Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Roads


May this new year bring nothing but optimal spiritual, financial, mental, and physical growth to us all. No 'Aflockalypses' and hope if the mayan calender is correct...may we discover it brings exceptional changes :) 

Safe Journeys and New Roads to all

Monday, December 26, 2011


One Christmas in Louisiana.....there was this biker, a cajun, and a little creole queen.... sounds like the start of a joke but it is where and who we spent our Christmas eve and day with :) After seeing my baby brother and his family, we learned my oldest daughter couldn't come so we followed yonder star being the nomads we are and headed home to New Orleans. Although my intentions were to attend mass at St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square and eat at the Fairmont Hotel...Jim's vacation was cut short and had to head off to Atlanta today so we spent it with friends in LaComb.

Both of us old school discards have more history in that state then any other states put together so the journey and road themselves are an open familiar friend that led us to a place under the stars that felt right. Not to mention Paros is such a rider and ready at the back door to roll when he hears the words "Let's Ride". He loves the attention from others and prances with his tail and head high eating it all up ;). And meeting other dogs traveling on the roads during'd think they were his gifts (not to mention all the Christmas chicken he can handle) :9

So even though this is only the 3rd time I put up a tree since the terrorist attacks (the other 2 were the first year we blew up here from the Gulf, and the year we got Paros and my youngest daughter came to visit) will signify the visit of my youngest brother and end of war. With my parents deaths...not much family left here anymore. Some estranged, others scattered, and then those we don't really have any bonds built with. A brother and cousin is always nice to hear greetings from and keeps this place feeling a bit like home.

Of course it was nice to run from our water issues that are still occuring and Charleston's 'Prom Night in Mississippi' being shown in Washington this week giving it national attention. Yeah...the county commissioner who is my new nemisis did give us some pressure during Thanksgiving week and then again this Christmas week but thoughts of all the 3rd world countries I've visited and returned from without contracting dysentery....wouldn't you know it would get us good here :/  So we bought a water cooler but I relapsed after drinking a soda from the melted ice :( I did have to shave the Shih Tzu, Annabelle will have to be clipped, and I'm still struggling to save Paros coat I've been growing for the past 2 yrs. and still want to have him shown).

And how congruent that the friends we visited down in Louisiana had NO water at all! Their well went out and won't be able to have a new one dug until the first of the year so we could relate! D is a better 'wing it' cajun coon ass than myself so I knew she'd have her routine down in the kitchen and not to trip her up while I visited and allowed the guys some time to themselves in the shop. I just would throw a party platter and fudge to kibble on we had brought down.

And just ooohhhh why couldn't I figure the new camara out Cmas eve when Caveman and Big Jim put together a 4 yr olds electric scoot? Nothing like 2 huge bikers a a small cajun woman around an electric dirt bike the size of a tricycle :D Not to mention another 2 smaller couple hooking up the basketball goal. It could have been worse though. I could have gotten up in it all with my high BP misfiring brain stroke self blind as a bat with short fingers :/  Weeee. :l

But I saw the love D has for her grandchildren when I saw their house. I let her grandson know Santa could see the house from way up by yonder star ;)  And her grand fille with her precious creole princess looking self in her first Christmas dress! Totally awesome and heartwarming :}

When we stopped, I didn't even count my blessings. I was just aware of them and know they are too numerous to even begin to count.  I am thankful for the time I spent with good people who are sound, warm hearted, gracious, and tolerant to accept two wandering nomads off the road from blowing in the wind into their home. I also thought if I had issues taking the extra XBox back...maybe David could take it to the SOS clubhouse as a present to them. It's there Boar's son got me hooked on video games years ago lol ;)

God bless them and all the other good people who took time for their friends, family, or strangers to make this a blessed and memorable holiday.

  ~Love, Honor, and Respect~ always :}

Friday, December 16, 2011


Thank you, Stevie Nicks :}  Soooo bought...several copies. Merry Christmas and from us who see everything so 'Blurry'...Christmas, New Years, Valentines, to Mardi did it! When I thought your most creative pieces already came to fruition :} Happy Holidays, captured our soul through this one ;)

Monday, December 5, 2011



Photo of Paros from Feb snows this year, tutorial, tree, scroll, and icicles from Alexandria at Alfoart, snowflake brushes from fellow deviant (link at alfoart), Chopin font, paper texture from 'mytextures' overlay the scroll.

Hope to post before Cmas but crazy busy this time of year. Registering everything and on the XBox Kinect or PS 3, decorating, studying the smart TV and my new 18 mp camera with lenses (thank you Jim XO!) etc. Shopping thwarted with the news from peridontist (which is a keeper ;) for another 6k of work so sutures in my mouth for Cmas week :/  Also working out matts that formed from the 6 weeks of no water pressure here but BP down after we finally figured out the ISP problem (and had to drop to 3.0 but still not stablized. Atty problem now :P).

I guess my journey will be with me sign languaging like a chicken flapping on wii across the road :l

Till then......Safe Journeys :}


Friday, November 25, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving and Bday....turkey :P  ;)  :D  :l  XXOO

(Ok...I'm guilty and busted. I haven't moved all the newer OR older photos to this computer yet :/ BOTH of ya'll in November lol!)

Saturday, November 12, 2011


FINALLY got to the bottom of why I am running under 1.0 on my internet speeds!!! The neighbors say THERE IS NO AT&T internet line or service here EXCEPT for me and that is because it was a 'personal' and 'side' job done by one of their techs here. Not authorized by AT&T so not their fault BUT WHAT IS THEIR FAULT is that they should've known they didn't provide these services when I had my services move with me over 2 yrs ago. And why have I had to stress about all this? I dunno but about to find out in court maybe (because I doubt they will arbitrarily settle this to my satisfaction).

So I didn't need the new computer (and I bought THE BEST 6 core processor with 2 large 27" monitors with back up battery and top of the line wireless printer all in one), 2 new game systems (to play while THEY were suppose to figure it all out ....but never did other than some box is 800 feet or yards from the house...whatever that means...maybe some illegal line running here?!?), and this week we got a 55" Smart TV (not with just the apps....LG to browse the web without hooking a hard drive up to like my 52"). So  now others will think I'm running CNN  out of the bedroom with 47" and 55" TVs (not to mention a 42" in the amoir) and I can't game while Jim watches TV because of the internet thing (speeds at a death crawl). :P  #*!&%

To blast off a bit more...Jim's exam told us he is diabetic this week, water pressure has been naught for a month so I can't bathe the dogs and they are sweeping leaves and dirt into the kitchen, and I missed the opportunity to visit my little sister, brother, and stepfather up by Memphis today. Maybe my fate is riding on a transfer out of here. There is a black man I do business with once a month with a credit line that wants to buy this house and he is really nice. His grandparents lived here and he already knows of the house but never has been inside. Until I sent him pics :))))  Sounds like an idea :D Internet speeds and water for the dogs here I come!!!

Some good things have been my neighbor lady and I darted off to dinner a couple of times earlier and I gave her a Christmas gift early this year. She is having a large dinner party and asked if I knew where to purchase dessert forks at a reasonable price so I found her a set and that is done. She is an awesome lady and great neighbor. We laugh a lot together but if I were to have 18 dinner guests...I'm popping valium and pulling out paper plates :l

But my Tai Chi instructor is having wrist surgery so I will miss her through the holidays. I hope she resumes classes when she heals but more importantly....I hope she recovers beautifully. I dunno how or why she could handle my dyslexic backwards ass and I tried soooo hard to be serious but I did manage to remember the 'Grasping the Birds Tail' and practice every other day. (And the peridontist thing wasn't bad at all :D). is my daughter's birthday and she already received her gift the other day from me but have to work on some leather and buckram masks (I like doing several forms). No new pics this week other than her pic here taken today by Arden ;) (I did put it in PS, black and white it, added 2 filters...last a brush stroke) Also posted some more old graphics for now before I 'blast off' to the craftroom till AT&T responds (I will probably be held up for days in there :/) 

Blast off  to a Happy Birthday....scorpio water baby, Shell :}

Thursday, October 13, 2011


With Jim home after hitting NJ for a week, home for a moment, then IN for 9 days...he let me out my cage for a small Clarksdale excursion. Paros acted like it was Christmas getting to ride, walkabout town, strangers petting him at the local shop we visited, and of course treats we always stop for.

I postponed my peridontal surgery for a couple of is to have Jim do the driving to Oxford while he is home and I am in my Anna Nicole state :l  Other than that...I really love driving to Oxford. I don't even mind the traffic jams of tractors and combines here in the land of blues and cotton. Just pleasant scenery, fresh air, and open roads (once you pass all the farm equipment rolling 20mph :/).

On the graphics front...I've had a blast playing with PS and making a background for my you tube page, wallpapers, and making videos (post below...learning between windows movie, Corel Video, HP Media Smart, and well forget Cyberlink DVD suite :/). Also studying which between Dreamweaver and Expression Web, and adding another back up battery for the main computer. Then there is wanting to update my camera to one of at least 16 MP so it will be sort of the equivalent to my 35 mm.  I really love the little 'snap and shoot' digital 8 mp camera. I seem to take more photos since I don't have to lug and keep up with all the other equipment :/

But research also had me in EPA site learning where to get a complete water test from at a decent price. Yes. Vet came back and said 'liver phosphotase up' again. I am now seeking a third oppinion and need to write/call his internist at Med Vets again. I'll never be able to get pet insurance until we get this resolved so I guess more money out to have the other dogs blood work analyzed by different vets to see where we are at on this.

So I go to order the HduO water cooler with the dog bowl on the bottom. Nope. Seems Aninx Corp was only a company of 1 with leaky design flaws :/ (Edward Wittbold who is director of marketing at Conair). Well...his design idea is BRILLIANT so I hope someone backs him ;)  Hell...I'll order a leaky one! One of Jim's license is that of a plumber so I'll have him fix it (and if he can build harleys, big machine mechanic, fix old pipes in New Orleans French Quarter, not to mention my bar that no other plumber could get right....he could do it! ;)

Speaking of Harleys...he is on his 10th (not counting other bikes and trikes). He has built most but this one won't be built by him and probably a soft tail. I probably would have him get another hard tail if we were down by the city in New Orleans just doing a lot of short spurts with friends.

We won't even mention AT&T but nice they finally came through with the static IP address I ordered before Easter :/  Don't need it now though :P What is worse is each month billing charges me for one thing and the sales dept. keep selling me another. Really tired of them but as long as my 6.0 DSL doesn't hit below 5 and I keep the same unlimited plan I've had with Bell South all these years...I'm in on that part. But Verizon may be doing my phone along with Jim!

So I guess I'll be cut off from communications, my foyer will go from 'construction zone', then 'lobby' to 'parking lot' with the harley, I'll lose my first God given adult tooth, drive my friends and neighbors crazy lonesome and downloading on them, go broke from analyzing the liver thing, and thirst to death waiting for the water cooler to be available :/ I was even a good girl not ordering QVC's 'daily special' sleep number bed with advanced memory foam and looks like I could've had a soft place to be 'holed up' or die on if I didn't have all this other stuff on my list :(

But I've been officially recognized by the NAACP. And that's not from buying the 'Black Jesus' or 'Black Power' sleeping T Shirts either. I have to go thank my friend with the beauty supply store in town for this :D  At least my butt will go with 'soul' here in the land of blues.

Jim's Pic of Headstone in IN.

That's just how we roll ;)

Friday, October 7, 2011



Thanks for the 'BLING' inspiration, HP (Inspired from PSD TUTS 'futuristic' tutorial and talking with HP tech on adding 'bling' to their computers like 'Alien Ware' ;)

And thanks to Bob Seger for the eternally beloved and classic song "Roll Me Away"

Photos and graphics; Tobin/Big Jim/Gravel, Southern Roads/Bayou Roads 1999-2011 (except grandson "Rubber wheelie rider guy" shot by his mom, Shell Lanum ;)

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Wouldn't you know that not only ALL the dogs are scheduled to go under for spays, ears, and the dental already done, but that I am now scheduled for surgery this Friday :l  I must have gasped when my peridontist said a lot of things come about from stress. OMG...I had to respond to a friend I download on 'Is that like when my Mother died Easter Sunday and we drove running from the 300 plus tornadoes during that 3 day period while flying in a daughter from Cali at 2 am....who picks up the flu with her child? And we hit the funeral the next morning on 3 hrs of sleep? Dropping off Paros to his specialist in Memphis?" I could go on with just a 1 week ordeal :/

But there were laughs amidst the madness. Like when she asked me why I was wearing a 'Black Power' T shirt :l  I dunno. "Is that what the graffiti says?" I asked her. Yep. Oh well...I wonder if I should send her a pic of the black Jesus T I bought this week. Jim just laughed and said I wasn't able to dress myself. I just thought he was tan. I hope he doesn't mind hanging out across my breast :o

And she has been on my mind in Tai Chi when my instructor tries to remind me to pop my butt in. I have to admit...the story of the translator running across the floor with the master translating "He say...he say...why you butt out like that?" has me laughing amidst the current turbulences :D  And in discussing this on the phone with my daughter, wouldn't you know her instructor is on her butt about it being in the air too?!? Better than our noses lol! :P

I did get last week off though because of an anniversary trip she was taking :)  But I'm sure I will flunk class lol. If not for the butt or dyslexia...but for wishing her a safe journey then stammering while I tried to recall where it was she was going so blurted out "And hope it is a fruitful one" :l  Geeez. She is my age or so. Let's hope it was more fun that fruitful :}

And God bless Annabelle's breeder for mentoring me through this 'under dog' thing. My panic attacks are literally making me sick and she has grounded me a lot through emails. I probably will call her during my nervous breakdown when Anna is scheduled for her spay. Then there is Jim's Bayou to have the hair plucked out of his ears. Vet already knows him by 'Hannibel' lol.

Not much in the graphics lately. Jim came back from NJ but headed back out to IN so I played a bit Rays Icing style in Adobe marketplace and found my old 'Southern Roads' site in the 'Way Back When' Archives :l. Also did the awesome futuristic text in the wallpaper from PSD TUTS. I just changed the contour in bevels and left out the scratches and screws. Fun and easy ;) The digital scrapbook page is from Computer Scrapbooking. I just layered P's pics, added the butterfly and font with my own layer styles. Good way to chill out with some free time :)

Well....regardless of all the stress that seems to hit at once, I do count my blessings. Things could be worse in life for sure and hope to make it through this wee spell too so Praise any color ;)

All 'Southern Roads' graphics from my old biker site 1999-2002

Friday, September 23, 2011


Prayers answered today for what motivates and colors my life. A sister says it's where my heart lives. It was missing for several years when I lost my afghan hounds but beats again through Paros. He is where my heart lives and just sooo glad he woke up and I'm done with the panic, sobbing, and nausea attacks that took me to dark places :)  His yearly is done, bloodwork, fecal, and the infection in his ears will clear up now (although he is such a sweet boy, I don't think the vet would have had any problem flushing them out). So thanks to God and his vet!

I found an REM song fitting for today's occassion along with a tutorial 'Color My World' from Texttuts I renamed 'My Heart'. Fun and easy...only 10 minutes but I didn't do as good of a job nor did I download the correct star brushes (used default ones & font = Hand of Sean). Life seems to eventually merge into one lane ;)

Soooo much to blog about this weekend; TVA, Tai Chi, Aurora and the strange pups, dinner with neighbor, mink martingale collars I'm starting on but if heaven sees fit for all to be boring with nothing happening....I'm game and down for staying inside and coloring within the lanes ;)

And thanks to REM too :}

Friday, September 16, 2011


Oooooo yeah! Not only did I find some new links....but I'm dying to steal some time to see if my favorite portal 'Design Shard' knows about them. Alfoart is where I got the 'honey' tutorial and although I lost him on page 3, it came out 'sweeeet' anyway :)  I plan to try it again and this time maybe take the time to download the PSD files (he had a pattern unfamiliar to me :l). Won't show him my work though lol. He would think I came out of kindergarten class. He's that good :}

Also found that killer texture site; My Photoshop Textures. Not to mention Photoshop Brushes where the pattern below came from and has inspired me to rivet leather or jeans into a wall piece :D  I usually went to My Photoshop brushes but don't always have time to read terms so I don't have a lot of them :/. The leaves in the wallpaper 'Honey Rider' are from his site too (I believe one is O. Dawn...I've seen her stuff in here for years...she makes a lot of them and they are all good so thanks to her too for these ;)

But the Texture site is sooo nicely designed and the photos are killer! I must have downloaded 15 textures and even found the water/wavey one Alfoart uses in his 'honey' tutorial. He also inspires me to pull out my camera to shoot some pics of snakeskins and hides I use in my real world art. And the design of the twitter bird with the gun to it's head is toooo cute ;)  I would follow him it I 'twittered' lol but think I hit 'liked' for FB :)))) to see what happened to my new help. Jim's line 'ported over' and is now on verizon home wireless (which $20/month is awesome but you can only put 2 phones into the box. If anyone calls that line...I won't hear it :( ). Also have to call...yes...AT&T to see why mine sounds like ravaging demonic parties are taking over :l

Till then....sweet journys :9

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Sometimes you just have to back up and take a look at what all is going down. Or ask yourself what did you just do or say? Being dyslexic and breech by birth...I probably do it more frequently than others so when I reopened the second line in with AT&T in my old number....then discover the line has some atrocious noises like ravenous demons regurgitating in hell....I had to tell myself just this: "It worked once before and it's only $10 more with no shoot! Maybe they can trouble shoot the issue!"

And what's really hillarious about getting things back asswards is reviewing the mental picture of me in tai chi class tonight. Lol...I kinda got a talk to when a girl tried to help me. Actually...we both did and the beauty contest I was in when I got Miss Memphis Bicentinnel alternate...I was on the end facing one way while everyone else was pivoted the other :l  I think a sister has that pic. That's 'bass ackwards' too :(

But don't tell me not to laugh. That will draw one out anyway lol because my 'chi' or 'energy' is generally just that 70% of the time! That's why I am there. To focus and be seriously now :l And practicing the Yang form is the oldest and most serious form of martial arts in the realm of  it's spectrum. Qi Chong for everyone would be at the other end :l :) :l :o

Well....I didn't get much art done other than these 2 digital cards I sent out and the new Paros fall collage I am working on here but I found 2 killer PS textures and brushes links (My Photoshop Textures is one to be added in links) and  I also forgot to take the camera to take a pic of the Charleston Arts Center where the Tai Chi classes are held (not to mention the dogs are dirty) but I did find a girl from class to help me around the house! Car, painting, dogs, cleaning but she prefers more pay for quick work whereas I am more opposite in thinking. I would like a more relaxed lower pay at first until she sees the order or priority levels of my mess I need done. Like the yard has to be blown before the inside floors get swept from the leaves Paros sweeps in with his coat....then it's hit the tub time for my boy!

So my old number is on although we will barely hear each other, I saw Jim drink for the first time in 2 yrs on his 'pay AT&T day',  and I'm going another direction in Tai Chi class but I'll arrive somewhere :l And when I find myself backing up...I think I'll look around and analyze my next move. Is the way forward clear and going to work for me or shall I gun it and fly the other way to leave a backwards ass thing? Or is that 'back ass ward'?

Out and Over so Ciao Chi ;)

Friday, September 2, 2011


Instead of my usual movie line of 'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum'....I can start out with 'A Funny thing happened en route over the hill' :/ Waking up on my birthday with what I thought was an abcess in 2 wisdom teeth already put the brakes on anything with fun in it at all :( And with it being my first bday without either parent...I'm a bit down. Even with the nice birthday gift that was delivered this week.

Well...that was all until Jim showed up with my instant coffee and a candle :) And he asked me to look at my cup. Hmmmm. Nothing. So he exclaims "Good thing I took a picture!". Sure enough...there it was...the smiley face!!! The same one I saw when my mom died Easter was there to greet me for my birthday! I knew it was from my mother :)))) She would always make sure she was the first to call me for my birthday and it started a race for other family members to 'be the first' so I would usually get a call from her at 12:01 am :l We both believed in pyschic abilities and made a pact to reach each other from the the 'other side' lol.

Now I already had my other blog posted and the day just brought about more twists and turns. Like Jim getting called off to Eastern Tn. for backup on the hurricane teams. And it hadn't been 4 days since I picked Aurora up from her now I am visiting one too (it takes an act of God or serious pain for me to go but this one already shows signs of being more saavy than the ones in Metairie, Slidell, or Bay St. Louis). But still not feeling like a party, sister stayed in Texas, so I hung alone...a bit in pain and not really up to finish painting the dining room before my furniture delivery :(

And wouldn't you know....still troubleshooting computer software I'm loading....Corel tech just had a bit of an issue with working winzip and installing KPT. I had to uninstall it again and retry. Found the problem. It doesn't update automatically via 'update button' so I had to manually do them. This could be because of working on 64 bit but also noticed the KPT collection is shy 10 filters or so. No shapeshifter and whereas the other KPT Collection I bought (yes...I bought 2 :/) is unable to register so has the annoying 'pop up' everytime you use a filter :( Hmmmm. I will have to call them when I find the time :\

I came into this world butt first and had bangs and a big mouth from the start. I will probably slide on down the other side and end the same way but I think I will opt out of being buried with my boots and leather on for my Lily Rubin or Peter Nygard clothes. The dogs ashes (Chauncey and Dancer) are still to be placed in my casket or we are to be scattered in the wind together.

So a special thanks to Paula for picking out my furniture (I love your taste and it's now the only room without leather lol! ;), to loving & stalking other half who called me at the dentist and pulled me from the chair sister who was the first to verbally say it, friends for the email greetings, and although it was a strange thing that happened en route over the parents for reaching out :} I figured it was my father who gave me the abcess to keep me from drinking :l

I love the people I'm 'en route' with on this journey :}

Monday, August 29, 2011


Today is my birthday. Tomorrow is my father's. Today is also the anniversary of hurricane Katrina. It was that year I was wall to wall with evacuee's and my father returned from vacation and it was hard for us to get together that year. I also lost 2 friends mid Sept. and my father was in an accident first week of Oct. We never exchanged cards that year but the gift he gave me is invaluable.

A few years before Katrina I had lost my 2 Afghan Hounds and a grandson within a years time. Doing a 180 from the reputation of the soberist bar manager in New Orleans, 'land of bars', I started to drink. I then opened my own bar where I would drink a case of beer before leaving and end up at friends bars where I progressed to bottles of rum, jack, gin...whatever my entourage and I decided to roll with. Sometimes I would ride with other bar owners in an RV hopping all of our bars that lined the path from New Orleans, Slidell, and into Biloxi and go for days. I was suffering severe liver damage and ignoring the doctors. I was self destructive.

2 hurricanes hit in the same month less than 2 years before Katrina damaging my beach house. My father's love, support, and determination to get me home and sober me up put things in motion for me. I came home...but it took another 2 years to become sober. It was after his death I started to try and keep my promise to him.

I still drink now and then with the doc's permission but it doesn't even add up to 4 times a year. And that's the holidays and our birthdays. That gift of love, support and determination became my saving grace. I think it prolonged my life and I am able to enjoy the love of my dog Paros, Jim, and others.

Happy Birthday, Dad...your love and words still ride with me. You did your job well and I pray God's love enables you to rest in peace. I know you were my gift and blessing from him and I can't help but miss you still.

I will always blow out the candles for us both :}

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Well...I commented on how pretty a dining room set was and I don't know what compelled Jim to buy it for me but maybe it was to avoid laying the wood and slate floors I wanted. Maybe he felt getting me a practical gift like floors wasn't the way to go. I am a virgo and virgo's are practical lol. Most I know. He is one too :} Thank you, honey. You are sooo sweet and I would have been just as happy with the floors but if this is what you wanted me to just makes me a bit happier :)))

Old pics (97ish) and quickie Bday cards posted (wacom up but still drawing with the mouse :/). Suffered hurricanes for 25 years but it became really bad when I bought a small beach house after a divorce. My front yard eroded away every year so it was filled, seeded, and pool remained heavy with tree limbs. I can't even say how many times I fetched the mailbox from floating down the road so I am happy to be high and dry now. So thoughts to you on the east coast. Be glad it's not a yearly ordeal!

Happy Birthday Jerry, Jim, Memory, Danny, me, Dad (Dor, Tanya, Kevin...and the rest!)

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Metaphorically, crossroads are where 2 worlds meet. Usually the spiritual and physical world. To me, it is a time to decide if I want to keep on the same linear path or veer off into another direction. Living on the blues trail from Louisiana to is depicted in blues songs just as that; a point in life a particular road is taken.

Down here in the south...Mississippi is well known for their crossroads. It is considered to be where you meet the devil to bargin with and legend has it that Robert Johnson, a legendary blues singer and guitarist, dealt with the otherworldly being to learn guitar. Or so as history writes it. He couldn't play a lick and disappeared for a year but when he returned....he could blow them all away. Those crossroads are where 61 and 49 meet in Clarksdale (couldn't find my pic so posting this one of Reverand Zombies voodoo shop in New Orleans French Quarter here. See City Confidential: Devil and Delta Blues or The Search for Robert Johnson).

Of course those southern dogs don't hunt with me and if I see the devil coming or know I am on his path...I'd definitely be changing direction if I'm out of whoop a** cans or don't have an entourage of bikers behind me. The old official crossroads were really where the Southern and Yellow Dog railroads met in Moorehead, Ms. Old schoolers would say "Where the Southern cross the Dog". (Video of the month and all the Clapton/Winwood I've been playing the past year from Crossroads Guitar Festival...DVD's at amazon :).

And naturally with my birthday this month and turning 50....I can just see them crossroads ahead. And evaluating everything, or what Jane Fonda calls a 'life review' when writing her book "Primetime", there will be some changes to come.

Of course it sometimes feels as if I'm just doing doughnuts :/

(Graphics: rerendered my last years 'abstract' from the tutorial found here. The above can be used as a wallpaper for most any size monitor if you set the background to black. Also... KPT filter on guitar drawing from last year but new virgo symbol from webdings in PS CS5 filters installed...yet ;)

See write up on Robert Plant's visit from local paper here.

Local Blues Links:

MS. Blues Trail
Delta Blues Museum
MS. Delta Blues Info
Ground Zero Blues Club
Highway 61 Blues
 Central Ms. Blues Society
Blues Foundation
BB King
BB King Blues Club
Muddy Waters
WC Handy Blues
Billy Holiday