Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Garibaldi Monument, Rome
I remember when we were younger riding our Harleys on the white line between cars so we didn't have to be stuck and then struck in traffic and how everyone hated us for it. Of course you see them do the same things like bypassing traffic by riding on the shoulder of the road so I never got why people would be so perturbed over such things. I always said you never know what is going on with them...maybe the last moments to visit a loved one in the hospital, a baby coming, or like us bikers...it just takes one car slamming in the back of another to shove the rest of parked cars into one another. Hell...I had 2 friends in their truck on the twin span in New Orleans when an 18 wheeler slammed in the back of them...hooking their truck and dragging it through the rest of the traffic. They survived but won't normal. Of course we've even said that about them before the accident so maybe I should say "They won't be the same" :l

And so it goes with my mouth :/ Always saying and writing what's in my head and it's always getting me into trouble. I do try to hold my tongue as not to offend one side or the other but forget I'm not on either side of the tracks...just somewhere in the middle. I've had to defriend myself from a really nice lady in the Afghan Hound circle on FB when I blurted out the cost of a small garden sculpture publically :( With the neck injury, knocks upside the head, accidents, and other stuff...I will forget things in a New York second. Some worry they are becoming forgetful when they go to another room and forget why...I just say "Wait till ya take 2-3 steps and forget what room you were going too!" lol :D What can ya do? I cried all that day but move on because I know my place. And when she asked if I was stupid...of course I had to respond 'yes' after sending an apology before defriending myself :l Sucks. Then an old friend found me on there and he was the nicest, most decent, solid person I knew in high school (outside of boarding school) and it hit me why we broke up. He said if I made anymore strange noises on the phone...he was breaking up with me :o I think God did him a favor lol :D Jim just laughed and we talked about how a boss said that if I told this certain joke one more time...I was fired. Omg. I couldn't help myself lol :D I was tired of working there anyhow and my following really didn't like that bar either :P

I so see how I am not the same girl I once was and used to wonder how I went from bars that required a suit and tie to ones we rode our Harleys up into...or as in mine...I had my girls give belly shots off of bikes. As long as we observed the law, I was comfortable with my place and to be honest...I did have more fun on this side of the tracks where we show our asses in the air as opposed to thumb our noses in it. I never had a good time with a bunch of anal stiffs or in heals or when you laughed too loud...all eyes were upon you :/ Oh...don't get me wrong...it's really lovely there and you have a nice time, learn so much, dine with other prominent families etc. but I'd just be pretentious by trying to conform to an elite class I have no business socializing with. Hell...I expire after 2 hours in heels and after 4...I'm just done :P But if I were on the Titanic, I wouldn't be the the grand formal ball rooms or dining rooms, nor would I be in the bottom of the boat dancing the jig with the immigrants. I'd be somewhere mid ship doing my own strange thing with my own following. I also think how LSU in Baton Rouge blurted out "Here she comes just Rockin' out" lol when I'd bop in with pre vet students leading the way. I try to adhere to the saying "to thine own self be true".

And I would have been a mediocre vet but I never went to be a clinical practitioner...so I guess I should say I would have never made any serious contributions in research but my mouth...well...all the shouting about internet, contaminated jerky treats from China...I feel I am a part of this country's voice....even if I don't think it focuses on issues we should have addressed long ago. We are corporate America and it states so in any of the shows you see so the government have backed them since the 80's at least. As to my stupid self shouting out about the stupidity here...it is on things like how they 'just pass' students anyway (and kudos to the man on the school board opposing this...even though he was the only one :/) and to the Cleveland school still undergoing segregation from the 60's. And people thought just the segregated proms in Charleston that Morgan Freeman hit on in his documentary was shocking lol :D I think it's allowing the dive juke joints across from churches where they hang outside selling drugs just breeds undesirable factions which ultimately demeans the rest of the country :((( I mean...they sometimes 'just allow' things from what I see. I had to postpone opening my newly gutted bar by a week just because there where no lids on the trash cans in the front lounge bathrooms :l

Murano, Italy
Well...it's snowed again a week after the first snow which is not normal for the region, then we've had a week straight of rain so it appears spring is finally here. I've had to turn the air on as we reached 80 so I think it will be another one of those 'go straight from winter into spring' things :P I was beginning to get down from being cooped up so much so I started dragging some plants out and can't wait to garden! I also booked us on a cruise to Europe but think the guy messed my plan requirements up a bit so have to check on that...and try to make arrangements for a Caribbean cruise with my oldest daughter...and hopefully her husband. I've been taking them 2 by 2 and starting to feel like Noah around here lol :D It would've been better to had the whole family on board...no cooking, no cleaning but getting my family on board the same thing at the same time would be a miraculous feat :l

I guess I am just still riding in the middle of the lane in life with my bullhorn. And I've been giggling about how it all made me think of my nephew when we would pull upside a limo in traffic. He'd always roll down his window and say "Pardon me but do you have any Gray Poupon?" I don't think I could compose myself long enough to say he shouldn't do that :l RIP with God, Chad. We miss you.
St. Peter basilica, Vatican City
Old pics of Europe for now, prayers to a cousin for healing and strength along with another couple of personal things close to home. Praises for our diversity, uniqueness, opinions, and may we all come together on middle ground one day to form a solid plan or idea where we all can benefit on all levels.
Happy St. Patrick's day :)