Thursday, December 30, 2010


To the hacker riding my internet services....they are soooo onto you lol! It's a criminal offense and you have picked the wrong girl to play with. I have been a week with techs speed testing and all up in my stuff not to mention customizing another 4/6 core i7 hard drives with 4 year in home warranty with HP. I can't handle this normal hard drive stuff with one monitor and no graphics programs so thank you Sagar!!! You're the man ;)

To Michelle and gang....your present came here :( I still have just Jess's, the kids, neighbors, realtor, and vet's to give. Whew :} Till then....I am on XBox in next room or upstairs on PS3 online. I will be able to get the Cisco Umi service now once they finish tracking my lines. (and the weather is awesome here...btw...goofy!  Short sleeves...doors open ;)

Want to play a game?!?

Friday, December 10, 2010



KPT branches, glitter layer style on star brushes, simple bevel on honey script font skewed, lens flare with hue adjustment.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Just like country roads that have hidden entrances or drives because of all the has it's unforseen or incoming surprises that no matter how hard we try to anticipate or keep an eye out for...they can catch you off guard. I knew the holidays and preparing the house for winter would consume time but other incidents and directions merge into view. Some force yet others elicit your curiosity and entice you to take that hidden road in hopes for delightful short journey from your main path.

I found on my hiatus from FB games I miss the people more than the game itself. I did get to explore my new XBox and played the new Sims some but still wanting to remember to purchase a guide at game stop to accompany my Final Fantasy game. The Sims is a good game to just 'Wing It' during these busy times and now that Paros has his liver/phosphatase bloodwork ok...we still like the vampire vet lol ;) And as anal as I am about setting up to do things was interesting to see a country vet just roll up his sleeves and take a bucket of water across the road to drop a horse and take his nuts in the field :l  I still like it here although I realize what a city girl I am and will always miss New Orleans.

Well, so much for blowing leaves last week because most of the trees have become bare now except for 2 oaks and deer are hanging around to hide from hunters. They enjoyed their Thanksgiving dinner as seen here out the kitchen window as well. Most of the windows are done but Paros keeps his nose in them looking for his Golden Retriever friends from next door. He has been quiet when the deer are around so go figure :/ He is just looking for a pack to run with lol so hopefully we can work on that soon. This week I plan to vote our Afghan Hound Club of Memphis does not fold (lol...even though they don't own any...I always say in the same breath that we are lucky to have them and that they put on specialty shows for the region! :))) I did miss this years and posted about it already. DEPRESSED about it for a week so planned to get the house wired online with security for next time so I can view the dogs at home from the laptop :)

I hope this holiday others are on a good road and that any hidden entrances or paths they may come across...hold wonderous things that will spiritually enlighten them! I plan to do a couple more posts this month and btw....happy birthday, sis ;) Till then.....