Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Sometimes when things get hectic, we know we are blessed to have our dogs and to live in this house in this town. People unwind from stress each day in various ways, whether through watching a movie, playing games, reading, children or grandchildren but what brings us joy every day are the dogs and sharing our lives with them. And we have a potential new blessing about to enter our lives on the horizon! (pictured here; Annie...looks like a porcelain figurine or china doll...huh?!?). I am apprehensive a bit since she will be my first female. So with that said...we have our customs agent broker in Atlanta on standby :)

Yeah...I'm still tormented with the computers but only have the modem, DVD's and a backup battery to order and I must have missed my call yesterday from being under the loud dryer blowing the dogs dry or the clippers from shaving the Shih Tzu (his first clip from Paros rolling him in the snow like a snowball and Jim rubbing him dry back and forth causing matts on his sides from the friction :/). So hope my guy calls me so we can wrap this up and move forward (I also ordered a new PSP and video bundle so I can play with my graphics while I finish the big stuff up). Other than that I LOVE the HP screensaver and slideshow program (shots here) and made a slideshow of Paros below on the right.

Well....since my last post....thanks to my neighbor for accompanying me to dinner 3 more times when Jim was out of town and to my realtor for our steak dinners on valentines at the sweetheart supper :)  Jim made that one and the music was good with a variety of love songs. It was awesome to see the gentleman perform on the beautiful slide guitar of his!

And thank heavens the birds are still in flight doing their migratory thing around here and not dropping out of the sky like Arkansas and Alabama!! I finally get to post the pic I took a couple or so weeks ago. Kept reminding me of Alfred Hitchcocks movie "The Birds" :l

But praise is sung here with spring in the air, our pet pals, home, job, town, and yes...the stupid computer stuff I can't seem to hire someone to do for me :/  We are proud and happy to live here with our boys but another female other than myself would be great and I'm sooo ready for a ride ;)

Wooo Hooo USA and our service personnel!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hello!! We are almost there and while this has taken me months to tweak lines, fix and reformat one machine, order another while on a common default programmed pentium 4...I just ordered EVERYTHING new.  4k last box with the router, wireless printer, flash drives, wireless keyboards and adapter so even the one processor desktop is wireless along with the multiple core Fed X man (who I am on first name basis with now lol) called yesterday during our snow storm to say he can't make it up our hill! I told him no worries that I would see him later when it is clear ;) (you can see I am months behind and scared to rip out Nov and Dec pages till phone #'s are transfered :/).

And while I still wake myself up at nights yelling at AT&T, troubleshooting, etc.....I know I am about done with this and can move on. Hopefully to install ADT? Which will wire the house online and I can view the dogs from the laptops while we are away so tech stuff but I'M not doing it :D

I had to load the photos on another computer and email them to this one so there is still months of setting up networking, calling software companies and installing programs along with other external devices, ordering new ones for the new machine (which will be Expressions Web, larger intuos, and PS CS5 with Dreamsuite and other filters). This should give me time to check out Cyberlink DVD software I had upgraded so I can familiarize myself with engineering videos and the likes before I advance on to a larger program.

Did I mention the 2.5 hours microsoft was in the new computer trying to get a critical update to install properly? I crashed and was on the phone snapping at HP saying grab some coffee because if ya can't get it right....I'm sending it back! Lol...they made the microsoft tech look incompetent :l

Paros is loving the snow though and the room looks less like a terrorist training camp that blew up and I do have ALL HP products along with a 4 yr. in home warranty with a fast 6 core hard drive that makes the other multi core machine feel like childs play (back on the flat screen in the den it week lol).

This rookies will be allowed to move or add things to my electronics so Hello!!! We are almost there ;))