Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pass With Care

There is nothing like getting busted by your neighbor while hot, sweaty, in ragged clothes doing yard work! What's worse is that the yard guy doesn't do bushes :/ Lol...I'm getting good at it but keep having to level up on the trimmers. Neither one of these is doing the job and I have to get a third HUGE gas guzzling set. The shrubs in back are NOTHING compared to the rest which requires a ladder but already set on those :)

Well...the yard guy doesn't do bushes, the computer guy doesn't do software, and the florist doesn't send the right flowers! I am learning bushes and now I am growing flowers and may just send them freeze dried lol! I ordered the Bird of Paradise arrangement pictured here but my friend took a picture of another species :\ Not a bird in the bunch lol! And at least my yard man cuts grass and bush hogs, my computer guy is saavy with hardware/wire and actually fixing the mechanics of the computer but the florist didn't even deliver! What a world we live in.

And wouldn't ya know....I'm going to have to learn how to wrap my dogs coats my ownself! But thank heavens my breeder chatted with me today and lead me to some links with pictured instructions. It also had me do some minor adjustments here like add google and bing search so that I am not at the mercy of yahoo! Never can find anything with them and not sure how to save or organize my bookmarks on Firefox. After all...I'm having to do my own bushes, software, dogs, growing flowers etc. But hey! The computer guy just called so I will have 2 monitors now and what a mess he is in for lol!!

So pass with care...especially around here and me with power tools...or you are likely to get an unkind word or unwanted haircut!!

And for my computer and yard guys....wouldn't trade them for nothing! What they don't know is that this is Hotel California...they can check in but they can never leave (I won't dare let them lol!) ;)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weather Alerts

The unfortunate addition to this post is the tornadoes that hit MS. with the bad front that spun off Colorado. This is not common and although we needed the rain because of all the spring pollen...prayers of comfort go out to the families of the 10 people who died from them and others who lost their homes and businesses 2 hours south of us. We were blessed to have had only a normal rain.

Paros has been moping about because he can't frolick and roll outside in the mud. Did manage to get some good shots of the boys before the storm hit and have to brush the pollen off of them several times a day so has kept me busy :/  The software that batch processes my ability to save a lot of pics at one time isn't available to me since my computer guy doesn't do software but when he comes to install another monitor...I will have him show me his alternative ways and that will speed things along around here :)

Paros learned a new trick this play dead by laying on his side. I'm wanting to teach him to roll over and thought from this position it will be easier for me to work with him. He does get aggrevated with the Shih Tzu a lot and Bayou just mimics everything he does. He wants P's big bone and when he is allowed to have it....drags it off into the bushes but P will hang back with me watching before he sticks his nose in to let Bayou know he can retrieve his bone anytime he wants ;)  They are toooo funny!

Breeder was placed in the path of an abandoned white afghan who I am sure will recover from her injuries, malnutrition and neglect. I just don't understand how people can abandon children and pets when there are so many facilities for this and other people who care. I'm just glad it is a punishable crime here in the states and for the stupids who don't read or watch the news thinking they will get by with this...they will be quiet surprised ;) And the DNA sample from Paros isn't needed till later so hopefully it will catch the post this monday!!

Well...between odd rare storms and common spring pollen...thank heavens for weather alerts! We had our drills this week and are prepared for the next warning. God keep us all safe!

Friday, April 16, 2010


It's been 6 months that we moved and I'm still in boxes, haven't hung all my prints or paintings, and still filing 12 cabinets full of paperwork between the computer room and office. This is twice the computers have been worked on in this time and now I can't function at all with scanner down, programs still all not loading and a couple of new issues arose; DVD burner and graphic card. At least these will be easy to fix...then I can add a larger monitor for work while communicating on the other monitor.

Speaking of communications...outside of the 5 hours with norton when we discovered 360 wasn't compatible with XP (which I love more than Vista)...I spent 2 hours on chat with HP and a good 30 minutes or more with Adobe. Not to mention the emails to changing over filters and calls made to techs. All I can do on here is FB and down about not getting the club's site up.

Then there's AKC. Thank heavens my breeder was able to answer a question I had about Paro's paperwork (and at least the computer was working long enough for me to print out the foreign registration papers mentioned a month or two ago). The DNA sample I need is not from his mom but from him. Lol...I can just see me now asking the local horse vet this...uh...I need to send his DNA into AKC via a secure facilitated and acceptable transfer mode :/  Geez. I see us commuting already! Maybe I should just let Paros do his own paperwork and send the drool chewed pieces to AKC saying it's Ms. Style!! Teeth impressions are lagniappe ;)

It's been so crazy around here I picking up the phone during the faxes and the UPS and FedX guys are afraid of Paros so they just drop off the packages and run. Mr. Bad thinks he's all that and he is just a goofy sweetheart!

People think I stay on FB when I just stay online. We are wanting the whole house online and wired between the securtiy system, intercoms, and surround sound. When you google earth shows the house as being online and cool. Want an extra phone through the computers as well as maintain the hardlines but back to the programming...pun least my daughter, the weather, Paros, and we are all good. Sorry new photos won't be posted :/ (Dog photos courtesy of Evi Tragali...3 Graces Kennels)

Yep. Call boxes. Road side service of the old days. But even with cellular, hard lines, computers chat boxes and emails, or even faxes....sometimes you still can't get service :P

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Easter Sunday was a beautiful day and although I regreted not attending services/mass...we got a lot done and enjoyed the day outside with the dogs. Paros had his own Tbone and dug up a lot of plants I had just planted. He probably thought I was burying treats and was on his own easter egg hunt :l  I was in and out between the patio and computer playing games with my daughters and friends and have been really relieved that my youngest girls health problems aren't going to cause as much concern as originally thought and my grandson is due May 17th :) (My favorite modeling shot in New Orleans of Shell below)

Computers still causing problems along with owing the IRS but I like the young man taking care of them. I had to opt for another virus scanner that is compatible with both hard drives and had him pull my 3 ghz/3 gig ram HP to the computer room and put my smaller drive on the flat screen in the den. It was awesome for a day until the power blinked repeatedly and graphic card went out the next day. Appreciative of at least that service where I am at and what the new computer guy doesn't know now...he will in the future so I have lots of faith in his ability to progress in his studies. We'll just have to supply him some ear plugs around here :/

Also heard from my breeder who has been quiet for about a month or so showing P's sister, Ice, around Europe (photo here owned by Evi ... ). She is also planning to have another litter and we hope to be chosen as adoptive parents to another hound. I think P won't be so mischievious and settle down more. He is one stubborn boy and his social graces have become naught with our isolation...which I love! He loves the wild life but misses his public excursions and interacting with people. We can tell that he knows he is different and special from the other dogs around here when he looks back and forth between us and the neighbors dogs that live freely outside. Just hope he doesn't pick up thier habits. Too bad I can't get him online with FB :l (Ariel shot of P's digging grounds below).

So to all the my beloveds I'm a fan of mentioned here...."On Stars...Seize the Future!"

Hamlet and Naya (P's mom) on a model shoot in Greece.