Friday, April 13, 2012


Today is a day that surrounds those I cherish with spiritual light, good thoughts, unconditional love, and God's grace. With some encouraging words from Paros breeder about the kennel we found for him to board at, I just went  to you tube and searched for some Enya to meditate on and experience a deepening calm effect. Jim says he's sure I won't complete my to do list but most of the main things are done. House sitter with alarm codes and keys, pet sitters with info on dogs, rental car reservations, yada yada. Just hope next week I don't forget to get loads of memory cards, and order Enya (forgot I needed to update her from cassettes :/).

Of course I can't wait to see them next week. They will be here for a few days before we sail off. She is a water sign and loves the sea and ocean so. We are both into water for all it's power...healing, calming effects, life force, etc. I still have the dogs on filtered water from the cooler and plan to shop for a filtration system for the house this summer. I also found a couple more feeds to mix into Paros dry food. Orijen and Fromms Gold may replace Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck but keeping the Castor and Pollux. Putting her Mastiff on Diamond Naturals which is a 4 star rated feed and steamed with filtered water. Surely any extra filtrated processes is better than nothing. The lines still just spit like they haven't been bled so I'm thinking there is a hole in the line somewhere. Another thing I get to investigate when I get back :/

Old CaribbeanVacation
But the new transformer seems to keep the electricity on! We've had 2 storms since and one was with hail. Not the first flicker! Speeds on internet seem a bit stable although he said the line was an acre or more away :l I've been securing my internet and learned a cool trick to make everything upside down to those who steal wifi :D  Maybe I won't have to reset the modem again and get back to reviewing the best modems on the market later :)

St Lucia vacation 1997
Nuff for now. Did do a quickie wallpaper with the caribbean on my mind. Just put a beautiful photo into painter and added a couple of touches. Thanks to public domain and gov till I get some photos but don't think they will be this far underwater :l  I do hope to swim with the dolphins, catch some wild life, visit some ruins, and watch my grandchildren play.  That is after I hug my daughter 1 million times before she moves to Japan :}

It's spring! Time to smell the roses and break away to love one another ;)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


This was a special Easter Sunrise Service! United pastors/ministers from 4 different faiths under one roof. I know our Lord is smiling down on them. It's exactly what he taught us to do. Love and unification :}  Thanks for the beautiful service and the Sandy Patty song "Was It A Morning Like This". It should be dubbed the official Easter song :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Softly sobbing during services for 2 sundays due to silly stresses brought on by outside sources, I was relieved for them to be gone last weekend. But with Holy week....the sobbing continues. Every year it is the same for me. Just like a rerun to a movie whose sad end is approaching, the tears just seem to roll on their own. So another Sunday of wetting Jim's suit and slipping off to the bathroom for tissue during service :/

I do miss Easter sunrise services on the beach with CMA and even missed last Easter with my mother's death. I was up all night trying to console my sister so slept in that day. What was really cruel was having to recieve the news from a distant cousin on Easter about her passing but this Easter will be different. I will rejoice in his ascendance into heaven and the rebirth spring brings about. I am excited about the arrival of my daughter and her family and will continue to pray for the remaining family members who are beyond my help and look forward to a future where we can return to riding again and organizing runs, auctions, and events conducive in helping children in need. It is always amazing to see the unification of sooo many motorcycle organizations come together for such causes whether they are CMA, HOG, BACA, Veteran, 1%'ers, on. God has his warriors on more fronts than the protected can imagine ;)

As for the non Christians...I am aware of how the Jews think the messiah will come when they ALL practice Shabbat in unison. Muslims think he is just a prophet, etc but I even if only half of the stories of Christ are true, it is good enough for me. I do not think God is pretentious and he loves us enough to send his positive, gracious, energy in the form of a man to reach the suffering and inflicted people who were/are in most need of his help. His son was a warrior in battle. For social justice and enlightenment.

Well...I do respect the belief of others and pursue the knowledge in understanding our differences but I also believe that regardless of our differences, what the man called Jesus did for us all....deserves at least a thought this week. Perhaps even a little pursuit in activism concerning inhumane treatment of others in this world.