Sunday, December 14, 2014


I made a blank canvas for my daughter and her family to create their story on when I tore down my craft room, Jim's room, guest room, den, and protected the table so they could have the dining room too so now they did their thing (and I prefer not to mention their story they left). Now it was up to me to erase it so I've been cleaning since mid late November when they left. I did stop to take my oldest daughter out for a shopping spree at Dillard's and lunch at the Harley Davidson café called "Filler Station" and had treated my sister for her birthday too a week later. That eased the pain of still paying over $400 on my electric bill, replacing sheets with missing cases, towels, broken dryer, rained on pressure washer, scratched leather sofa, but relieved to know my Dyson survived them! I had the craziest laugh when my youngest girl posted how this state made #1 for the dirtiest cities! I already knew it fails EVERYTHING, EVERY year but I'm not from here nor did I make the mess that lied in wait for me here lol! I just kept thinking....did they do that poll while they were here?

But the joy of being with the grandchildren and to unearth my house after 3 months made it worthwhile. I couldn't process if I was more happy for their joy to go or gaining my house and life back lol! I just call it a tie and even though it wasn't on my to do list to replace the bathroom floors in the guest rooms this quick...we had no choice. They were soooo wet it warped the subfloor :((( The
kitchen, garage, and downstairs floors are on hold again...along with finishing interior painting or outside paint :/  Nor did I finish pressure washing the outside brick for winter. I did do something more important. I got to be with them, learn about them, and love them a little more. And the biggest answer to my dilemma on who to leave what to when the doctors said to get my stuff together earlier this year.

So we will be broke for Christmas with no gifts still fixing, replacing, and paying for the last atrocious electric bill but the house will be clean, decorated, and we will enjoy the peace and quiet living out in the woods, or country, has to offer. No more burbs daughter screaming 'BUGS!!' like Bates from Psycho with 'Oh God, Mother! Blood!!" lol but at least she is missing the herd of deer and 2 field mice I had to take back outside after the cold spells hit. And playing games alone without the kids won't be the same either yet having my dining room without childrens toys, shoes, and stuff will be nice. It hasn't seen the light of day until last week. I kept the protective mat with table cloths on it while they were here lol. And dunno why I couldn't cook a dish with them here. I think because I was overwhelmed...or even a bit traumatized lol....with soooo many of them running about me in different directions. No time to think with that chaos and it became clear how and why they left the baby in the SUV just outside in the driveway for an hour in the hot August sun! I owe our father a formal visit for him being ok and appreciate the 'slow south' on a deeper level.

And I am able to get off the extra BP meds so that's another good thing. Did have a nightmare trying to save the children's stuff from the IRS when they didn't report taxes from renting stepfather's house but he is selling it and he is alive and well so it was all a bad dream! My daughter isn't sentimental
On tree instead of Misfit Toy Island :(
about things and doing very well with insurances and in life so my attention has been focused on the older one...who has a penchant for vintage things. I know she is sentimentalist too and will love to go through the things she grew up with and my new things as well when I am gone :} My little brother gets a few things like my grandfathers 1940 Winchester. My sister will get a bit as well but not what she is wanting...the afghan hound painting, statues, etc. will hopefully go to my breeder or whoever Paros will go to if I go before him (except for the Marcia Van woert print :). I also bought a piece of jewelry for my grandson Jacob (who is on my mind for the custom Legend gold keyed Ovation and a cameo I bought in Italy). We picked it out together and I see soooo many similarities between my little gaming buddy and me! (like staying hibernated in our rooms with our heads in the games while chaos ensued in the rest of the house :l).

Well...I still have a 9 foot tree to light, office to unearth, doctor appointments, bills, cleaning, groom the dogs, and there will be 11 of us here for Christmas eve but upstairs is almost done! Nice to have my craft room and grooming table and dryer back! My house may not be much but it is mine and it is home. I'm good with it too as long as it's clean and in good repair. The bling and renovations can always come another day. I don't think I could ever live in the burbs or city with other homes sooooo close to me! I do love the woods....bugs, deer, foxes, and all. Commute can be hell but I'm good as long as no snakes and my dogs are good. If God's plan is for me to move...then let his will be done. Till's a great to be here, and with all it's faults, there are sooo many blessings too :}

Thanks to all my friends too for getting me through it all! How treasured and prayed for you are! Lannie, David, Shar, CC, Linda, etc.

Brother Tommy said to expect a big miracle. I got mine. And I already have what I want for Christmas, family, dogs, a home. So blessings, grace, and peace to your heart and space as well ;)