Sunday, January 30, 2011


So much going on and still loading on new computer so no new pics right now :( (ok..maybe an old one or two :). AT&T sent someone to test my wires after my insistence to avoid a 3rd router check. And you all know how long I've been having them troubleshoot my speed....through hackers, shared lines, possible routers....hell...I forget what all but they have been charging me for 6.0 DSL service for a year and a half when it is unavailable here!

Then the HP new computer...realized the guy I hired last summer didn't even install the CD to the new monitor for drivers NOR the other monitor. Bet that's what HP will say after they fix the duo core tower :/ He's a serious idiot I think.

But the bigger obstacles, dilemas, or ankle nipping stalking demon dog issues had me walk away for a week or 2 and so Paros and I went on a 3 day hiatus to family and fiends by the city. Haha. P's social skills are naught and yet he seemed happy to have his running grounds when we got back. Still half crazy, but oh the moments of awesome catch up, love, support, and fresh prespectives ;)

So much to do and adding cell phone to that list within the week...,maybe during a birthday and couple of other fun functions that will detain me another couple of days or so (and hope to squeeze some puter work down by ordering printer or at least installing the one I have). So till then.....I'm not off the map but out of range :/

Pics chosen from one of my shoots of a girl I called 'my proxy daughter' in my clothes and boots (perfect size for them ;). She eventually received other harley apparel shoots and her start toward her clothes designer apprenticeship work program through the owner of custom childrens clothier. Kudos Tempy ;))))

~Snake Charmers Included~

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Uh...I should mention that 2 hours after uploading the post below...I clicked on the news that broke about the Arizona shootings. Definitely upset a fruitcake would express his anger and views in this manner but what is seems he is misinformed as welll. He posted his comments on pro life yet Giffords is pro life (what I call a conservative Democrat and my views as well...same social and economic backbone yet pro life and I will go as far to say opposed to gay marriage BUT support a common in law type union to enable tax benefits and the likes. Maybe I am a liberal Republican? Lol). They should also tighten our borders (I also share the views from another Bayouroads blog on this issue). Drag of a day not to mention the snow also hit that night :/

The weekend did pick up though and I was able to go into the city on Friday so took my niece and 2 of her kids to Fridays for lunch :)  My neighbor then invited us to dinner but after accepting, Jim was called to Hattiesburg so I enjoyed a nice dinner and conversation with her anyway. Lol...yes...I have neighbors. 5 of them although 2 reside elsewhere primarily and only come out for weekends or to get away ;)

Well...still have tons to do but at least got one hard drive in. Just have to spend another week or 2 calling software companies to change their computer locations however wacom has a sale if you buy a large drawing can upgrade the free PS elements to a PS CS5 for only $300 so I may just go that route and have 2 of everything. Maybe if I can talk a friend from Canada in visiting, we network here at the house and both play with the graphics and FB, meet inbetween and play some board games, and whatever else we can conjure up! Won't be as much to do as when I lived in New Orleans though (but I love it here sooo much better ;)

And about the yankees northern cooties ....this means war. We are soooo sending 101 degree humid temps this summer! And ya'll talk funny too lol :P

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Appropriate title and video for my last or one of my last posts. So eerie and sad to see New York without the twin towers and where the old meets the new in this all seems to be coming into play around the world with all the dead fish, birds, oil spills, natural disasters, etc. And I am feeling less American these days avoiding purchases of anything made in America because it isn't. Harley will be now overseas too so although Jim has owned 9 of them...maybe it's time for a Big Dog or something. We have till spring or summer before we finalize this and the snow hasn't even hit yet but it's due this weekend (pic of Tenn last month).

I think HP is the last American item that actually has a headquarters here but sure they are built somewhere else. I just can't believe I never dealt with them directly because the service is so awesome...I could have done without the middle men in the electronic stores who know nothing and charge more.

Well...I will be busy for a week or two calling software companies to inform them my/their software will be installed on a new computer...put this one back in the other room, repair the other and put on TV in den....and change my internet services to flush the hacker out for good before I go online with the new hard drive.

So there's a lot I'll be shouting out about in the new blog but I will allow this to ride here until the summer at least. Most of you seen this coming and I have already sent the new address. Only God knows where the wind will blow us by then. Stay safe ;)

And it came the day after :/

Thursday, January 6, 2011


In response to the Lanum News Network out of California...I'm in the field reporting (pun intended) from the south on the New Years weekend crime spree here in the Delta. Lab reports revealed all fingerprints, DNA, and trails of popcorn, cookies, ice cream, fruit, dip, etc. came from the Barbee gang. Dancing, movies, snacking, singing, along with other wild wee people things were enjoyed by the culprits mentioned. Justin did it in the den with dip whereas the girls hit the whole house ;)

Jessica, the leader of the gang, rotated rounds with Aunt Joyce in their activities of the 3 girls while the other would entertain the only male, Justin. They threw Uncle Jim in the kitchen so as not to make him an accessory. And although Aunt Joyce is still on the single processor computer with one monitor and has to put up old pics for now (omg, omg)...she commented "Ha ha, ho ho, he he" while the girls commented "Wee" and "Woo Hoo!"

After they headed back north from the weekend, Aunt Joyce could be found with a 6 pack of cleaning rags frantically moving about the house cleaning the crime scene. Is she ready for another round of Barbee's playing with Barbies? Absolutely!!! And dancing too!!

Back to you.... Chris and Michelle :D