Friday, November 25, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving and Bday....turkey :P  ;)  :D  :l  XXOO

(Ok...I'm guilty and busted. I haven't moved all the newer OR older photos to this computer yet :/ BOTH of ya'll in November lol!)

Saturday, November 12, 2011


FINALLY got to the bottom of why I am running under 1.0 on my internet speeds!!! The neighbors say THERE IS NO AT&T internet line or service here EXCEPT for me and that is because it was a 'personal' and 'side' job done by one of their techs here. Not authorized by AT&T so not their fault BUT WHAT IS THEIR FAULT is that they should've known they didn't provide these services when I had my services move with me over 2 yrs ago. And why have I had to stress about all this? I dunno but about to find out in court maybe (because I doubt they will arbitrarily settle this to my satisfaction).

So I didn't need the new computer (and I bought THE BEST 6 core processor with 2 large 27" monitors with back up battery and top of the line wireless printer all in one), 2 new game systems (to play while THEY were suppose to figure it all out ....but never did other than some box is 800 feet or yards from the house...whatever that means...maybe some illegal line running here?!?), and this week we got a 55" Smart TV (not with just the apps....LG to browse the web without hooking a hard drive up to like my 52"). So  now others will think I'm running CNN  out of the bedroom with 47" and 55" TVs (not to mention a 42" in the amoir) and I can't game while Jim watches TV because of the internet thing (speeds at a death crawl). :P  #*!&%

To blast off a bit more...Jim's exam told us he is diabetic this week, water pressure has been naught for a month so I can't bathe the dogs and they are sweeping leaves and dirt into the kitchen, and I missed the opportunity to visit my little sister, brother, and stepfather up by Memphis today. Maybe my fate is riding on a transfer out of here. There is a black man I do business with once a month with a credit line that wants to buy this house and he is really nice. His grandparents lived here and he already knows of the house but never has been inside. Until I sent him pics :))))  Sounds like an idea :D Internet speeds and water for the dogs here I come!!!

Some good things have been my neighbor lady and I darted off to dinner a couple of times earlier and I gave her a Christmas gift early this year. She is having a large dinner party and asked if I knew where to purchase dessert forks at a reasonable price so I found her a set and that is done. She is an awesome lady and great neighbor. We laugh a lot together but if I were to have 18 dinner guests...I'm popping valium and pulling out paper plates :l

But my Tai Chi instructor is having wrist surgery so I will miss her through the holidays. I hope she resumes classes when she heals but more importantly....I hope she recovers beautifully. I dunno how or why she could handle my dyslexic backwards ass and I tried soooo hard to be serious but I did manage to remember the 'Grasping the Birds Tail' and practice every other day. (And the peridontist thing wasn't bad at all :D). is my daughter's birthday and she already received her gift the other day from me but have to work on some leather and buckram masks (I like doing several forms). No new pics this week other than her pic here taken today by Arden ;) (I did put it in PS, black and white it, added 2 filters...last a brush stroke) Also posted some more old graphics for now before I 'blast off' to the craftroom till AT&T responds (I will probably be held up for days in there :/) 

Blast off  to a Happy Birthday....scorpio water baby, Shell :}