Sunday, January 18, 2015


Still playing catch up and clearing paths to move on toward the future but Christmas closed one door concerning some of the children in the family. We were in Europe and Caribbean last Christmas but home fixing and replacing lots of stuff so had a Christmas eve party here. The great nieces wanted to stay and forfeit on gifts because they now know who santa is. After helping and playing secret santa last year on Cmas eve right from coming home from vacation, it's great to see everyone back on track in a niece of mine's family! They had a blast and this holiday brushed off the fall from last years difficulties they had undergone.

Harley toy life den tree
And I was still decorating and doing masks up until Cmas eve. I was ready to go put lights on the dog house if I hadn't gotten stuck in the kitchen making more party trays lol! :D I even changed the centerpiece in the ding room but never gotten around to helping the kids decorate the outside tree for the critters. They must have given up early in the game because there was still deer corn, bird suet and feed, untouched ribbon so I never got to go outside and see what they did :( I hid the masks in the 12 ft. tree in the den but loved the dining room tree the best. Didn't get to do a new barn for the nativity set our grandmother made back in the early 60's but I remember her firing it in the kiln and gluing each little crystal and pearl into the wise men's gifts. And although a friend mentioned how tired the nativity set in front of Elvis's house looked, I knew it was just as old as mine but the joy and nostalgia of seeing them one more time excites me just the same :) I guess sentiment was the word of the year.

Forest Friends dining tree
But with New Year's rolling in, I find myself alone yet very peaceful. Just what I needed after so much family so I played games on one TV and shopped on another lol :D They even dressed up and had a lengthy show on gold jewelery. The woman hosting the show just salivates like me over the huge pieces so I bought another fat wide bracelet called the "I survived them piece!" lol :D "One to Bequeath" as they said! Of course I had to call my older daughter to let her know I'm safe keeping her another trinket ;) I also got a laptop for upstairs. With the internet being stable for 4 months now, I learned the browsers on the game consoles and smart TV's are slow and won't download prices for stores in my zip code. Going downstairs to turn on central heat, firing up computers, etc. is a pain so this should be convenient and keep my bill down (which I got my first one with the kids now in Fla. which was under $300 ~praises and thank yous~).

As for is improvement in any area I see the opportunity to seize at the time. Whether financial, health, spirit, others, environment...whatever is there I can. As for links I have found in my research on renovations, computer arts (which I detest Adobe's subscription service now on Photoshop so there is an end to updating my programs :( ), Annabelle's fat/satin balls for weight gain (most have creams or garlic which is a no-no for canines), landscapers and tree services for the area, and of course Greece or holy land cruise is on the itinerary but when checking prices to plan it...I find some $399 deals for last moment notices! Wow! Of course the flight over there isn't bad when you have them schedule it. Usually around $500-700 pp). And with stepfather and grandson gone...I am
glad my oldest daughter is considering going with me! A vacation is soooo needed after not going in 2014 due to illnesses with doctors giving death notices without expiration dates, other family disrepects (and with younger daughter not calling or FB for Cmas...everyone was right in calling that :( ). Looking back I almost want to say it was a horrible year but sleeping with my jewelery box on New Years Eve and looking at all the pieces I got for every time something sour slapped me...all of a sudden it became an AWESOME year lol!!! :D My very BIG, BRIGHT, SHINEY year! :P Kudos to QVC for being there so I don't have to dfrive 2 hours away to shop around...unless I go half an hour to a Walmart or hour to Home depot or very small and limited JC Penny or Sears which I have to order online anyway :/

Reason for Season
It's in the 60's today but I can't wait for spring already. We have only 6 weeks left of PlayStation Home before they shut it down and I am sad to see it go. It was like a virtual Facebook of mini games or virtual places you can take your character to and socialize with other friends online with a Playstation 3. I am surprised that it didn't catch on and soooo many people that owned a PS3 was unaware of it :( I had mine for 3 or 4 years before I found it just last January. I won't be adding the PS Plus again or restarting it by repurchasing items if they reopen as Neotopia on PS 4 (well...unless we can bring our items over we paid for lol). So goodbye to PS Home and come on March for Square Enix's Final Fantasy XV! The English trailers for the game have been out and they have been progressing nicely! Since I finished Diablo on PS 4...and don't care for Destiny because it is a shooter type game...I've been hooked on Minecraft...a silly but cool little game my granddaughter turned me onto :}

Till then...prayers have still been for peace in my heart, a friends family members, another friend with financial dilemma, a family members recovery. Stepdad and others are happy and ok :)
And goodbye PS Home ~sniff~ I looked better blonde there than in real life lol! :D
Group dancing at David Guetta's in Home :)
And oh man, what will the laptop sound like without my bose?!?