Wednesday, October 29, 2014


11, 12, 13. 60's, 70's, 80's for school
Things have definitely been nutty in my neck of the woods since last post with the son in law moving in with the step father a couple hours up the road and renovating his house and watching the grandkids go to school. It's been quite a culture shock for me but I've actually been enjoying it immensely! 4 lbs of chocolate in my closet, 2 TV's in my bedroom alone with game consoles all over the house and 3 grandsons gaming their butts off lol :D  Not to mention the gorgeous weather change and ironically enough...a grand daughter that has the outside bug like me! :) Got her an archery set for her birthday this week and we will go to get her the rod and reel she wants as well. St6ep grandson got a game he has been wanting and some money. Sold Jacob's go cart so will put it in a savings account or buy Playstation 4 (a big gift to make up for all the other events I missed from not having his address while he was with his dad in Cali during the others 2 yr. stay in Japan). With the son in law renovating and staying with the step father...he never really learned mechanics in order to change belts, fix brakes, etc.

4# candy, 3 gsons, 2 TVs
As for the 4 year old, we bonded really well. Now when they come back to the house after being up by Memphis for the weekends, he goes to our 'secret' closet (armoire) to pull out some of that 4 lbs of chocolate mini bars I have mixed in a large container. He also wanted to stay with me on a couple of occasions and let Jim and I take him toy shopping and to a restaurant. His favorite holiday is Halloween and I get it now. With all of their stuff in storage while they were in Japan and 3 of the children's birthdays a week before Halloween, it has been the biggest month of the year for my daughter's family. Then there is the ex who has all of his money tied into a motorcycle chromed out in skulls so 'Bob Skullington', the life size skeleton, is his best friend :l Of course his favorite children's story has been the spooky tale I was told as a child at my great grandmothers house in the country when I grew up. He made me tell it twice, then told it back to me on the third time, improvising it on the 4th :)

Finally did get my neck looked at. Looked like no disc from x-rays so they ran an MRI. Calcium deposit...probably from healing funny while nurse practitioner said it was ok from CAT scan while telling me she was an MD for 2 years...and disc was ruptured pressing on spinal cord. I saw a neurosurgeon who doesn't talk, show results, or stays for questions. I was informed by an attorney to visit good doctors up in the city. I do like my general practitioner half hour up so I will keep him at least. I'm sure this is why my arm tingles everyday since Jan and why some weeks I can't lift my arm because my shoulder is out. Seems there is a 2 year statute of limitations of medical malpractice and I am just soooo mad it even got this bad. I will keep seeking some retribution when time allows till then...I will take a credit hit before paying any of that hospitals bills for that mess :P

As for the fountain I molded for my step father, Jim finally put it together for him last Sunday. We went up there so I could visit him and so Jim could help Chris, the son in law, on his reno project. Jim had already patched the roof leak and plumbing leaks, so thought I'd have him show Chris how to do the floors and other projects, then go celebrate our anniversary. We met 17 years ago I believe it is now. No pictures but of the one from weekend before...son in law must have been yelling and going on and on at me due to military. Said he only had 3 beers and I don't think he is a natural born ass so I think it is from the military lifestyle. Has to be hard for him to be told something from a woman...and what's worse...a mother in law so I told him he really needs to soften up here in civilian life. Not a lot of people will take that yelling with no end to it even when you comply (over smoking...I don't even smoke in my own house but for 2 rooms, and fixed it at real dads so we all had a place outside on the back acreage of his property for all that). So with my distance, I see the sweet guy deep inside...I just get thrown off course when I hear things like "return investment on my money" or how they need every bit they can get from the house in order to take care of him. I already feel like I said my last goodbyes and his time is short here :(

Gdaughter wants deed to her house :D
My sister is hanging in there but did relapse and drink. She is more devastated but was closer to our step father. I was only under his roof for about 2-3 years growing up. Rest of time was at real father's or boarding school. I adored the sisters and my peace there! And as I told my realtor lady friend from church...I don't think I could handle moving from here and living where others are so close or having anything less than a few acres. It's been so peaceful here and after getting yelled at with all of Jerry's neighbors and me shrugging at each other and with him being sick....I may want to add a few more acres lol :D  We've been clearing out the back to keep snakes away then the old driveway that rides up the front 3 acres and circles in front of the house so we are interested in a few more acres...3 at least. Still find it ironic we have to go more than an hour and a half up the road to a farm in Hernando for fresh vegetables, horse back riding, etc. and did enjoy a hay ride with the family. My father lived down the road and used to stop in there a lot so I think the people who owns Cedar Hills Farm had their tractors serviced at his shop. As for here...the just harvested the cotton last week which was late this year because of the lengthy cold snap we had at the start of the year :/

Southern Snow
Really depressed about not finishing the fountain or having a last goodbye at my mom's and stepfathers house but can't afford to butt heads anymore with Chris because of the grandchildren. I kind of view him as a kid with the way he leaves my things he borrows in the rain or keeps yelling and in front of the sick or with neighbors all around. My father and I were never those kind of people. Nor were the sisters at boarding school. Even though he may not come from the best of families, you'd seem to think you'd get it way before you are 41. Well...that is if you weren't raised in military land where yelling in front of everyone in your surroundings everyday all day is the norm lol :D Maybe he will get it in civilian life.  Do have a couple of prayer groups going for them, Jerry, and their move :)

With the grandkids on their 3rd week out of school, I try to squeeze in as many visits with them as I can before they are gone. I will soooo be sad here without them but plan to keep myself busy and pick that paintbrush up to finish some home renovations I was doing here before they came. Plus there is Christmas coming! MY favorite holiday where I go overboard with the house and doing the balcony, more than one tree, stairs, foyers, mantle, doors, dining room, etc.! Wanted to replant a fir tree closer to the house, maybe where the old driveway curves towards it on the north side of the
property. Then I can dress it each year with bird seed sachets, squirrel corn, deer apples and pears, etc. One outside for the critters :))))

So in all the land, whether in fairy or scary tales with children, Slidell and New Orleans with it's bars (where it started us saying this...Sonny owning the most bars at any given time after my boss who left me the money for my beach house and my own bar), or grounds...I still plan to continue on with my changes to me, the house, and pick up where I left off.

And I do now have glimpses of the future as one of those visiting grandmothers staying in a hotel or beach rental down the road and hopefully will get to take the gkids on a cruise or excursion at least but staying with the family...nooooo. At least until he does a bit of growing in this land as a civilian and we can talk, smile, and hug for REAL again without Shell making him apologize. I think he will get it :) Till long as Shell and the kids are happy, he isn't hitting her, and I have my 'like' for him which seems to come from a distance when I am on my own ground, it will be alllll gooood in alllll the land lol :D