Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I sooo got the green light from my insurance, United Health Care, and wanted to RUSH in here to retract what I had said about them in the last post. Yeah...some of the network doctors aren't there or never show but 2 out of 2 isn't bad and my general practitioner is a God Send who is not only compassionate, smart, written a book on how Christ died, but has an extreme passion and reverence for him. I felt like my prayers were heard and our Father sent me to one of his best! :))))

And while on prayers...I had another MRI yesterday (I tried to get out of :/ I was just hoping knowledge would drop out of his mouth by using last years MRI and he'd throw me a miracle pill or wave that magic wand) so recited Psalms in order not to swallow while she had the machine running on my neck, then our lords prayer, then a prayer, and on the longest one, I started doing the rosary via fingers when it hit me! I had another piece of metal from a drapery needle lodged in my foot when aerobicizing back in 1988 and got osteomyelitis :l Infection set into my bones and they talked about removing my foot because the metal would have been too difficult to remove until 2 prayer groups later...Cipro had come onto the market. That antibiotic saved my foot by knocking the infection out of my bones before it could travel to my head!

So living here in the woods where I thought I'd get clean water and fresh air when instead I've gotten fecal coliform and crop dusters lol, has had me hit with every quirky health issue from the week we moved in. That first week landed me in the town's hospital with the green mold to remove a piece of wood from my other foot :/ The IV had me red as a beet and about to pass out but they did get it out and gasped when they saw it! Then running around checking signals with AT&T with power failures, falling off tables when they told me to pull phone lines and I get dizzy, nurse telling me she is a doctor and learning she wasn't (but finally in doctors hands). Now the lesion on the liver from last year has become 'lesions' and the mentioned 'diverticulitis' which I am now sure is more like a parasitic invasion now that Paros has been diagnosed with roundworms this week :(((

Yep. He has been off the monthly Heart worm pills that protects him from whip, round, and hookworms and even though I told the girl at the new vet not to put him on the 6 month injection...the vet gave him the 6 month injection ...which come to find out...does NOT protect him from roundworms! And I'm in the dirt more than the dogs gardening (not so much this year though...too listless). But this is after the Shih Tzu attacked my good arm when grooming him. I wasn't focused...still too foggy headed and he still thinks the clippers and brush are Satan and friends :/ He even drew blood in two places ...this was just the third place where no blood was drawn, just a bruise! Didn't even feel it though...not with the neck, side issues, and then came the eye all red, swelling, and feeling like I'm about to be hit with pink eye so I throw some ophthalmic ointment I had left over into my eye to thwart any new issues. My doctor has enough on his plate playing catch up with me! I can get what I can get and save the more difficult stuff for them (Lord bless them, give them strength, and a strong dose of understanding and humor!).

I went as the victim :/
I feel like I've been on a marathon and during the race here but I can see the finish line! I've been battered, neglected, bitten, bruised, lied to, poked, prodded, poisoned, and tired...just crawling to cross that line and get out of here! But I will always love the peace and privacy out here along with the time I've had to garden, play games, feed the chipmunk, birds, squirrels, herd of deer, and fox that churbles at me like a cat :) I know I don't want stairs in my next house and I've also realized that when I do die...I'll take my faith to ground with me! But I won't miss the horror I witnessed here with the schools, water, doctors (minus the ones I have that are REAL lol :D), internet issues and I won't even mention the electricity because they did rectify their problem asap ;) But I do see that finish line and I am optimistic I will cross it; accomplishing what I set out to do...regain my health.

Till then, Paros has to go on a diet and I need to discuss with the vet about whether it is safe or not to put him on the monthly pills that protect him from roundworms. So glad to see his stool coming around to normal today! I get to give the lab my stool too, tomorrow lol :D And whether it is positive or can best bet I'll wear my gardening gloves and sit on the mat Jim gave me :) He has been encouraging and thinks I'll get my balance back and be able to ride the new scoot! I'd like to say that I just can't wait but it's exactly what I'll have to do :/ ~sigh~ I still haven't gotten the tags for it so maybe after I finish up some of this doc business! Just one more vac this month for Hep B and other stuff they suggested, then another in 6 months, and liver doc appointment, reading of MRI tomorrow ...then it's Christmas and cruising with my oldest daughter! We are excited! I'm a bit bummed about my youngest daughter's birthday tomorrow but she wasn't speaking to me when she was speaking to me :l  I bought me something for her birthday and will celebrate it and pray for her.  Jim just loves it! They were $100 off at restoration hardware and I think they look like afghan hounds! Just need to find my nightstands one day :/

As for my oldest daughter's birthday this month...I bought her a gown, gold earrings, the cruise, and little surprises when she goes to her cabin so she'll know how much she is loved too :) I know I will miss her and we can't say what the future holds but I believe it's time to finish up here and move forward into a lifestyle that is conducive to work, aging, and services we'll require...God willing
Happy Birthday to my daughters. I'll say it until I'm in the don't have to be perfect but I wish for you both to be decent, balanced woman who believe in God and know that you are loved :)