Sunday, September 28, 2014


Nothing like buying alcohol for house guests and they become terrorists :/  Fuel for the fire I always say but as a bartender and owner...I know it is legal and accepted...until someone drives or crosses the line. So with that said...we hid the alcohol and for one is allowed liquor on my premises so they need to get over it :P

Thinking I would get an apology and all would be ok this Sunday morning, I only find the sober to be threatening. Total sign of a true alcoholic so I see why he was fired from services and cannot recommend him for employment :(  Live and learn I guess and best to know this now rather than later with regret. I also know I am too old to have someone physically cause me harm so just let me say it now...I will blow them down the road first before that happens so it's for best they go chill for now. And if I know you are in route to do me harm...I will have you stopped before you get here. Been there, done that. For the record...I squashed hit men, bikers, and others who have cut alarms, put guns to my head so get the hell over it quick. Hopefully they will come back with open eyes, regret, and all can mend but I am sober and on high alert here.

This week I need to focus getting the dogs to the vet. Bayou's surgery may not have come out well and he may lose his eye :( I am not putting him under any extra stress by grooming him so he is my little ragged one eyed pirate dog still :/  ARGGHHHH .l

Nothing I can do but make sure I am on the narrow path...and leave it to God. Till heart is breaking.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


So glad I have Shell and family to ride along with me to witness the craziness of this place. I feel validated and know now it was meant for me to be here for a short while but looking to move out of this state right behind them when they locate their place under the sun :)  And they drove up just in time last Friday after directv guy came back to get a tool he'd forgotten and left my fence open (yes...fence...because I already knew these people are too dumb to close a gate but didn't realize they'd open up my fence to get into my damn backyard!). I let the dogs out and they had their field trip across 4 acres chasing the neighbors baby deer so I ran 4 acres in the hot southern sun back and forth, up hill, trying to chase them down until I collapsed in the neighbors front acreage. My 2 grandsons, Michael and Cade, caught Paros and Annabelle and led them home. Of course I have chest pains and went to ER come Monday night at the advice of my insurance's nurse...then doctor at hospital wanted me to stay overnight to do a stress test the next morning. My heart is healthy so must have been a clot, get a shot for it, sucked blood out all through the night, IV, I dunno what all but wasn't eating that food, room was dirty, and wouldn't conform all the way. Did end up putting the gown on over my clothes...but they put a damn alarm on my bed :P  I was handed back my death sentence but plan on returning it again. Soon I hope.

And have a friend I have known since I was 14 in the same hospital in a coma from colon cancer so it was depressing enough. Did enjoy most of the weekend with family and watched the boys on go cart, attempted to make some shrimp creole, hot crawfish dip etc. only to have the atmosphere of zydeco music more enjoyable :) My girl is as bad if not more than me about all these bugs, people, services or lack of, water issues, etc. I still hopes she takes her time in setting up so she will have the best home and work place there is and not rush into just anything. I know the children will be glad to be back in a civilized area and had enough of this cultural exchange!

Still have to call terminix to see if they are going to cover the attic but have a feeling it will be my son in law up there having to devise a way to push the insulation over to uncovered areas of the den. I suggested a telescopic pole so we will see. He has already had to floor the attic for direct TV, help the second tech wire their bedroom (one who came back for his tool :/), move my boxes out of insulation for AT&T to work via a phone call?!? (was this a switch?!?) etc. Maybe it was that he trained the CIA and I told them of this? Is this what it took after 4-5 yrs? He is saying to take some into court and open that door on up!

Going to start a game....Final Fantasy Reborn on PS3 and Diablo on PS4. Boys already started Destiny on PS4 but seem to like Halo on Xbox better. One in football...and the other...whiz kid...reformatting computer, scanning and adding virus scanner and updating dat files and showing Shell how to correctly care for her computer lol :D  My granddaughter is digging her
new kitty and bedroom diva! Got her to decorate her first mardi gras mask in sea shells so hopefully she will love crafts of all kinds :)

And to my friend who may buy a Playstation to play with me...he won't miss Facebook at all! Just tell him not to let his girlfriend know it is more than a game device, Netflix, hulu, red box, etc movie rental, makes getting smart TV obsolete...but a social playground as well ;)

Till then...I guess we all ride up together to help step father with flooring. My sister borrowed the money to pay her taxes but he has been left with bare concrete floors for more than a year :(  Glad she is getting out of rehab but still scary she thinks his floors aren't a big deal :/ In her sober state omg :l

Prayers of thanks to our Father Michael's grandfather and for riding with me on my journey this far. I know I don't want to die in a hospital nor of pain. Shell and Chris have been tremendous help on which states allow euthanasia and other laws pertaining to a more quality type lifestyle...that includes services of a higher caliber ;)

As for those who watch Sons of Anarchy...I think we've all been looking for this song on episode 2 of their 7th and final season. It's by Yelawolf...check this southern boy out...he also has songs featuring Kid Rock and others!! He'll need to buckle up and wear his crash helmet for his upcoming journey ;)

Kudos to Big Jim for hanging with me at the hospital. He scored MAJOR points with me this week between Sons of Anarchy show and hospital stay!! My beloved son in law, Chris, looked teary eyed one night talking about him and our relationship but I let him know "He's already back in"  ;)

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Whoooa it's been a crazy 2 weeks but an enjoyable one! I say I am wall to wall kids here since family has arrived but haven't really missed my peace and quiet...yet. I am so happy not to be alone and see different little faces all over when I awake lol :D  They are like little speedy gonzales' that I will not attempt to catch even on my best day! And to be internet has not skipped a beat but once since they've been here! It did get slow on the first couple of days. I giggle and ask my son in law if he thinks it's because I mentioned about him retiring from the military and he is smarter than me since he has trained CIA agents...who took care of I am allowing him to handle my account now. Omg!! I am LOVING the internet now! Although I've had to put a lot of effort into understanding router settings and still working on the parental part of it :/ Even got a couple of games for my birthday to play online and see what that's all about (Diablo and FF Realm Reborn) bit no one I know that plays them :/

I did let Jim take me out for my birthday weekend on another day but that didn't turn out too well so I just came straight home. Then on Labor day I lead the family to see the world's largest bald cypress tree out in the swamps by Sky Lake.  It was Chris's first official retirement day as well so it was
appropriate for him to find a cypress knee shaped like an eagle when I was showing him all the ones I've spotted since going there! How cool. And they took me to Fridays up by Memphis for lunch on the day of my birthday. Shell tried to teach me how to take a selfie but I ended up doing it the old school way...if front of the mirror lol...because I was able to get both eyeballs in it, no blurs, no top of head shots...omg...these selfies are a new thing to me lol!

Bayou may lose his eye though. He attacked Paros right before they came and Paros will mouth him to get him to stop so his cornea was scratched really bad this time. Took him into surgery so I will know if his site will be saved when the vet removes his stitches. Had to go to a new one because the local one doesn't do emergency calls and the other vets won't do them if you are not a client so I cried like a baby. Like losing a friend and going through that mess with little Bayou :(

Terminix did my insulation but didn't get it everywhere..then just sprayed over my boxes of taxes, bar sign, etc. Sales man said they'd remove all that before doing the job and I even had to empty boxes (3 loads) brought down and burned. Still not done. And when direct TV came out to install TV for Shell's room and den...the guy removed my Dish satellite from my TV! Then didn't install Shell's TV because no flooring in attic...because we are still waiting on Terminix to no TV there and somehow my HD is out in my dish :/ SCREAM. Thanks to Chris again...he floored my attic with older grandson! And a witness to all this crap I suffer here. He is in complete disbelief, horror, culture shock, and there is no way he will ever settle here lol!! This is just for a moment while they gather their bearings, look at houses and jobs, and visit :)))) Omg! We've been so busy...not much of a visit yet but I see things settling and him starting to relax!!! I adore him, my girl, and the gkids! Including the little strange one who has a strong penchant for skeletons, drawing tombstones, and screamed for a life size skeleton he has named 'Bob Skullington' :l  I am ready to email Chip Coffey lol :D

Prayers to a friend who lost her son from a drunk driver...and to the driver as well. We both hope he finds God and his way in life. Also to the journalists who were shot by ISIS families, and others who are troubled. I have also said prayers for a pal online I've been gaming with and feel like I've lost a best gaming friend :((( He will have lots of changes and schedules and have been really too busy to
play. I'm learning a dear friend may have indeed passed after Katrina. He was on his way to my house for shelter. Prayers already seem to be answered for this family to live under this roof with no yelling during stressful situations.....but to walk away or carried away with crazy laughter at it all. We've all been there and will continue to revisit unfortunately. It's all in how you handle it or pick yourself up when you fall so thanks to God I survived the things I have, make it this far to see my grandchildren, and to be ok for in my 50's :}

I think we are all broken in some way or another. And if we are blessed enough to find others to share pieces of our lives with, then we can find the strength, comfort, direction, love, and the understanding that we need begin the healing process and rebuild from there. We may never find all the pieces or fill empty spaces but learn to love, forgive, and be happy again. We need to be there for the children and others who need the same until we are reunited with the loved ones who await us in heaven.