Friday, September 23, 2011


Prayers answered today for what motivates and colors my life. A sister says it's where my heart lives. It was missing for several years when I lost my afghan hounds but beats again through Paros. He is where my heart lives and just sooo glad he woke up and I'm done with the panic, sobbing, and nausea attacks that took me to dark places :)  His yearly is done, bloodwork, fecal, and the infection in his ears will clear up now (although he is such a sweet boy, I don't think the vet would have had any problem flushing them out). So thanks to God and his vet!

I found an REM song fitting for today's occassion along with a tutorial 'Color My World' from Texttuts I renamed 'My Heart'. Fun and easy...only 10 minutes but I didn't do as good of a job nor did I download the correct star brushes (used default ones & font = Hand of Sean). Life seems to eventually merge into one lane ;)

Soooo much to blog about this weekend; TVA, Tai Chi, Aurora and the strange pups, dinner with neighbor, mink martingale collars I'm starting on but if heaven sees fit for all to be boring with nothing happening....I'm game and down for staying inside and coloring within the lanes ;)

And thanks to REM too :}

Friday, September 16, 2011


Oooooo yeah! Not only did I find some new links....but I'm dying to steal some time to see if my favorite portal 'Design Shard' knows about them. Alfoart is where I got the 'honey' tutorial and although I lost him on page 3, it came out 'sweeeet' anyway :)  I plan to try it again and this time maybe take the time to download the PSD files (he had a pattern unfamiliar to me :l). Won't show him my work though lol. He would think I came out of kindergarten class. He's that good :}

Also found that killer texture site; My Photoshop Textures. Not to mention Photoshop Brushes where the pattern below came from and has inspired me to rivet leather or jeans into a wall piece :D  I usually went to My Photoshop brushes but don't always have time to read terms so I don't have a lot of them :/. The leaves in the wallpaper 'Honey Rider' are from his site too (I believe one is O. Dawn...I've seen her stuff in here for years...she makes a lot of them and they are all good so thanks to her too for these ;)

But the Texture site is sooo nicely designed and the photos are killer! I must have downloaded 15 textures and even found the water/wavey one Alfoart uses in his 'honey' tutorial. He also inspires me to pull out my camera to shoot some pics of snakeskins and hides I use in my real world art. And the design of the twitter bird with the gun to it's head is toooo cute ;)  I would follow him it I 'twittered' lol but think I hit 'liked' for FB :)))) to see what happened to my new help. Jim's line 'ported over' and is now on verizon home wireless (which $20/month is awesome but you can only put 2 phones into the box. If anyone calls that line...I won't hear it :( ). Also have to call...yes...AT&T to see why mine sounds like ravaging demonic parties are taking over :l

Till then....sweet journys :9

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Sometimes you just have to back up and take a look at what all is going down. Or ask yourself what did you just do or say? Being dyslexic and breech by birth...I probably do it more frequently than others so when I reopened the second line in with AT&T in my old number....then discover the line has some atrocious noises like ravenous demons regurgitating in hell....I had to tell myself just this: "It worked once before and it's only $10 more with no shoot! Maybe they can trouble shoot the issue!"

And what's really hillarious about getting things back asswards is reviewing the mental picture of me in tai chi class tonight. Lol...I kinda got a talk to when a girl tried to help me. Actually...we both did and the beauty contest I was in when I got Miss Memphis Bicentinnel alternate...I was on the end facing one way while everyone else was pivoted the other :l  I think a sister has that pic. That's 'bass ackwards' too :(

But don't tell me not to laugh. That will draw one out anyway lol because my 'chi' or 'energy' is generally just that 70% of the time! That's why I am there. To focus and be seriously now :l And practicing the Yang form is the oldest and most serious form of martial arts in the realm of  it's spectrum. Qi Chong for everyone would be at the other end :l :) :l :o

Well....I didn't get much art done other than these 2 digital cards I sent out and the new Paros fall collage I am working on here but I found 2 killer PS textures and brushes links (My Photoshop Textures is one to be added in links) and  I also forgot to take the camera to take a pic of the Charleston Arts Center where the Tai Chi classes are held (not to mention the dogs are dirty) but I did find a girl from class to help me around the house! Car, painting, dogs, cleaning but she prefers more pay for quick work whereas I am more opposite in thinking. I would like a more relaxed lower pay at first until she sees the order or priority levels of my mess I need done. Like the yard has to be blown before the inside floors get swept from the leaves Paros sweeps in with his coat....then it's hit the tub time for my boy!

So my old number is on although we will barely hear each other, I saw Jim drink for the first time in 2 yrs on his 'pay AT&T day',  and I'm going another direction in Tai Chi class but I'll arrive somewhere :l And when I find myself backing up...I think I'll look around and analyze my next move. Is the way forward clear and going to work for me or shall I gun it and fly the other way to leave a backwards ass thing? Or is that 'back ass ward'?

Out and Over so Ciao Chi ;)

Friday, September 2, 2011


Instead of my usual movie line of 'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum'....I can start out with 'A Funny thing happened en route over the hill' :/ Waking up on my birthday with what I thought was an abcess in 2 wisdom teeth already put the brakes on anything with fun in it at all :( And with it being my first bday without either parent...I'm a bit down. Even with the nice birthday gift that was delivered this week.

Well...that was all until Jim showed up with my instant coffee and a candle :) And he asked me to look at my cup. Hmmmm. Nothing. So he exclaims "Good thing I took a picture!". Sure enough...there it was...the smiley face!!! The same one I saw when my mom died Easter was there to greet me for my birthday! I knew it was from my mother :)))) She would always make sure she was the first to call me for my birthday and it started a race for other family members to 'be the first' so I would usually get a call from her at 12:01 am :l We both believed in pyschic abilities and made a pact to reach each other from the the 'other side' lol.

Now I already had my other blog posted and the day just brought about more twists and turns. Like Jim getting called off to Eastern Tn. for backup on the hurricane teams. And it hadn't been 4 days since I picked Aurora up from her now I am visiting one too (it takes an act of God or serious pain for me to go but this one already shows signs of being more saavy than the ones in Metairie, Slidell, or Bay St. Louis). But still not feeling like a party, sister stayed in Texas, so I hung alone...a bit in pain and not really up to finish painting the dining room before my furniture delivery :(

And wouldn't you know....still troubleshooting computer software I'm loading....Corel tech just had a bit of an issue with working winzip and installing KPT. I had to uninstall it again and retry. Found the problem. It doesn't update automatically via 'update button' so I had to manually do them. This could be because of working on 64 bit but also noticed the KPT collection is shy 10 filters or so. No shapeshifter and whereas the other KPT Collection I bought (yes...I bought 2 :/) is unable to register so has the annoying 'pop up' everytime you use a filter :( Hmmmm. I will have to call them when I find the time :\

I came into this world butt first and had bangs and a big mouth from the start. I will probably slide on down the other side and end the same way but I think I will opt out of being buried with my boots and leather on for my Lily Rubin or Peter Nygard clothes. The dogs ashes (Chauncey and Dancer) are still to be placed in my casket or we are to be scattered in the wind together.

So a special thanks to Paula for picking out my furniture (I love your taste and it's now the only room without leather lol! ;), to loving & stalking other half who called me at the dentist and pulled me from the chair sister who was the first to verbally say it, friends for the email greetings, and although it was a strange thing that happened en route over the parents for reaching out :} I figured it was my father who gave me the abcess to keep me from drinking :l

I love the people I'm 'en route' with on this journey :}