Thursday, September 30, 2010


Whenever I want something kept secret....I've always used the expression "Between you, me, and the fencepost". And with autumn arriving with it's vibrant hues, crunchy fallen leaves, wooded hiking trails, and outdoor excursions, how strange the many meanings of 'fenceposts' dance in my head. Not only do they keep things in or out, but how we gather at them with neighbors for chats or as a marker in the metaphor above.

I also see them as as a safe haven and felt like I've always sat on them through life as well. When my parents divorced and remarried in my young teens....I was relieved to have the opportunity to go to boarding school. They were like day and night. Looking at both families, the term "Osbourne's VS Osmond's" was used to describe them. My father's blunt and direct approach would be refreshing in comparison to my mother's head games yet her compassionate nature would always win me over when it came to his brash, callous ways. I learned that I am a hybrid but mostly a copy of my father. I think this is largely due to our birthdays being within 24 hours of each other rather than any genetic or environmental factors. In his end days...we frequently found ourselves on the fence together analyzing and dissecting each family member one by one.

Of course fence posts come into play for me during the fall more than any season. The weather keeps us outdoors a lot and walks in the woods are quite pleasant. I can hardly get Paros outdoors in the summer but come fall...he has moved outside. He has been unruly a bit with the cooler weather and talked a blue streak at the vets this week. Yelling and torn between the 6 small shaking dogs in their owners arms and the 3 horses outside the clinic, I walked him outside to relieve the nervous canines in the lobby. It was one of the only times he shut up. He just sat and stared at the horses hitched outside of their trailers. The other time he was quiet was in the examining room. He really likes Dr. Denham. He even behaved when blood was pulled for analysis (his phosphatase is a little low but this is being corrected and he goes back in a month).

Whether used in boundaries,  non commitments, markers, metaphors, or gatherings.....Paros doesnt't really care for fence posts. He hikes his leg to pee on them :l

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My birthday brought a housefull along with a new tattoo and a missed friend. Tried to hire him to play here and give me a price quote on some other work but he opted for the free gig below and I was far too busy to break plans made in advance. This is also my last year to be in my 40's so it has me a bit miffed to the point of getting a tat. Of course it had to be an afghan hound head to represent what I cherish in life. Friends come and go but my hounds, they have always been loyal and by my side. I know this year will bring about a lot of changes...not only in friends, but points of view, interests, etc.

The weather has also cooled down and fall is in the air. The dogs are back to running and quite frisky again so my afternoons have been outside with them and some fall planting. Jim's new RC at work has his visits turning into not only moving back in....but hanging around everyday lol so not much gaming nor have I been inspired to play in my art programs. This is also the season to work out, prepare for winter, walk in the woods, and with it being my favorite season...I get inspired to read poetry.

All of the plans I made for August came to naught. I was unable to attend the dog show I planned for a year, didn't extend the fence on the property, vacation wants a year in advance if Paros travels, nor did I get a pup pal for Paros. I will leave the fence as it is for now in case I do get a pup and not a grown adult although I am hoping for an adult female I can spay. I am absolutely not a breeder nor want to be. I am also still looking for a groomer close by and this weekend when Paros tried a new one 30 minutes away....I was spying like a mother who has left her child off at daycare for the first time. I didn't feel comfortable so I just picked him up and gave her half of the fee anyway so we are still looking. As for vacation...I think I will take a short trip to Louisiana and take the dogs with me to meet Dr. Edwards at Ponchartrain and visit friends at least.

I thought about putting up Rearview Mirror by Pearl Jam for this post to represent the change of people in my life this year but then there's the song Cool Change that has always been a mile marker for this season I don't sail anymore nor do I have my beach house but the peace, beauty, and cool air of the woods works well with me. I will always think of my previous hounds chasing gulls on the beach and the alone times from when all the summer crowds have left. I just wish I took more photos back then and glad for the ease of digital cameras that make it possible these days (although this was hard taking it by myself :l).

I chose Immortality. It is time for a cool change and mile markers are always changing too.