Thursday, March 31, 2011



Nothing much but taking it easy. Decided to hop on helping my pal in Canada to do some bling for her ride board at an MS meeting. She coordinates motorcycle rides for MS and well...I surprised myself and came up with an original logo to craft some bling from :)  I haven't drawn bikes in a good while so I was afraid it would have hair or a tail lol. So 'weeeeeee' :D A bit of fun and crafting!

I posted first prototype of these 'wing dings', 'bling' or whatever they are that I use in wall hangings. I like incorportated bones, metal, threads, angelina fibers, silk, snakeskin....every kind of textile I can lay my hands on. They are just hammered and twisted copper.

Jim's Shih Tzu did bite me last night so he is grounded to his cage. He is obsessed with his squeak toys we call "Wee wee's" (we shout "weeeee" when we toss them in the air to him). He decided to growl at Paros and I decided he was not going to do this and went to move him :l  Owwww.

Safetylink is waiting for some parts to finish up over here and the owner had her son-in-law who is an investigator for the Sheriff's dept. to install it. All I can say is Protect America is soooo full of it when they said I could do this myself. He is saavy in computers and this stuff yet he had a difficult time routing wires (half is wireless so if the wires get cut...I have cell too!!). It's hard to do this when there is no attic above the first floor. Weeeeee! We are in good hands :)))

Sanity seems obtainable around here so I think we will be nice and relaxed when we go pick up our Grecian China doll :) And like one of my siblings posted above, we may even go 'Weeeeeee' picking up this Easter Bunny Honey!

Adding a GPS to a small harness on the ride list so she won't go 'wwweeeee' ....just yet ;)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Awesome day so far...lawn service, security installation service, vets friend brought by first metal afghan hound prototype (for mailbox to be painted black and he is doing me a large one for wrought iron fence in running motion), Fed X man sending back 1st alarm (which on order confirmation I kept telling the guy Daniel...NO...not agreeing to those terms of coming into my bank...and the bank say they took out more money than they told me, atty. says it's illegal what they done, and Identity Guard say they are trying to access Jims credit so other than that...good day :) Just beware of Protect America....they seem to be illegal as hell over there.

It does remind me of the day I installed the alarm system into the beach house and the carpet installer fought with the securtiy people because they were in each others way so this time worked out well. Jim took the photo below of the empty lot where the house once stood before Katrina when he was on the coast last Thursday. Even the trees are gone :( I took the one above before the lawn service removes 2 large bushes and we paint it classic white and black to look like a traditional southern home and to remind us a bit of New Orleans.

Service Tech does say there are a LOT of wires for ham radios, 6 TV's, 2 phone lines, etc I will have to deal with and then the alarm/surround sound/music for the intercom system (pictured above) will need to be replaced. We should find out where the wires come and go from and calculate if we need a wireless system or not.

And Paros dog food is made up for the week. I usually do chicken breasts with brown rice and veggies since it usually sells .99/lb but this week they had rump roast for $2.99/lb so brown rice, peas, carrots, and a gravy from wheat flour....he is one happy and healthy boy and my check book is too since cans of dog food go for $2 can and can be contaminated crap ;)  Baked some sliced apples in honey and water I put on peanut butter toast for treats.

HP is awesome too. They are fixing the Vista so time on my hands a play some final fantasy and start looking at laptops.  The only 'Ancient Machina' around will be from the game ;)

Except for AT&T...we got it in drive!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I may never get to reopen my site but so glad for this daily calander journal/diary/blog thing to record/publish what keeps me down and why I can't update my software. I did find a link to help install CS2 properly until I join a class to get the master collection and so far it seems Dreamsuite and PSP won't play together :/ I will see if it is the same issue as CS2 later.

Jim had me cancel the security system I ordered and we were able to get in touch with my first choice who is local. When he heard I would have to repair the first system if it were to go out....OH HELLLLL NOOOO lol! I guess after seeing me sucked into HP and AT&T...  well...he is making sure I am serviced when he is away :) The tech does say there may be an issue going online through monitoring with the camera but having it online anyway for now so AT&T better start digging and fix their lines or shell out money to me for giving me service they can't deliver like their tech said in Jan. And the owner did say she had the same issues with them. When AT&T told her they hoped her experience would change after their talk...she replied "If it means it just got worse" :l  OMG...needed that one! She is toooo cool ;) I will have to do her a site for free if I get set up over here and she lets me. Still have 3 years on enough space for several sites and can't use THANK YOU #%*! AT&T and HP :P

Mr. Nap It...I need to make the bed :/

HP is to call tomorrow I believe so I will know where we stand. And if it comes to 3 yr old HP computer is trash and I just bought the 6 core tower ALONE for over 2k (& over 2k in monitors, batteries, accessories, etc.) .....I think I'll throw up :P  Then troll EVERY forum of complaint to add my experiences.

Well...thought I'd start drawing some since speeds still aren't up to par. It sometimes helps to take a photo and put it in a photoshop or paint shop pro...use the pencil effect...then turn it to grayscale. If I get the wacom installed on here...I will then trace over it or just view it and pencil it onto paper. I prefer the less perfect drawing that are less defined like Picasso, Monet, etc. One of my favorites of today does horses and afghan hounds...  Martial Robin who is also french like the greats.  I have some of his pieces and a special spot saved in the house for a future large piece :)

Off to and then to see how much I am using on here. Uploaded a wallpaper yesterday at 6 mgs. alone so I'm sure it's a lot but if not...I was told verizon maybe could service me (Doubt that lol. Forever doomed to journey with AT&T :/).

Friday, March 25, 2011


I'm breaking out the champagne, ok...maybe a highball, because I got up to 2.2 mbps today!! Maybe, maybe, maybe...I'll just pick up where I left off :)  Auto FX says you don't even have to call them like we do with PS when moving software to another computer PLUS I get to put it on 2 or 3 at a time! Dreamsuite is an AWESOME filter or stand alone program and beats eye candy and others by a long shot! PS sales has me thinking on taking a class so I can get the master edition at student prices which is a savings of about $1700 but if I were to pick just 2 others to add to PS would be extended and dreamweaver (of course fireworks would be nice to view work online without publishing...kinda like FP.
But then there is the student classes with microsoft which will certify me and I will be able to have Expressions Web which is comparable to dreamsuite. And the ultimate program at $599 would be free. doesn't have a lot of templates like DW but hey...we should know our layouts by then ;)

I would still recommend the Paint Shop Pro X3 program (which I used on the same photo posted here) on sale for $59! Way better than PS $800ish but then again...I still can't find things like history, how to one click and select text...stuff like that. I am already familiar with PS but I do say it is giving PS some heavy competition!

Next time I come in here I'll get Firefox downloaded, dreamsuite on, install fonts, figure out what's up with KPT, see what classes are offered and if there's a campus closer than an hour away, and rescale top 2 for wallpapers (plus add a few I was working on before the vista road kill incident and speeds down). And maybe offer some images to AHCA rescue for their book on Afghan Hound stories everyone is sending in (mine aren't as good but bet I'm getting the book!).

Then it's to HP and why the new computer 'flickers' and runs hot :/ Maybe I should've stuck with the 5-6 yr. old XP that was only $600 and still running :l And maybe...they will do something about the 3 yr. old vista duo core that they fixed for $350...but I had to pay another $100 phone support ontop of the fix what they missed ...and it's dead?

1920 x1080 in wallpapers

Maybe they will do something but won't bet on it.

It's a longshot.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Sure 'nuff...after installing the NIC card, updating the computer with 3 yrs. of stuff that day...I decide to go back on this morning and she's dead. No noise or signs of life except a green light in back. HP stuff crap? I dunno but looking like it.

Did get my security company chosen today and paid for. She should be ready to sound off next week and we can roll with the laptops and see what's up. I can just see HLN's Clark Howard gasping at the monthly fees but I can talk to it (in case the dogs are mad at me on groom day :/), camaras, panics, big dog package so I am pleased :)  So much for saving that $60 per month when I changed car insurance from Progressive but balances out :))))

And the more I use PSP...the more I am impressed. From what I see so can do what PS does! CS2 anyway. And $700 cheaper :D This was done with layers; sat., pencil, brush, and in the larger one, foil with opacity adjustments. "Colors...I see them" is something my oldest grandson once said that has become a family funny. The pic in this post above is of my youngest grandson on his grandfather's bike (not a biker but a 'motorcycle enthusiast' my current spouse calls them...I'm just some yuppy, enthusiast, 1% hybrid I guess...and since I am not patched 'property' ....just call me 'Universal' lol ;)

My seeds and bulbs already sprouted although the Vista is road kill now. Guess God's stuff rides better than that of his nemisis :}

Outta here.......

Monday, March 21, 2011


A couple of emails asked about earlier post. Noooo. Didn't mean to 'brush' the dogs away lol. They know when I am stressed and comfort me :} THE COMPUTER STUFF.

This weekend was pleasant preparing for Annie, played some with PSP graphic program, first day of spring and planting, and donating for Japan relief along with some for local charity. Pastor mentioned to Jim it would be nice to see us again. Yep. As soon as I am not having one of my attacks or you can scrape the tension off with a knife lol. Jim just backs up against the wall when he sees me head for the computers :/

Quad core done! It was the NIC card & it was easy :)))

Now to just keep working with AT&T about the .41 speeds :/ And they can't blame it on HP anymore! :P

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ok...BP meds, xanax, and supositories for nausea are supposed to help with my nerves being shot from this damn computer stuff (which is worse than a damn divorce). And they say to drop my services and allow someone else here to pick them up with AT&T so I won't have to deal with them. Then to take the repaired quad core in AGAIN but have them test it at another repair center. From there we will be able to tell why it won't go online (still odd the speeds were down for those 3 months and good advice to blog about it). So why now do I have top speeds after AT&T tech that came out here and said that I don't get 6.0 DSL speeds? I dunno.

What's worse is Paros main doctor in Southaven (Weatherly) is MIA or no longer working for the clinic. He is my gateway to the specialists in Memphis; Dr. Tobias and others. I am now having to fax him in hopes he will run the blood work without a reference from a general practioning vet and move towards a biopsy if he thinks it should be done. I'd throw all 6k computer equipment in the wind for his health so....

On a funny note....why in the hell do damn doctors give you a pill when you have nausea? WTH?!? They don't stay down and first time given was during a divorce in early 90's).

And as I blog this...PSP's Video and Photo pro bundle just offered ultimate for an extra $50! KPT (now 2 sets), Winzip, Painter, etc. I know I paid $100 for just KPT filter for use with my photoshop CS2 so I think this dog WILL hunt with me ;)

Till then....I will remain on hiatus and destress until I get these two things are done. Hopefully next post they will be and we (~P and me~) will be well on our way to Atlanta with Jim to pick up Annie singing 'Breakfast at Tiffinys' :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ok. It isn't spring colors but this mockingbird might hum at least (PSPP X3...Paintshop Photo Pro X3). Still can't wait to get to see my Photoshop files!!
Fonts inner beveled (segoe script and webdings?), flower from tube colorized, beveled, drop shadow, merged layers, added light. Awesome for the price and looks a lot like PS but this dog don't hunt with me ;)

 Dunno how to save in correct colors yet :l

Friday, March 11, 2011


Oh yeah. Still on it but last touches in going online in the den and networking the 3 desktops...then it's back to comparing my estimates on securtiy systems so I can purchase a laptop to check the dogs when away. And for heaven's sake...I will probably just use Jim's for now because I am SICK of this mess!! I would have hired Firedog or Geek Squad to hook this up if they came out this far but unfortunately...I now know more than I wanted to :/ Just still have to hook up the back up batteries between the surge protectors and computers, get a new modem (and please breakdowns while I configure it to talk to the router :l).

For was the ER on a friday night a couple of weeks ago because I poked my eye out almost (scratched it bad and it was swelling up) but I think my Blood Pressure reading freaked them out more whereas my 40 lbs weight gain since I've been on these damn computers is what freaked ME out :P Joke has been that I'm taking my protestant ass to St. John's to become catholic so I can stay on my knees for all the swearing I've done lately :/

Other outings were to dinner with my neighbor while Jim is in Atlanta this week but we did squeeze in a Lowe's trip before he headed out. WE are having to paint the house since my Red didn't want to give me an estimate last August :( And I don't blame him. With over 4000 sq. ft.....I knew I was getting a power painter and a pressure washer! Dreading it. Just more fun I guess. I will probably have paint in my hair or chemicals in the other eye :/

About 6 more weeks till we pick up Annie so hopefully all will be done and to those of you who said "Noooo....not more blogging on the dogs!" Lol.....I say "No more networking and trafficking computers!!!" :D

Arrrrrrrrr. Rapunzel will be ready to ride, Romeo ;)