Sunday, April 24, 2011


Thanks to a cousin for letting me know my mother passed.

Thanks to her longest friend for sound advice and support.

Thanks to my beautiful daughter for uplifting my spirits.

And thanks to our heavenly father for taking her into your arms on such a day.

I will miss you, Mother.


Although up all night sick and with calls through the night about my mother....somehow the sweet sounds of neices and grandchildren to wish you a happy Easter can bring the sun around. Things go on and I know that things will never be the same.

Easter Chicken Treats?!?
The fire detector went off the other night. It was embarrassing asking them how to shut it off and I forgot my code (usually kept in manual :/).  Everyone says to rip it out and go ADT but we will see. I will speak to our attorney when we draft a will first. That is 3 months behind and probably for the best...I want to make sure I don't suffer like my parents. It took 3 months this before my father passed and when he did....they brought him back only to be in a vegetative state. Glad everyone was onboard to pull the plug.

Now shopping for a muzzle for the Shih Tzu, stripping comb, new mat comb, and will look at a new grooming table (48" I believe). Would be nice if I knew of a detailed grooming book. Also adding PS upgrade but not sure if I will add extended to that and need to make sure the new computer gets updated on my 4 year home warranty. And don't know what happened with FED X because it's been 2 days and still no box to mail the Vista in. And a squeeze to the jeweler and frame shop :) is a special day for believers in Christ. I can't imagine a mesiah who only deals with kings and the unafflictated. Ours is the epitome of compassion and charity. One who walked with the inflicted, slaves, poor, damned, ...those in need. And I hate I missed services but up all night....

Waiting On A Friend
So no Easter bunny yet but will continue to look if it doesn't work out. I may have to ask my our attorney what to do on the alarm services because I can't use it and it's still not done....and I need it. It's been 2 weeks since the alarm company said about seeing when the tech has off. I'm just sure the man is busy with his day job and trying to learn the camera thing maybe. There is also Easter and his family :)

Wishes for an uplifting and inspirational Easter Sunday :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I never would have thought this journal would become more of a therapeutic outlet over posting my steps in creating graphics. And with all the storms that hit this doesn't surprise me the dual meaning of "When it rains, it pours" would come into play.

Abandoned Church
My mother has taken a turn for the worse in the hospital yesterday so we head out for the 2 hour drive through hail and storms that brought on more tornado warnings in the night for what could be my last chance to see her. She is unresponsive and even though she told me that she is ready to go just this past month....I find it to damn hard to say goodbye. My prayers are that she suffers no pain and is at peace.

Empty Spaces
She would always ask for me to search the artist or CD down to a piece of music she loved and this "Netherworld Waltz" was one of them. Her favorite from the movie soundtrack was Edgar Winter's "Open Door Policy" but my CD wasn't returned from one of the jukeboxes so I hate I cannot play it here. Some of her other favorites are "Trouble" from Ray La Montagne I had sent her and she had made us up tapes of some of her other favorite songs (Wind Beneath My Wings...and of course...ZZ Top was one of her favorite bands).

Clearing to extend fences
Paros internist called on Tues with the rest of his results and his WBC is a bit low too so will run another one this coming Wednesday. Our lawn guy did squeeze a trip in and it looks like it's clearing up beautifully but still waiting on Security camera and manual so hope all will get a green light on that too.

As La Montagne's album and the old saying "God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise"....things will come about ok but even when things seem somber...I come home and I am greeted by the boys who wash it all away. They are my clouds with silver linings.

As I finished my last lines....HP called and having me return the Vista again. Thanks to them for making things a bit brighter...especially at this time.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Yesterday brought me a mild break down when grooming Paros and so Jim and I took a break downstairs to do other things for awhile. I decided to finish my 16 updates on the vista but alas! It was DEAD AGAIN!!! I became literally nauseous but glad I took the 10 photos of the damaged, torn, dented box the Fed X man brought me in the Penske truck :/  Hmmmm. Now maybe that is the problem because the Nic card should have been good before it's second death...and only appeared loose so to #*!% with them :P

WTH?!? Where are we?
I'm really ready for professional help at this time but the kind that comes at the end of the couch I am laying on :l  Oh, wait....that's right! We don't have services here so I will have to do it myself or seek it on the internet lol! It was this thought that brought on fits of delerious laughter so told Jim we needed to just take P for a ride....grab some alcohol on the way back....and get schnockered.

A new woman today...we took Paros on the 2 hour ride to Memphis Veteranary Specialists and spent all day having them run a battery of tests. He's ok!!!!! Nothing to really warrant a liver biopsy and we are delighted in the news of Dr. Tobias new facilities opening in June! (pic here from MVS site ;) With 18,000 sq. ft....maybe it will be enough to house their large staff and team of specialists!!! Now to find us a team like that :/ (I still miss my specialists in Louisiana but we are in drive with P's!).

Well...I did miss visiting my mother in the hospital today but hear she is healing. With my luck as of late....I would just come down with pneumonia too. I am already at war with the oak tree in back so fighting mother nature and P's coat is enough for one month ;)

Mailbox Bling Done
So Houston....we are looking good!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Last wallpaper with PS
I have owned the Dave Mathews Piedmont concert DVD for over 3 years and had to post 'Eh Hee' for my mom. We both like rock but those who know me will tell you he makes my top 5 if not #1 and when hunting this particular recording up on you tube....I came across the original video and laughed my a** off! First time to see it and man if I don't feel like that on most days! I posted it below for Vevo Video of the month.

Still with my plate full with spring pollen and fighting mother nature, lawn man on hiatus, phone and emails with vets for Paros, mom in hospital, down to the wire on discussions with flying in Annie, Jim taking off to do taxes and driving into Memphis for specialists...and well...I guess swing a visit to my mom in the hospital now...I MAKE time to play with graphics or a game in order to chill. Did I mention the 16 recent critical updates to hit us all on windows? Nothing like a round of musical computers :/

Working on it :}

And yes...we are still working on camera for security but I know she is crazy busy like me. I've thrown in the towel for doing the floors this year but sure I will get the fence extended, AC on first floor complete, and house painted. Whew.

Now...back to the lawn service...Jim has told Jimbo "Run if you see Joyce...she will make you clean the woods".  Those woods are part of my yard and need to be cleared so this is an extra charge he can stick me with and I will be tooooo happy to pay it :)  Just don't want snakes. And if that is the reason he is on hiatus....Jim will be out there doing it on his day off :P

My mother always told me that a man has his will but a woman has her way.

So make way Will....I'm coming through :D

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Whooooa am I behind but came on here and see Med Vet gave me a call back. So busy this week and trying to stay ahead of the game. 8-10 hours updating Vista, preparing taxes, and still have to groom Paros, paint, security camera installed etc. Did get some links on GPS tracking, microchip via AKC, read up on alternative to static IP address, call website (check name stat and live feed stats), update PS and study which editor to go with. Did get to play a bit with graphic program so with all that said....

Wallpaper to upload on website

Outta here to play 'Catch Up' :/

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Dad & Groom Day
My father has been on my mind heavily the last few days as I unpack and untangle my hides and knowing I'm the only offspring with inheritance left from him. Of course giggling because I hear him spitting fire knowing I'm about to spend $1500 of his money to a foreign airline to fly in another afghan hound from Greece to keep my other Pal and me company! He made the 10 years of being petless bearable and they have been awesome companions since his departure. Better this than taking a trip across the hemisphere that only lasts so long. Annie...get your's a trip here everyday ;)

Thought I'd take and post a pic of my grandfathers winchester before I rekey the gun cabinet and door locks that don't work well. He was a rough, hard working lanky man always covered in a cloud of smoke. He would sit at the end of a long 12 seater table in the kitchen of an old governors plantation in VA. and as a kid...walking down to greet him...Dorothy going down the hall to meet the wizard from 'Wizard of Oz' comes to mind. He had a major ham producing farm and I can still recall my younger sister riding on the hood of an uncles car a mile down the dirt road to check the mail. It was a vast farm and awesome experience. My father would sing 'Country Roads' when we drove out.
I know I have kept my promises to him and used a good bit of the money down on this house. Before he passed...he was scouting for property for us by his house in Grays Creek because he loved our company and my cooking :)  He taught me how to tie my shoes, kept my dyslexia in check so the reason I am not left handed, taught me how to swim, and practical common sense (although my mother will swear I have none lol ;). You are the company you keep, you are only as good as the promises you keep, or your words.

Well...I'm still using the default fonts on here and I have to groom P so the PSP's leather effects where applied to the graphic by using fine leather on the first layer, rough leather on 2cd with opacity lowered and blend mode adjusted to soft light. Simple enough like my Dad and the last gift I could give him; a leather rose.
Smile for Gdad :)
A song in our hearts, a smile on our faces, and a prayer on our lips....this day, song, and post is for you, Daddy :}

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Well ATT left yesterday and I have been maintaining 5.0 speeds all week. Since the securtiy started to be installed, I first thought maybe it was something he did :l  The final analysis is just doesn't quite reach me and they are COPPER wires...therefore in cold months...slow speed. But as to WHY soooo slow...he said that was something else creating such a death crawl :l .2, .4...and topped at 1.4 in 6 months till a week and a half ago...I got up to 2.2 and called them saying I bought a camara to go online with the security and that they would have to pay for each month I couldn't use it. Maybe a switch got flipped?!?  Got the 2.2 prior to the start of the alarm but now the weather has been constantly warm... 5.0! This weeks techs were on the ball ;)

small projects
Now what to do. Drop down to DSL 3? Go airless verizon? I think they should adjust charges to 3.0 for the winter months because Photoshop isn't even installed on here yet and omg....that is suck a huge program even for the basic costing more than most basic desktop computers. And when running it...along with music to listen will slow down even a 6 processor computer. I know the new PSP is and well...they have grown into a large program themselves over at Corel! So far...everything like PS. Haven't found the inner and outer glows yet and having a bit of trouble with channels but really like it for the price!!

Nuff speeding on puters for now. Just have to keep my eye on it all, add the PS and check where I'm at, make a decision, and talk with customer service. Been a long time coming about :/

Speeding thru the unfinished projects & craft boxes now :D

Monday, April 4, 2011


Speed tested computers and got up to 5.5! Then I hooked up the new modem...why I dunno since the speed was ok but just because the AT&T techs said...I did. Speeds the same of course since I have only 6.0 DSL so must have been the cold weather or faulty lines that kept me down since last November. Still dunno but sending back their modem and trying the separate modem/router route so maybe my speeds will STAY up :}

I know I've been in the slow lane getting my craft/sewing room up but had inspiration so stuff has been unpacked and it's coming about too. Slowly :l  Wanting to pull out all of my unfinished projects...beading, tooled leather, jewelery, silks, hides, etc. and finish up a few so I can start some others. Started doing leather bands/bracelets with the metal bike pieces and will embellish the clasps with bone and metal beads. Can't wait to get pics but did take one of the finished mailbox bling. Been like 5 mph getting that done so hopefully speed will pick up :)

Slow to get the security done here but we are slow here in the south. Waiting for parts, a day off for the tech, (I guess) and well...wasps in the attic weren't too appealing for him so Jim spent his weekend removing all the 6 TV cables, extra sat dish, ham radio wires and cables and then sealing the house from their access points. She is ready to be painted and hopefully any remaining wasps in the attic are dead so we're gettin' a decent speed :))

But my learning curve for PSPX3 has picked up and looks like I used a dreamsuite filter! Just an inner bevel with stone polish texture :)))

And as for our sleeping Prince...he does 0 to 30 mph...then back to 0 lol :D