Wednesday, December 25, 2013


There is nothing better about coming home than being reunited with my best bud, Paros! Our first cruise trip was over 16 yrs. ago and we were greeted with my first grandson who was 2 to raise him for 9 months during my daughter's illness. Now we promised this would be our last trip until we transferred somewhere that had capable boarding facilities. Not that there is anything wrong with the vet but just want more kennel room to where he isn't caged and can use the outside more than just 2 walks a day and when they find a cure for the new disease posted below that is hitting all the kennels now across the country. Not all vets are even aware of this yet.). And so this marked his adult year of turning 18 and graduating so it closes this chapter. And good thing...he had missed his graduation photo session because of work study so we were able to get his portrait done on the ship.

And coming home 2 days before Christmas broke from the trip and the Europe trip just before that, we had spent $100 on 3 children before leaving but found that not much of the community contributed Santa's gifts so we spent the last hour of Walmart's opening time on Christmas eve shopping for them some more toys from Santa and delivered it to them before they arrived home from visiting family (they had lost EVERYTHING ....including their clothes :( ). The check may bounce but it is the most humbling and spiritual Christmas I have ever spent. To be of use to others who really need it. And to have my hair done with my grandson, walkabout the ship with my stepfather, have my husband Jim to support me in my endeavors, and to help another family out who is really suffering. I just keep repeating my blessings and thanking our lord for them. Paros is my joy and my Christmas (although we did come home with a tiny tea cup Yorkie another lady couldn't care for and the word NO seems to be missing from my vocabulary :\).

We really didn't have too much money nor wanted to do anything after the mediterranean trip but sent the grandson on adventures and gave him a makeover for his graduation photo. I loved having my hair colored and cut with him on the ship and we had our last dinner together celebrating the occasion with cake and champagne. We also sent him spelunking alone. He seems to have plans on joining the navy and furthering his education so I am proud of him :}

I think what really makes me sad is seeing the generations of children grow and know I am getting older and saying goodbye to the things we knew as changes occur around us. We will eventually cease to exist and I just don't want there to be any regrets as to if I could have or should have done something, or more for someone who needed my help. I feel there has been more of an awakening of others with the new Pope and he exemplifies the teachings of Christ and what he wanted us to do. This humble man has not only stolen our hearts, awakened our spirits, but is drawing us a bit closer to God as well. I am also grateful for my husband, Jim who has traveled my side in these past 16-17 yrs.

So the best thing I got for Christmas is our health, happiness, memories, love, and togetherness. And the continual unseen blessing to be under God's grace with all of those unseen things like decency, values, morals, loyalty, etc. Like watching out for one another and not leaving their side if they are stranded or in need of your help.

 As for 'stuff'....I'd have to say it was the crown of thorns I will put on my wood twig cross to remind me of what it all is really about :}

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Heaven forbid if I should ever try to drive around in these backroads woods again alone trying to pick up Christmas Ornament critters from the tree here by Raz Imports called 'Forest Friends' (First 2 photos posted here). After more than 6 hours lost with only 1 major named gas station, 5 counties, no signs, no map, dead cell phone battery, and closed questionable country stores like "Dee Dee's Last Stop" or "Jimbo's Jump In Quick"...I just blurted "Lord, there HAS to be SOMETHING of the world around here!" It doesn't even take me but 5 hours to get to New Orleans with several stops although it is from a major interstate so...I drove on through the woods what we now see was NOWHERE EVERYWHERE but SOMEWHERE :l

Jim was out of town worried when I called him at 7:30 pm after I had left at 1:00 in afternoon with only one stop for gas, a partial map of Okolona to Pontotoc (first time an unknown/unnamed gas went into my 12 yr. old Miata I babied and just has 72K miles on :/). He then laughed his butt off after I mentioned all the counties, little towns (no Walmarts or anything bigger than a Dollar Store or mom and pop gas station in an antiqued building for that matter). He wanted to see what I vehemently pursued in these quiet beautiful woods all lit up in the brilliant colors of fall so I sent him 2 pics in an email (doing a combination of the two but more earthy tones with slight pops of white, frost and ice that is relevant to our Southern winters that are only 'kissed' by snow like on the woodland mantle video here from Raz imports and their Woodland Tree video here but using the Foxes in place of the elves and more moss, vines, and bark).

Although I needed to 'Flee the Coop' after being stuck here for a month after we got back from Europe and I fell sick (minus the couple of hours I reported for Jury Duty), it was a bit much. I found myself crying 5 hours into the trip but laughing after talking with Jim later on last night. How can I get around easily in foreign countries but get lost in my neck of the woods? He says it wasn't 'Driving Miss Daisy' was "Miss Daisy Trying to Drive" :\

But he is excited about the tree and it saves us from unwrapping each breakable hand blown ornament and then packing each one up. I've always hated fake things like jewelry, plants, nails, etc. but found myself buying a fake tree this year to save us from getting a real one, watering it, fighting with lights, vacuuming needles, or taking vacation at Christmas to enjoy the ships d├ęcor instead of doing it ourselves :l I guess that's how it goes in your 50's and 60's but we really enjoy a quiet holiday here in our home with the dogs, a fire, a good meal and now...a tree that will reflect us and our fuzzy butted pet pals here in the woods :}  I told him I would put what I call "My Life" tree composed of Harleys, hounds, and children's toys I've collected for over 33 years up only when we had the time and felt like it. Even though I've collected the pieces before I met does feel like our tree; a "Biker Toy Run Alongside  the Hounds" lol. Now we'll just have a 'Snap and Go' Forest Friends  Christmas (they also call it 'Woodland Tree') :)

So I am still busy renovating, combatting fleas (really got the infestation down), brushing out matts from last boarding, preparing for Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving weekend will be packing and decorating for Christmas. It was nice to get out for a drive in those beautiful woods for the first 4 to 5 hours though. It was soooo beautiful until I just got severely lost.

And hate I haven't gotten time to go through all of my Europe photos or time to talk about it yet but posting a few of the feathered fiends I found in Croatia! Can't wait to tell about that beautiful clean town (and easily navigable. All of them.  Especially with signs even though they were in a foreign languages and only spoke 2 :l). And although Jim loves the owl tree the most...I think he will like how I plan to combine the two and I do look forward to our trip out there tomorrow even though we are to take a bigger road up north a bit to get there (less trees :( ). I was blown away when he said it only take 1 hour and 15 minutes :l And WTH?!?? It looked so straight and simple on the online map. I didn't know the road would detour and take me south :l

Till then...a 'Shout Out' about Raz Imports and Trendy Tree (Awesome customer service who waited for me more than an hour after closing!!! I'm a lifer! :}). And a 'Shout At' to Sony. Yep. Sold me a receiver for the receiver-less TV that I went to buy. When I realized this and tried to cancel within 16 hours, I couldn't and now the TV is sold out :/  That's just DUMB so for once it great to know stupidity is not exclusive to Ms.! :D

A Happy Birthday to my girls and warm Thanksgiving to all. Maybe we need to get lost sometimes in order to be found again enabling us to, once more, appreciate the beauty around us, grateful for the good things that come our way, and love we feel for one another when we do come together :}

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Well...I was to come on here and photos of my vacation and journal my discoveries only 2 days in the terminal with flight issues has me wanting to re-watch "The Terminal". Then picking up the dogs all matted I realized I forgot to tell them not to bathe them (or at least bring them bottles of laser lites silk and drape) so I hurriedly upload the 100 GB of photos from the memory cards to my computer, start unpacking and grooming the dogs when I get hit with the flu some 3 days of coming home but was low grade and I remember getting my flu shot late last year because they were out every where. Must have been that extra mini vacation at the terminal :l

Bad enough I had an outbreak of impetigo I haven't seen in 5 years, a children's skin disease I've carried since I was a child that hits with extreme stress, but when finally opening my mail 2 weeks later and see I have jury duty in 2's flared before it had a chance to heal. You do what you have to do and I was just glad I wasn't in contempt :l  But 2 blocks away from the courthouse I am pulled over. Yep. Those tags I needed to get but not home or sick for about a month :(  And they cost me nothing because well...I had to sell the 16K Harley for 8K because they yard man quit without notice and the grass was 4 weeks high by the time we see he isn't coming :/  Which is why the fleas came, and probably snake too, along with the a domino effect or dog chasing his tail and getting nowhere.

What I do know is that you can only do so much and with any real decency, communication or a head's up on situations is critical in understanding and educating each other of where we are at in life. And if some people have to live with chronic pain...I can surely tolerate or live with chronic idiots. And being in Europe...I was one myself lol! I'd hear so many say how the Russians are arrogant, French are snooty, Italians are crazy, and then nothing when it came to the Americans. Of course I would have to interject "And the American's are stupid?!?" Always a laugh to follow and sometimes "Yes" I would then excitedly explain "That's because they kept us sheltered way over there on the other side of the hemisphere from all this good stuff!!!" :D Lol...what an amazing journey!

So the part of the trip I will tell about here for now while I play catch up with everything (and still have the tags to get now I found the paperwork, dog's to do,  Docs appointments, med's to pick up, still unpacking and have a Christmas Family vacation coming up, etc.) is the highlight and favorite part of our trip...Rome. Not so much for beauty like in Taormina or Capri, quaintness of Croatia or Cinque Terre, or romance like venice, but on how we did this magnificent city of Splendor steeped in history, culture, ect. Everyone who did a private driver asked for the info to ours because we got to stop when we wanted to, add or delete what we wanted to, stay as long whether it was 15 minutes at the coliseum, hour and a half at the Sistine chapel, 20 minutes at Trevi fountain, or the 15 minutes at the Harley Davidson shop. It was not pompous, stuffy,  or mundane but our flexible tour guide exhibited such a passion for his city and made us feel we were with a friend and not a dull guide on a redundant tour. We got more than we bargained for and sending extra via post his way :) should offer a service of this type everywhere! You can even get a private photographer with that if you want. Everyone said they even paid the same or more so I can honestly say although my head was swimming, brain was full, eyes glazed crazily of what all just whirred by me....I did do Rome AND THEN SOME in a day! From his neighborhood where I got the best coffee
and Italian coffee pot like his, to the world champions in gelato, to areas in Rome tourists don't know about like the peephole and even a couple of different areas with views overlooking the entire city at different angles. He even had information about other places that were on our itinerary in his country (and was right about Taormina, Sicily!), beloved Sicilian wines, original limoncello brand, candies....all that (and a bit of the Angels and Demons tour where we could see all 4 posts from one specific intersection).

Not to forget that he wouldn't let us pay tourist prices for anything, showed us places locals go, and we still got to see Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, Vittorio Emanuele Monument, Spanish Steps, Circus Maximus, Garibaldi statue, Pantheon, hospital that is said you are a true roman if you are born there, I could go on. No wonder his nephew cried when he saw me. My eyes felt like they were bulging and about to explode like one of those cartoon characters from too much stuff packed in my head! :o Oh!!! And lunch at Dino's and Toni's just kept coming! I was out to spend 50 Euros for each of the 3 of us but all 3 of us got EVERYTHING for just 50 Euros!! 4 bowls of pasta, meat tray, appetizer tray of 4 kinds of goodies, 3 kinds of desserts, wine, bottled water, cokes, coffee's...I don't know what all they hit us with but it was AWESOME and family friendly just like the Italians do. Sit and pass food and share it all!

But if anyone thinks they can rent a car and drive that mess or see Rome in a day without someone like Andrea is either slap ass nuts or chronically stupid! We just got lucky through my 4 days of research and owe them sooooo much more! Jim didn't know the 30 euros was a tip for him and I had only handed him 10 so leather masks to him and his Roudy and overnight some American treats for the holidays it is! And no..we weren't on the scoot but a Mercedes sedan. We were in his neighborhood and traffic is sooo congested there most everyone has scoots or cycles there. The company does have mini vans for larger families too btw and most all of the inner city is zoned off from anyone who isn't a resident there and thinks they can rent a car without special paperwork (Noooooo. Not that bad 'paperwork' word again!).

Yep. We're home. And all our stupid stuff is still here lol but it's nice to think of him out there somewhere romancing his girl in his favorite spots, or even the next lucky clients to journey with him to...wherever!

Thanks to Andrea and Marco at "Where To Rome",  now we know:}
Buonanotte per ora, Roma!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


I had a post here about the Rattlesnake incident the neighbor shot around by my mailbox on the lane but deleting that. Nor mentioning tales of how I am suppose to be on 'Snake Trail' over here because if they want to scare me...they did! HOUSE FOR SALE. I need to contact an African American gentleman I do business with whose parents and grandparents are here. He mentioned interest in the house and knows of it. Also a group mentioned interest for retreats, parties, and get away with rental potential so I think all this will go down pretty fast after I get back from all the winter events, vacations, and other things I have planned. Maybe for spring because I did put my doctor off on some of the tests he wanted to run (lump on spine in neck is making the headaches/dizziness worse and he wanted a colonoscopy :l  Weeee :/).

I do know this. We are not letting the dogs out till the sun comes up, check the yard, worked heavy in it yesterday pulling plants and raping the yard of its gardens I spent some good money on (although half were lost to the fungus around here). Hitting it HARD with ALL KINDS of UNDILUTED poisons (away from fenced area. It will all run down hill away from the dogs). I am dreading to tell my neighbor because right now he is my hero! Even with the thing beheaded, wiggling a bit, dripping blood with its 8 or so buttons on it's rattler. Giving him something nice and would like to say I am glad it wasn't a stranger deer hunting across our yard but right now...the stranger would be a nicer tale to tell :/

Well...posting the pretty flowers that did survive and keeping it simple for now (even though I still can't sleep). Awaiting a grandson's return call and a daughter's answer on what happened and why she had to have surgery on her hand like me but know she is down or busy the best she can be when she isn't. Will light a candle and pray for her...and my babies (what I call my pet pals lately). Still can't sleep nor focus on hooking up the security camera's where I can view them from the TV instead of monitors but as long as the DVR streams them onto a private address online and alarm is good, neighbors eye the should be good enough while the dogs are boarding.

Praise God for blessing his...whatever group, culture, color, religion, etc. and to my secret 'Fairy Godmother' for inspiring me to come out of black and into 'rose' for our own anniversary ;)

Birthday Blessings to my Granddaughter, a marine/lil' brother in the wind, and Paros's breeder dad :)

Monday, August 26, 2013


This weekend was Jim's birthday and I had bought enough steaks to grill for 3 days and invited family down. Other than wiring difficulties causing heat issues in the den...we had a good time with them and I think he really liked his birthday this year even though the Harley stuff I bought him didn't come in yet, his jeans didn't fit, I bought the wrong Son's of Anarchy season, etc....he liked this birthday better than the year I hired a band and dancer at the bar (during my bad a** years).

So today I decided to take a day of reflection before my birthday this weekend and I get back to planning our trips. It is the anniversary of my nephew's flight to God 14 years ago and his burial will always be linked on my birthday so I decided to put together the photos I took last December (12/12/12 at 12) when I chartered the flight over the Blue Hole and Belize Cayes from Tropic Air. I also gave my sister a little Harley Davidson peridot in silver ring I had bought myself for my bday because she liked it and well...I want to remind her constantly that she is loved by me :} We are all linked some way or another. It is the impression I got with my near death excursion where I felt 'plugged in' to the universe. It is...we are...all meant for a purpose. The good and the bad. We are all linked.

Still trying to get to the camera's and get some shots, save old ones to CD's on my only half working, about to go out computer :/ Wanted to jot down about my last graphic I am wanting to redo when I get back. I started to follow the tutorial at PSD Vault on Magical Fire Energy but somewhere along the way I messed up so bad, or deviated so far from what he had, I just started brushing, smudging, adding layers of grunge brushes and overlays or burning out the layers.

Well...the only things I'm worried about are leaving Paros and the flight over the Atlantic. Don't know why...I sometimes think I can't top the fun I had in that Cessna. Even with my hair getting caught everywhere like in the camera and the window latch...opening the window :l And now I know not to move my legs around because there aren't brakes under's rudders! :D Got my headphones to plug into music, plan theatre, videos, and to listen to my Italian lessons. Hope to freshen up on my French but I know I will be saying "Combien" and "Prezzo" a lot!

Prayers went out this past month to those in Europe, a lady friend, our friend in critical care in Louisiana, a sister, and the hopes my nephew's soul soars high and free like I felt above it all. We are linked and we all come back around to each other, eventually.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


After my last post I ended up in ER and docs with back out for 2 weeks so I got behind on a lot. First time that happened but after my 12 hour session with ATT and tripping over the router wires, another 2 hours with HP and then just got worse after a couple of days. When I heeled...I sure the hell wasn't going to pick back up with fixing the computers or having HP out to fix this one (which is seriously on a tangent to somewhere over here :/). I decided to book us out of here to Europe and then another trip for Cmas :} We are taking my stepfather and oldest grandson on the Cmas trip with 2 room suite and vista wrap around balconies on both voyages :D Nuff with stupids :P

Or so I thought lol. My lawn man/gardener quit on us without notice and the grass was a month high so I had to jump up and let my Harley go for dirt cheap to purchase a riding lawn mower. If I knew he was going to bail out on us...I wouldn't have done the Europe thing but probably best anyway because I just got too excited passing my bike in the foyer and knew trouble was going to ensue :l Lol...he said he wasn't even shopping for a Harley. Everyone panicked me with a "You're selling your bike on Craig's List and taking a check" so much I started getting paranoid. I really liked the guy and could sense he was a trust worthy decent man so was going to roll with it anyway until Jim mentioned we needed to cut they front 2 acres now or we'd have to bush hog it. It was 6 weeks high at this point and he was cutting the back acre by propelled mower while the cop here bush hogged the acre behind that so at least P and pals had a place to run.

Well...all I can say is I wish I was a fly on the tree when this black man came rolling out the front doors down the steps on the hill on my Harley lol and lord knows it felt like a party at the bank for an hour while they ran his credit union check. It was good but cost me another $250 to cash it that day
instead of letting it ride in the bank for a week :/  Come to find out...he was a Memphis Police officer lol and intends on keeping his other bike too!

And I believe if you don't fight it and roll where God wants you to...things will all come together eventually. There happened to have been a sale at sears that week so we bought Jim a twin engine, shock absorber, 54" machine and saved almost a grand! The owner of the sears homestore delivered it himself and said he was turning in his 0 turn chair thing (that had on suspension or whatever) for this new one with easy turn whatever himself. I dunno but best I turned over the Harley before I had another 'wreckcident' lol.

So I have been making my plans to fly out to Europe and board out to see Spain, France, Italy, and Croatia. Didn't get to book a voyage to Greece and my stepfather says I really would like it better. I have been dying to see Rome, Naples, Sicily, Venice, Florence, etc, (especially the Basilica, Sistine chapel....) so maybe if I can survive the flight along with being away from P...I can make my next journey to Greece!

Shot in May
As for my step father and grandson...I am just so glad I get to take them on a cruise to the Caribbean for Christmas too! I did enjoy the grandchildren from the youngest daughter when we took a couple of them last year so now I get to treat my grandson from my oldest daughter and enjoy his company as well :}

Till then...I did get to play with Photoshop a bit while on the phone ordering stuff for the trip although I didn't follow the tutorials too well and 'winged' it mostly. Did get some photos in one of the cameras somewhere of the gardens but had to burn most of them because of the fungus from the rains this spring. Even the cotton fields burned for days after their first planting. I guess it's for the best we head out of here for awhile.

But not without boarding out with a sister too who will be house/pet sitting although she wants to go to New Orleans. I'm thinking we will be boarding out to the Caribbean for Feb/March :)))))

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Omg...after purchasing AT&T Connectech services this week and throwing in the towel to reconnect all the equipment once I saw that the U-verse speeds were stable....I used them last night. From 4ish in the afternoon till 2:30 in the morning...bridging the router I paid a couple of hundred for to their modem/router...knowing all the time I read you cannot do this (except to my old Westell bought from Bellsouth that still works better than ANY of their equipment!!!)...the only thing I got was lost time, introduced him to media center extender location and how to minimize the window, showed him where the trouble shoot files where NAT moderate change of Xbox needed to be via UPnP capabilities and if not then by opening port 3074, my system not secured so missing services (tired as hell too) to reconfigure everything that was setup once again, and lord only knows what computer issues I had that I can't remember off hand at this time with only 4 hours of sleep :/  I did learn one thing. My blue screen of death came about because of playing more music videos than AT&T could handle (and if they could fix communication ports between media center and Xbox..or PS3 etc....I'd play my own music CD's :P). He says there is nothing to worry about that :l  Does that mean the other 2 computers that crashed with your equipment with IP host or whatever are ok too? We'll see what HP and Microsoft have to say about that. I hope the same but from what I'm reading....

So I searched for a tort atty. around here. I saw where there was already a class action suit against AT&T that has been settle with speed issues. Speed issues?!? Hell....I'm passed caring about paying for 6.0 DSL for 3.5 yrs and not even getting a 1.0 (and they outright lied to me all this time saying I was tooooo far from the damn call box when everyone else in the world was having the same issue!!!). I am into for a house I bought (along with money used for its renovations) with the contingency it would receive a minimum of 6.0, a 4k hard drive because the techs stated my computers were at fault, 2 new XBoxes I saw come and go in this time I never got to enjoy the features, PS3 (same thing), Smart TV...still can't update or use....hell...did I mention the shattered arm or BP I've suffered from pulling phone cords, checking house lines, utility telling what else I did not list here! Anyone else suffer all this? Not the dumb little 1k or so fees of overcharges...but ALL THIS OTHER STUFF believing in their lies and still using almost 4 yrs of my life working hours a week researching, reading, troubleshooting, setting up home here! Damn I'm dumb!

And where is the manual to the Motorola NVG510 modem/router of theirs?  Hmmmm....I owe Ron Berman something nice for that ;) And I am seeing youtube info on doing all this but WTH?!? I had these services and everything was hooked up...why should I have to waste time doing more research on their inept services and practices and pay for it?!? I want to revert to my old original plan I had before they hooked up this U-verse crap :P (at least until I can get out of here).  And I really hate that the connectech program won't work for me because I found it to be an awesome wise anyway lol ;)

But what is it?!? Their people are nice and really do what they can....I think. What I also think is that it's the big heads up in corporation that know all this, hire and lie to their workers leaving them uninformed and banking that the majority of their customers will be the simpletons that aren't savvy enough to catch on (and I am one...but still a little further along than most) like the AOL masses that fell into that trap (thank heavens I did my research and was spared that atrocity). Sales will even tell you that my area had 6.0, there is fiber optics here (NOT), and won't tell you what you need to know yet I think they are reasonably just don't get the services you intended so's a rip off :P And my computer is not responding so hot right now :(((((

Well, Jim is flying home today so I am at least posting his pictures of his weekend (games on beach, ball field, those who rode in) along with my wrecked out office with 10 zillion notes and notebooks, journals, instructions, coffee, caffeine, meds, etc. lol. I never mentioned where he works nor will I but I will say that I wish I had a dog sitter and would've flown out with him. They are an awesome, serviceable, strong integrity, honest, hardworking team that play together yearly by flying all the field techs out together to home base. They are now an international company with morals and yet AT&T just denied them service. I think it's because they know they can't deliver it lol :P  Yet somehow there are all those in forums, youtube, and with websites that will lead you around this mess and a lot of the world is enjoying their Xbox Live services, Smart TV's, PS 3's etc. except me :( Sorry Netflix, Hulu, Xbox Live Gold yet (and I doubt they will get it on the Smart TV or the PS3 either) :(((

Now normally I put on some music that is appropriate to my blog but I'm letting this one ride. I don't think they've created or composed anything sounding like a death metal band dropping F bombs with the decibels of their last apocalyptic show :l  I don't think I could handle all that anyway lol ;)
So I'm PO'ed and will be ridin' bitch alright. Out of here or with an attorney to court I hope :P
Maybe next year I can have stuff done and fly out with him :/

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Even though I have the bike parked in the's hard to roll it out either double door. The front ones lead to a descent of stairs outside and it's too heavy for me to control. And when I go through the back doors...I have to maneuver through plants and 2 AC compressors :/ So I have Jim to get it out of the house for me and all has been well...until one day hot and tired from gardening...I went to stop and since my feet won't quite reach the ground, I have to slightly shift it to the side and well...a 1200 is a big engine for me so I was too tired and didn't have the strength that day to balance it. What was worse is I went to lean it in on my bad arm and we just rolled on over together :((((

Other than that...I've been getting some plants in the beds I prepared after all those rains we had ceased. Just held my breath through it all hoping we didn't get hit by a tornado but did get blight on a couple of ornamental pear trees by my patio so we spent the memorial day weekend removing them :/  So I spent all week sorting plants, bedding some, buying fungicide and reading up on symptoms, spreading bug granules in front 3 acres of lawn, checking which plants showed signs of insects or whatever and got a few that have some issues. Waiting to see what I do with all that or if they are contagious or not...other than that...everything has been doing well :)

Lawn guy didn't show up last week so the grass was going on a month of growth! Panicked...I tried to see what happened to him on Sat but no answer so I finally got the cop to cut it (with a bit of butt chewing) and he come to hook me up on Sunday!! :D  He is on of the most decent, awesome, respectable person I've met here so far and just to show what kind of man he is...his son had just graduated high school and he came anyway!! He has my vote for about anything he would run for :} Felt like a dog and then I see the long term lawn guy who does this for a living show up on Monday so I will have to call him when I get a moment. Hope he doesn't quit on me. I guess I will have to start shopping for a *#!% 54" riding mower for the front 3 acres :P's Paros' birthday in a couple of weeks and Jim will be in Florida this weekend. We decided to celebrate his birthday on the weekend before or after (whichever one he is not on call). We will just finish his house, grill steaks (he loves rib eye the best), and ride for ice milk :9 Of course he loves his walkabouts :D  Can't believe it's been 5 yrs. Got a sculpted piece of jewelry from an afghan hound artist to wear next to my heart :} She (Terry Chacon) has another larger piece I'm drooling for too so...for my bday.... more Paros stuff?!? best friend and treasure here on earth ;)

And Kudo's to AT&T for once!! They forgot to shut off the phone when I asked them too after discovering that $20 price was going up in a year! Two lines are hard enough for me to deal with! She said they would keep it that way and I ordered a cell :l  Is it me or are they really honest? We'll see.

I Got This!
Till then...have you hugged your tree or best friend today?!? Lol...laughter keeps the heart in song and well...I guess I'm ridin' bitch again :/ (but keeping my legs up that high for 40 minutes in my mid 50's....a damn miracle!).
And thank you God for Gamer; Paros's father. Keep him safe till his people join him.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Well...I don't know how we get slung off one path onto another so quick, fast, and in a hurry but I went from helping my stepfather with his plumbing and working out deals with my sister on tractor and tax thing to looking at riding mowers and a little brothers Harley his family won off a radio call in contest lol. I had wanted to take a grandson and daughter on a cruise and have a weekend excursion at a antebellum/plantation home with a sister but somehow veered off course and getting a sportster for Mother's day. Jim will have to bring it home so we can't wait to get photos of him on this thing. It will look like he is anally inserting it but it's been 18 yrs since I sold my bike and with my bones...I'm a bit apprehensive on relearning to ride. We call it 'the pony' and plan to get a new tank so we can make a sconce and clock for their garage to remember their winnings (saw this on 'Junk Gypsy's' ;)

Mentioning apprehension....I felt so dizzy and sick on part of my exam I had to leave the hospital as soon as I had arrived for my appt. this week. Rescheduled for this coming week and just really need to get this done. Probably from panic attacks but then again...the crop duster hit the fields this week too and flew DEAD OVER the house while I was out in the gardens. Could see the dude in the cockpit of his yellow and blue plane. Keep telling myself to come in when the spray across the road from our lane but forgot. Got some great sun that day so who knows...maybe it was from too much sun :o

So the gardener went up on his prices and Jim says we may as well just cut our own grounds but I've come up with a compromise to postpone this 'extra chore' for now. Cut him back to every 3 weeks :D Got enough to finish right now with the taxes, physical and tests, renovations, spring cleaning, and last week I got the 'blue screen of death' during a video with a child in horns rocking out :(((( Looks like I have to schedule a day with HP...not that they will catch anything. They missed the framework issues and the wireless printer I bought from them is a constant pain :P

But love my peaceful time in the gardens and everything is coming into bloom! Can't wait to get photos. Still have issues with hand in grooming the dogs but trying to at least keep them clean and clipped :} Enjoyed taking step dad out to dinner and dining with some woman in town last night (minus the one anal condescending one who seems to have an issue about us replacing our lawn guy with a mower thinking I can't ride it in the yard lol). Too bad I can't pop wheelies anymore on the bikes or I would do so while driving by her house, sounding my horn lol! (maybe a dose of the word would give one's tongue a civil edge of class ;)

Hopes and wishes for a sound mother's day full of positive & fond memories with help in all the right directions :}
(And that's Jim's ride is better than my graphics with Textuts :l)

Friday, April 26, 2013


Whoaaa it's been awhile since I've been in here! And with Easter hopping by not taking winter with it...I've spent a lot of time pulling all the plants in and out 3 and 4 times, Bot to mention the arrival of many bushes, trees, roses, and other plants I had to order from an out of state nursery I had to immediately take out of the boxes, repot, then throw them out when the cold seemed to be done with us here in the south finally. And yet I did have to bring some in that don't like it under 50 degrees last night because it got down to 39.

Then I had to let my new yard guy go I hired last fall, the cop :(((  Our regular guy just had a better price, keeps the lawn more immaculate, and keeps a regular schedule. I probably will still hire the cop for tree removals and stuff but his regular job keeps him busy (and he really is more of an excellent cop than gardener lol, moral, just, decent ;). So it's good to have our guy back and he grew up with the regular inhabitants of this house although he will run quick when he finishes so I can't hire him to trim the bushes, bush hog, fertilize, plant trees, etc. lol. He does weed around them and the fences and usually mulches the leaves in the winter though so I hope this year won't be as crazy. I'm still soooo busy I don't know which end is up sometimes so when I saw my sister's demented pet rock my eldest daughter made...I had her bring it in so I could steal a shot at least lol!!! :D

And while I we are hopping in the yard this spring, we decided to start on an early birthday gift for Paros! A dog house that will resemble this house with a twist!! He will be able to access the balcony part via stairs only it won't have a roof over it so he can sun and one of the wings (concrete not poured for them yet) will be for the Shih Tzu :))) I also got a dogwood tree although I will have to have them send me another because it was beat up in the mail pretty bad and I don't think it will make it :(  That's one great thing about cottage farms nursery...they guarantee their plants and trees for one year (via their website and QVC).

With the new BP pill and ATT fixed since Feb....I've had an abundance of energy so started finishing some of the bathroom renovations, gardening, trimming bushes and trees (though I have to opt for the ineffective charged trimmers vs gas ones because I can't start them or the blowers with my hand out :/), spring cleaning, taxes, etc. My hand keeps me from grooming the dogs efficiently along with so many other things and I may be slow but I get by. The new washer SUCKS and I have to wash everything twice like the dog blankets or anything that is heavily soiled. I miss my Kenmore with the agitator in the middle. It was like having a wash woman down by the river beating our clothes against the rock. But glad I opted for the top loader. I really would've been sick shelling out another $800. And for what?!? A good looking machine that doesn't work like the old stuff and will probably not last 10 yrs little on 20 :/ Hell...I don't even entertain in the laundry room so I don't care what the machines look like :P

And the serta mattresses? Humph. So far I still like the Sealy but when they came to take away the old mattress...Jim had the Simmons Beauty rest from 1999 that belonged in the guest room on there. No wonder the guests were sleeping well :l  They were on my new mattresses :( Paros isn't too wild about his but they only had the pillow top in his size. He still sleeps upside down with his head in the drapes. Doesn't dare want to miss the neighbors dog going by! :D

Before I hop off I have had fun. Family, games, friends, working on the house, watching old bond movies, etc. I've been nostalgic and spinning some old 60's and early 70's tunes through it all too. I even got to play with Photoshop a couple of times this past week when it rained. Just winged it on one but the iris I tried to follow a tutorial over at Whoa! really difficult but I had a blast with it (even though it looks nothing like the original :( ). Some play time for me outside of the dogs and gaming on the consoles :)  I guess it's back to the gardens with crop dusters hoping over in a few days once April showers skip away but for now....some leather work and inside stuff ;)

Maybe next blog I will mention about my realtor/friend staying with us for a bit. Till then...hope all hop off to a good start this season and grow with love :)

P and his sweet granddaddy :}

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Fast, quick, and in a hurry with this post and scribbled valentine...lots I'm still catching up on, slinging dogs at the vets, but all is good. Did break down and had to run a couple of hours away to pick up a washer in stock instead of waiting for the 13th back ordered larger model (which was yesterday so I can't imagine another 2 weeks more of any of that mess!).

Ordered new mattresses for the house and saw Serta had ones for I Paros was too cute nosing in his box and jumped on it. Spoiled boy. He knows it was for him :} They deliver that tomorrow along with slinging Annabelle in for her shots and a bath. Picked Bayou up from his last week and his eye was injured in a fight. Second time he went at Paros since picking them up at Swann Kennels :(  Dunno what stress they went through for all that but Jim and I have to keep our dogs segregated now :/

Got a visit from a sister and another family member last week too. I was un-excumincated for a few hours and hate I can't help her in her time of need but all I know to do is what our father taught us. Be honest, open, and do right. Tactfully. Being the oldest of 5 siblings I should protest this mutiny but ooops. I'm still on my ship :o  Or maybe I'm just in tow like Carnival :l

I'll try and post pics of P, Bayou's injury, and everything else as soon as I sort out memory cards, laundry, mattresses, dogs, and yes....AT&T new Uverse service with DSL here in an un-fiber optic area :l 

Till to them and all anyways. Stay afloat ;)

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Nothing like having to maneuver around the house between piles of laundry because the washing machine won't be delivered until mid February :/  I was going to pull the money back from it and just go 50 minutes away and grab one off of the floor of the nearest home depot but they said it doesn't work like that and it would be 8-10 days before it hit the store. I really thought there wouldn't be a problem with all this until dinner with a couple of women in town the other night. They said crime has shot up around here and Jim also doesn't want me venturing off to do laundry alone. I found myself in JC Penney's an hour out buying clothes and ordering another duvet until he can escort me or the washer comes in :/

So Paros and I are healed but it took almost 2 weeks to run down a flu shot since my doctor was out. So were the pharmacies, grocery stores, and anywhere within 2 hours according to site. I just called up to the clinic here (the one I am trying to avoid because they have issues with me making an appointment to the one and only doc in town lol). Yep. They had them. They weren't listed on the site which had me a bit nervous but hearing of all the deaths and how horrible one strain of the flu was....I had them stick me. And Jim. Of course that didn't go without a hitch. The woman at the front desk made us fill out all these forms again. And for what? A flu shot? Did you lose my records already? The grocery store don't ask for all that. Same lady that said my appt. was lost and then discouraged me against making another one. Jim could tell right off she didn't like me lol :D  Feeling was mutual :l

Not much done in reno's lately other than the flood lights and sheet rock. Glad the fluorescent lighting is gone out of the master bath. I think it will eventually the house will show nice and flow well when we are done. I had no intentions of moving from here when we moved in 3 years ago but between the stairs, and no services  of any kind (yes....ATT is under 1.0 again so I am having to drive an hour away or order stuff off of QVC lol!). Pets, vets, docs, and internet will be on my list of needs next move (if I'm lucky enough to escape).

For now....just posting some more aerial shots of the atolls, reef, and blue hole off of Belize, some birds I shot or whatever I come across to add to this 'hot mess'. Thanks to my little 8 year old buddy, Carlos, for pointing out the Jabiru from other storks and herons, etc. Was pleased I got a shot of an emerald hummingbird although it wasn't a very good one. My first intention was to put some of Paros up but couldn't find the smaller digital camera. Probably in a pocket lost in one of the barricades of laundry around here somewhere :/

Till then... I am still very behind on my correspondence. Coming home with laundry and health issues only to face a broken washing machine wasn't on any of my lists :\  Still have some friends, my daughter, soldier, and others I have to catch up on. Did finally hit services last Sunday and catch up with my neighbor lady though :}  Just trying to leave the static behind and not have it barricade or 'cling' to me as I move forward into the New Year! :D

Thursday, January 3, 2013


When I was younger, vacations were romantic in nature. Then there were the children and they became fun with trips to Disney, renting cabins in the mountains or beach house in Florida with the family. But when they became older, vacations were more adventurous and we were able to take them to exotic places but I have to admit....the one this past December encompassed it all; romance, fun, and adventure.

However, when we got back, I was holding Paros and Annabelle while Jim got Bayou. They were afraid to get him so the owner said he would do it. All I know is he came back into the lobby empty handed and Jim said they just let him out lol. He said Bayou walked slow toward him like he ruled the cell block!! Omg. Our little monster puppy :/ We are used to this and understand but Paros was wet and reeked of urine. I was a bit concerned about him being wet and cold so I took them home to bathe them that day, only to find he was sore with what felt like a bite mark on the side of his face under his ear.

I had to wait a couple of days to allow him to let me shave there and see what was going on when I came down with a rash across my face so I ended up Christmas eve night and Christmas morning in the ER looking at the vending machines saying "Look, honey! Christmas dinner." I only found that funny because we had a blast and celebrated Christmas early. The laughing ceased when Paros bite mark became abscessed and so we both were on antibiotics for the past 2 weeks :((((( I have to take him in and see where to go from here although it is doing better and he will let me clear it a bit and lightly touch it.

I assume they were stressed at the kennel and Bayou went to attack him like he usually does Annabelle and me :(  What appalls me is they just hosed down the kennel with him in it and failed to mention of any incidents. I just hope I won't have to take him into the specialists in Memphis.

Even though we had a blast in Central America and the islands, we won't be going anywhere without our dogs. Paros is my treasure and reason to come home. He is my heartbeat and I would give the sight on my afflicted eye that developed a skin disorder due to the stress of that mess for his well being. I know I'm not the only one who has found the love of their dog to be the greatest joy that this life has brought them. Their love is loyal and true and they are dependent upon us for their care so the sacrifice is a nominal price to pay.

Other than that, the only stress has been ATT right before the trip, and there was a several hour delay (about 7-8) boarding the ship due to a fog. Glad they are safety minded but a bathroom would have been nice after all the shops around Tampa had closed. I also like how they sailed beside another ship along the whole journey and they really set us up well. The balcony was huge and we had a blast back and forth with housekeeping and their 'towel critters' :D  They would all run to our room with their boss to show what we would leave them each day and we tipped them extra not only each day, but including the gratuities in our fare along with an extra check and cash in the animals paws :)))))  I even bought a book about creating them for my granddaughter and left them creations I do with my silk ribbons not listed in their book ;)

Lots of correspondence, bills, finishing off doctors, cleaning, and unpacking to do so hopefully I can talk about the good stuff when it's all clear like how my hair got caught in the window latch and opened the plane window lol, or the monkeys and birds that would come to me and crawl on me, the 3 cloud formations shaped like hearts, 2 shooting stars, and how beautiful the ship was with it's new renovations and chapel.

As for the New Year, I love how the world brings in the new year with their firework displays. It was touching to see the marine united with his wife at the rose bowl parade too on New Years day and our healing. It's a good start :}