints to check, bills to uncover from everyone else's mail that lived here before (including daughter's family) while segregating 20 different magazines (and hope to remember to tell gamestop not to send me more 'gamer' mags!! I just ask the boys what's hot. They already know my taste and new FF 15 coming out along with elder scrolls online ;)

Oh my gosh....then there is taxes coming up, gardening around the corner (my honeysuckle was about to bloom here till the snow hit :( ), kitchen floor only a quarter of the way pulled up, remake all doctor appointments (gastro canceled on me in Oct and I am saying HELL NO to the nerve block that was due by January :P). Seems I have internet now having to do it the way the tech told me behind the second router and the FCC is now making ISP's fork over speed but ATT still can't get it going here lol so wth??!? I did tell them I'd testify and bring all my documentation if they needed but lol...doubt that so I'm good. I also had to get out of jury duty least until I get this medical mess straightened up. No more nurses saying they are doctor's here in town for me at least. But damn the commute is tough.

I'm in line but so no VIP status for me :(((
February Birthday wishes to a little brother, nephew, niece, online friend and prayers to those who have lost their loved ones to the radical extremists who form the cult ISIS. Tough is enduring and surviving the government and laws that alienate from the word of God yet remaining respectful of the life of others, especially who are innocent. Their God; Allah, from the Quran where Jesus is considered a prophet is the same one from the old testament, laws and words found in Christian bible or Jewish Torah ...all of which I own and respect) and he will favor the slaughtered innocent journalists and victims who at the end of the day, are the true heroes by keeping us informed and in the light to their atrocious acts of violence against our father who created them. There is no language barrier of God's word in these 3 books  and we are all his children...especially Christ; his most beloved son of us all. Allah, God, Father...same thing. Fighting for your peace and to worship is fine. Fighting for God's honor...are you kidding? Have you not read your own book? You are guided by only your own wishful thinking.
Vengeance is God's alone and you are sinning far worse than the infidels (we are not all infidels here btw). You have no wisdom, no love, and the only power you have is over the handful of innocent victims our father will embrace while you thirst and burn :P
They have VIP status in heaven.
Sorry for not mentioning black history month like I wanted but I just keep seeing Gihad John in my head like the side of Satan when I experienced the near death thing I had undergone during surgery. Kudos still to Obama for having Rosa Parks in the house and using Dr. Kings bible :)