Thursday, September 24, 2015


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh...I just had to post this quick one not only because Pope Francis is here and I've been watching him with love and admiration...praying congress will ACT and not FORGET what he is requesting...but my little brother's prayers and other prayer group this week brought an appointment in a couple of weeks to see my out of pocket and out of hellish insurance network doctor I saw last year! To read my results (they already got them from other doctor I've never seen nor had the nurse tell me cat scans etc.) and to discuss options! Wow! What a novel idea lol! A doctor with options! Thanks to all for the prayers...even though this is probably not least maybe we can stop it!

And even though this video lives on this page.. I am posting it here of him blessing the bikes in Rome from Harley Davidson's 110th anniversary when we went a couple of years ago. I still get excited when I see him! Is there anyone better than Christ, Pope Francis, The Delai Lama, or MLK? Well...I mean under our father in heaven ;)

Don't Nope The Pope :P

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Had to shake some hard blues from last post by hitting the phone to just find a doctor outside of my horrid UHC insurance. Actually hit down past the blues into a depressed stipor that lasted about a week. My little brother and some of Jim's co workers all agree how lame they are and I don't know what exactly an attorney meant by state something but it seems it isn't the state so much since others are in various states and stories are not far off from mine (although they are seeing doctors :( ). I got a little hopeful thinking it was reviersible but don't think mine is so I am going back to my general practitioner to let him in on where I am at with this (he will be in disbelief), called another doctor I had visited out of my pocket and finally got his new nurse (wonder if that is why he has a new nurse lol?), bought ink and about $50 in stamps (plan to write a brief description of this mess and send it out EVERYWHERE), and for back up...I've been on the phone trying to reach various departments of the FDA for advice and to inform of my intentions to not wait another 2 yrs and just go ahead and seek treatment on my own (I'm having to look up questions, diets, flushes, etc.)

Finding no-no's for Jim
I've noticed a big difference by following a liver flush online but also found out my Blood Pressure meds cause serious liver failure as a side effect, and to reiterate...a bit of contaminated water but my regular diet is up to par. I've always followed the high carb, low protein diet my internist gave me 30 years ago when I came down with shell fish poisoning at a pre-med party for the DOA (Delta Omega Alpha....but as we'd joke...Dead On Arrival :/).I did increase my fruit smoothies, always use olive oil, adding lemon to my water even though I have lemons for my unsweet tea all the time (even have lemon trees I go through soooo many lemons lol...and favorite cake is lemon poppy seed with cream cheese icing). I live in the state that produces sweet potatoes so we are always stocked with that, salads, always been vegetarian until 40 but eat VERY LITTLE meat now anyhow..and lean cuts at that, organic brown basmati rice, organic brown rice (except white with chinese or social pot luck events and dog food...I switch back and forth from brown and white as back up). So hell...even the dogs eat rice or noodles with broccoli or carrots, apples, sweet potatoes, and rarely chicken! I'm still using Castor and Pollux Organix mixed with Blue Wilderness Salmon as dry feed.

Other than trying to break the horrors of UHC and treat myself, we are also thinking about dropping it down a bit so I can fly out of country to start a regime and have access to drugs that may soon as I research them online or get a doctor outside of UHC crap. I really do think I have a better shot at healing via a shaman in the amazon rather than their doctors so I wrote the name of the institute that does this in Peru from HBO's "Sacred Science". I think if I am a single indigent female...I'd probably get better free clinic govt care with my disability because then they can't tell me we make too much money :P (Bite me). 

ESO Guild Play
Got my eldest daughter a formal gown for Christmas dinner cruise. Normally we hold off on the Tux and gown stuff unless it is the European Voyages but I think this occasion will be good for a family photo and she was really happy. It' kind of broke my heart to see her semi formal dresses for high school dances and stuff sold at her garage sale this weekend :( I remember the year they told her that she didn't need rehearsal for the talent show because she was that good but she had to change words from Grace Slick's song "White Rabbit" from 'Feed Your Head' to 'Heed Your Head'. :l Sometimes I just wish I listened to something other than rock and roll growing up lol :D Trying to get her to come down and spend the day to pass my leather craft off to her...the mask form anyway. She was raised in New Orleans and attended a private school by the Quarter growing up so she has the sense of style and is artistic...not to mention was very easy to teach guitar and vocals was her own penchant from preschool.

Finding out the On Star, cell phone, gas, etc. is all tax deductible because of this insurance commuting me to death so wonder how the IRS will feel about that next year. If I had known...or out of my brain fog long enough to think, I would have claimed quite a bit on last years but it is all settled now...IRS paid but we are ahead with state taxes. I just figure if I get a head start on the coming taxes...we'd actually get them filed without doing an extension lol :D

Till then, I hope no one is neglected and ill treated by ANYONE...especially their health care professionals. It's not so much our number is up as it is feeling unlovedm mistreated, and alone. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


What UHC gives you
 I still haven't met the doctor but I finally got some of my tests results back. I had to call her back into the room...I believe we are both overwhelmed and still playing catch up (seems the insurances use the cheapest doctors and is why I pass 5 on the 2 hour route to this one who is flooded with patients due to insurances ONLY choosing those doctors who charge half price for visits...then they continually say "No" to treatment leaving the care takers frustrated!). I was wrong in the last post. I am stage 3, more than likely have diverticulitis with the liver issue, and being sent to a urologist (or at least the nurse because I know United Health Care won't give more than a dime back on the $600 I pay per month :/). At least I found out the doctor doesn't even come to the clinic that is closest to my home (one hour) so if they ever send me to the clinic 2 hours away...there may be a shot at meeting him. Until issue at a extra stuff. And the 3 tests by 2 doctors I've had in the course of more than a year...I now know I have liver failure/disease whatever.

And I wouldn't have had those 2 beers with my birthday dinner if I had known. has been swelling some the past year and a half but mainly due to stress or contaminated water (the dogs will do foul death poops at about that time of year we have coliform and it's in the news for other nearby towns). I have been sensitive to common staff bacteria since I was a baby so you can imagine a heavier bacterial infection internally and what it does :(((( No daughter and I call it "Level 3 and the Game's Not Over!" lol so we had "Celebrate Life" day with lunch at Memphis BBQ Company along with 'Shop till you drop' at Dillard's! I felt fine...a little sad and angry at how the insurance does but wasn't going to let them win! ;)

Watch me NOT be stuck!
I felt fine that is until the lawn mower got stuck in a seriously huge hole the neighbor's dog dug chasing moles :((( Angry but knowing I can rectify this...I get into the Miata to go a push it out of the hole. Mold everwhere! Now I am cursing the insurance company because I wouldn't have had to buy the new car if they just accepted the GAP thing to go to a closer doctor! So I clean the mold off of the leather seats and go to start it. DEAD. After sitting there for 2 months...the battery went dead. I'm beyond mad so I use the new one to pull the lawn mower out by rope. That liver was just PUSHING on my ribs and the first time I've had PAIN with it. Bed rest for me over the rest of Labor day weekend until today :)

commute to doc
So I'm online trying to get a dietary regime for all of this mess. No more nuts for me and I can keep on my daily breakfast of yogart, adding more water but need to look more into it. I had to restore the computer, fight with HP's horrid wireless printer with the continual driver issue, finish taxes (owe more than last but not as much as when I had the restaurant bar thank you God!!!) and I guess I need to look into self treatments...maybe another country...if my insurance says 'no' some more. I also need to go ahead and buy a couple of burial plots, sit down with an attorney to do living wills and stuff and may as talk about all of the hell my insurance has put me through if I can't get treated and move on to neck therapy or something. I am also working on a general letter to congress, CDC, news, lawyers, and several other agencies so no one else, like the vet that died waiting for a doctor in some fictitious network, goes through this hell.

As for my friend going through treatments for cancer...she will have her story of survival that brings light and hope to others. My tale will be one of reform from criminal neglect from big businesses that are only out to take our money and provide no real services. I think the government has become a big business and not the people themselves. I think Obama is an exception and is compassionate and humane but just like the doctors, they have his hands tied behind his back too.

Bayou moves by Paros
It's my life. I will kick whatever demonic, cruel, callous obstruction (insurance, or any other big business) that detours my path to wellness out of the way! If I have to go to another country and do a self treatment plan to go along with my self diagnosis, ask my questions on web MD, or the 2 hours on the phone with United Health Care who "couldn't help me" after looking 2 hours for a doctor in their network (blogged about 2 years ago and took 6 months to find one 2 hours away...omg wtf?!?). I wonder if that will be tax deductible along with the reverse osmosis system and car to commute to the doctor while in the brain fog (which I am beginning to think and read is from the liver and not the ruptured disc, nerve damage from block, or pinched spinal cord from calcium growth....which is all been ok with stretching my spine out long as I don't have to do any lengthy bed rest :l).

Another plan is to have Jim put poison traps all out in the front 3 acres (if the dog dies...I'm really sorry.  I have tried VERY HARD to speak with everyone about this but I am done now). Seek treatment; I guess by flights for antibiotics to Mexico to knock out this infection for now. Speak with attorneys, etc. Since I only receive nurses help (except from general practitioner...all of the rest in the network is nurses :((( ) for a doctors pay and $600 month to UHC yet still have to seek answers and treatment on my is cheaper to just be fined the 2k or whatever from the government for not having health care. So go on ahead UHC. Say no again. I think I see why people become soooo frustrated to where they bomb your buildings (I really hate to say but this must be how they feel :((( ). New plan also is recipes. No more wine in pot roast, pasta dishes, and questions about the herbs in my garden (basil, rosemary etc.).

Birthday flowers still nice
I've always had 2 glasses of wine or champagne for Christmas whether dining in the Blue Room in the Fairmont Hotel of New Orleans while raising my eldest and this was to be the first year to do it on a cruise with her so I won't be able to partake in that celebratory ritual this year. I missed it last year as well in support of another family member's sobriety. I think I will come up with a new tradition of reading a poem or verse from catholic bible to mark the occasion :)
We all see now they drag their heels in hopes I'll just die or get so bad I can't be treated but you know what? I put this in God's hands and he is the winning side. I've always wondered 'what about hell?' with that near death and the understanding and vision of how we were all in heaven (individuals who made wrong choices due to desperation or stupidity but have remorse and faith). Hell is reserved for big business out for money lol! How funny that one incident still gives me insight and understanding to it all.
For signs of treatment or a doctor. Just fire and brimstone from me! :P

*UPDATE: I wanted to put an old photo of me with my trophy and flowers when I competed in the Miss Memphis Bicentennial contest here but my past life photos are in a siblings hands who isn't organized nor can produce them readily. I am reminded again and tired of my life or life's past in others hands so I need to rid this like a plague as well. I'm in charge from today on :) (and 2 cousins competed for the crown of Ms. USA representing Tennessee and Mississippi. They weren't treated this way and more deserving of actual care as well).
Metairie college years at 23

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Lame hand can't fist :/
This birthday was the best I've had in a decade. I mean on the ACTUAL day because Jim purchasing me stuff on another day, or taking me to Europe a month after doesn't REALLY count so much as celebrating the DAY of your birthday but he got up at 2 am in the morning to leave Atlanta and make it back home to take me shopping, dinner, etc. :))) For him to sit in the lingerie dept. of Dillards for half an hour, then to hit shoes, handbags, clothing etc...that's quit a feat for a man lol! :D But he helped and told me what he thought I looked good in, which handbag (Frye is our favorite line out right now) he could get into easy (without it being a suitcase size Oryany handbag), and didn't wintz at prices. I also got another Dyson (big animal canister) which makes 3 in total. One for upstairs, one for down on one side of the house and the other for what my eldest daughter calls 'the west wing' lol :D And really...I am hoping to downsize. Living in the country is awesome but the services for this region are literally criminal.

So on that note...we will see this doctor I've yet to see in over a year this week. Not holding my breath and doubt my liver is dead because I can feel it but he WILL NOT be able to sell me on ANY invasive procedures. I'm beginning to think I'm discriminated against or something. I still would like some counsel on what is going on with how this operates here. I just try not to drink the water but have to wash dishes and fruit until I can get the kitchen done and an osmosis system installed to purify the water everyone needs. Some new symptoms have come up and seems these 'blocks' they do during surgeries must last 2 years or more. My left lung is 'wakening' so I've had coughing spells at night screwing up my schedule. Thank heavens for video games though because there is nothing on TV and I really don't want to wake up totally and come downstairs to fire up computers, fans, or whatever (lap top just SUCKS with all the bloat ware HP and windows 8 puts on there :P ).

Nothing much other than bday, video games, the dogs and Jim. It's been really nice but it's back to self diagnosis via 'Web MD' like the nurse says to do lol :D Hell...I've had more schooling than a 4 yr RN. Pre Med requires you start at level 400's as opposed to their level 101 silly stuff we take as electives pertaining to our major so Pfffft on that crap :P

Not much on new pics or graphics either. Putting one I worked on while on the phone this week, pic Jim took of me in my favorite chain restaurant; Outback (outside of Copelands which is no where near here and Texas De Brazil required another 30-40 min. drive after 4 hours of raiding Dillard's lol :D ). Also something I played on over a year ago when I was playing in PS Home and Europe. (And decided against meeting breeder when we go to Greece...they've changed soooo much and don't think they are down to earth or care for the company of a couple of broken down 'once was' but call it straight, brash, mid 50's and 60's old folk :/ ).

Till then...I hope Dr. Ben Cross, Huckabee, then thirdly, Bush...excel with voters. And Huckabee more so since he has political and Christian experience but really like that Dr. Ben in the debate ;)
And you HAVE to give it to Trump. At least he speaks his mind and stands his ground! I love that about him but he is too brash (like me) and lacks the eloquence and balanced nature that make a good President (like me and I even made a bad boss because if you steal..."YOU'RE FIRED" lol :D ).