Thursday, July 17, 2014

Coming Together Again

Things are a bit crazier than usual this week with Jim in Georgia and looking at a house, my daughter touching down in California from Japan the past 24 hours, and I have 2 king beds on the landing to go back into 2 of the bedrooms, cousin finishing 5 ton AC conversion for one floor and making sure both floors are running, fountains ordered for my step dad's birthday and custom one for the balcony, lights done on the balcony and prep for painting house....did I mention calls trying to get test results from out of network doctor and nothing for over a week, still trying to get MRI rescheduled from network doctor going on 4 months now? They are scaring me. Almost 4 months and I will wait for their promised call for 2 weeks so I won't feel like a stalker :l  Either they are forgetful or just want to drop the ball but I deserve the results at least along with an explanation. I think I will have to go back to my general physician and request insurance network doctors up in TN. :/  At least the Ms. docs nurses don't tell me they are doctors, omg.

I have learned through they years not to let all the madness get to me. I do what I can and if those around me don't understand the disarray...then they need to learn lol. It was great to see a cousin and talk of family this week. He laughed about me still spending money others left to tape on the walls of my restaurant bar (I spent the big bills and find sheets of ones now and then). I cried, laughed, and
learned new things like how he had to dig my grandmothers grave because the guy with the back hoe refused to work on Sunday. I also talked with a couple more family members from my mother's side online (FB) while they are visiting the land that has been in the family for probably about 100 years or more. And my paternal family of Virginia with all the roads named after us (Holland), it was disappointing to see the house prices out of our budget. Jim's work is looking for someone out near Richmond and also an opening in Raleigh NC. I tried to look in between the 2 hoping to take on both cities lol but nothing so Ga. is hopeful. I do love this house here and it is in God's hands....I hope. I asked for direction and good with whatever wind or still calm he brings.

But man I feel bad about the over busy realtor I have him meeting tomorrow! I really should've looked for someone who had more time for us since we have to come from out of town. I home in on what I want, check the aerials, HOA fees, location, photos, demographics, sq. footage etc. and know what I am looking for and what I can work with until this one is sold or rented so there isn't a lot of leg work they have to do. With as many houses as my daughter has bought between California, Hawaii, and Florida...I always wished she was a realtor but she just graduated and is now a doctor! Not sure exactly what kind of doctor and she didn't have to do 6 full years like I did but she already has job offers and I am proud of her! Most of my family is small business owners so I am glad that I am not alone in obtaining a higher education amongst us all ;)

So for now I will go between cleaning up projects around here, setting up guest rooms, securing dogs, finishing taxes, and call every 2 or 3 weeks to these doctors for test results (lord why am I paying for this?!???). I am going to focus my energy on the few brief moments I get to see my daughter and grandchildren before they are off again. These meetings or pass bys are precious to me. Time flys so quickly when you've covered most of the miles on your journey through life.

Till then...I made a video (playing) from the pics I had on this computer of us all coming together through the years. I hated I didn't have any of my grandparents but I wish all love, peace, understanding, and togetherness. Especially those in Gaza and Israel.