Saturday, August 28, 2010



No telling what I will do Saturday nite but I have a feeling it will be a 'wing it' thing. Not sure how I will feel after the tatoo appointment in the afternoon but I may have lunch and socializing with 5 others down near Jackson, MS. so driving up into Memphis MAY not happen and well...I think I will want to spoil myself and not share my day with others (which would occur at the other tat shop above...graphic unknown).

But when I'm here in and out....I absolutely don't mind sharing it with others on FB so I made the graphic above for them :)  Happy birthday to us....Petra, Amy, Tanya, Rick, Lil, Dej, Sandy, whoooaaa......will do a formal list but we now who we are so till then...Happy Birthday! Later ;)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Nothing like finding an old 5th year college mate on FB and them asking if you remember going to school with Bret Farve at USM.  Uh...noooo...but remember him from his bar when I had mine down the road lol! Yep. You know you are getting old when you forget cool stuff like that. Hell. My brain is just too damn full lol...of all the stuff I was lucky to experience and people I've partied with. Of course my head was soooo into the books back then preparing to enter medical school. How the hell I end up running and owning biker bars beats me but what a ride and this weekend is my birthday so I'm sure I will come through it with blank moments too but my friend from New Orleans should be at my daughters house tomorrow (lol...bring friends home to the family and I seem to lose them :l) and I won't forget this! They will be singing to me at Sick Side Tatoos biker nite AFTER I get one that afternoon.

And it was good to see Bayou Tattoos online (thier 2cd store anyway). Since Ringo died (owner)...we mainly hung by Mel's shop...Lagniappe Custom Cycles and Tatoos. Of course I had one next door to the bar but that is another story....since FB was messed up today....I surfed online to see who was still .com*ing it. Suprised to see Stevie Haas from Brokespoke in Kiln on FB. Most of the brothers don't ride there...not the top dogs and well...Stevie gets 'person of a lifetime' award because he was the stable family man of the lot. Bret Sold out years ago and after him...Big Dave opened his own bar; Bruno's, around the corner. Hell...after polishing a case at my enterage would drive and follow me to the others. Drinking like that has since come to cease and I'd tell my father whose birthday is along with mine..."Nooo...I didn't fall off the wagon...I beat the driver up and ran to play!"  Lol...sometimes I'd just say I needed the firewood :l

For graphics...I meant to miss the FB logo. It' keeps me outta trouble :D Makes me think of the shoot out at Brokespoke when they first opened as a bar (was parent's store in 30's) and glad outcome and everything is cool :)  No cocktails will be delivered ;)

And although another birthday alone...and not ever seeing 40's again...I am amazing feeling good about my life and reflecting upon it. Most people are off 10 years to the good in guessing my age, I love my life and experienced more than most (minus gun shots at me :l), and I survived with humor intact. Ok...other than the 10 yrs younger than me boyfiend I brought home during my separation the family threatened me against but they still laugh and we still call him the 'Chia Pet' :D And my girls like me anyway though lol :)

And writing for, coordinating, hosting, biker events that made me get a zillion shots....well....that's another story. I'm on down time ;)

Monday, August 9, 2010


August is always party time since my birthday and labor day merge. This year a friend of the family is coming up to play at sick side tattoos along with my daughter and her band so I'm sure I'll be MIA on FB that weekend...nursing my battle wounds :l  It'll be bikers and rockers so hope to get some pics...if I can see straight. Last time he played for me ...I got his girlfriend drunk, took her dress off....throwing it behind the drummer in the bar...and well...poor Red. He runs from me when I get to drinking. He has been sober for 10 yrs. now but me...well...I don't drink everyday like I used to but socailly....yum so run or stay out of the way lol. ( old Pat Kennedy chopper and Sexy Silhouttes font).

And who would have thought you could socially party online? I had an Alejandro day that turned into a week...drinking, laughing, and posting semi nude males. Got to is my first pop song I will purchase and since the video is awesome (vampires, gothic, sexual content)...I will look for it in DVD form. The pic here was taken for Rick Dor, my online game pal, who I first thought was gay. Boy did I get slapped out of the water to learn otherwise! And fuuuuunnnnn. I say if we ever partied together...we would need to designate someone to stand by the phone for when we are jailed lol!!  And when we were doing the 'position of the day' apps....well...I just took this pic and sent her my own. It looks like I am taking notes which made it all the funnier. Needless to keyboard sticks now from laughing so hard and spewing alcoholic beverages everywhere and my FB profle page is officially rated R so I had to remove the teens from my family :/

Whatever he/she is....the video is quite entertaining and theatrical. Of course Rick calls them a bunch of Mo's from the 3 stooges...just when I thought I couldn't laugh any harder...and I have it to play automatically for when I come online. The rhythm is perfect for gaming and I hit hard firing up both monitors with a fast hard drive. Did I ever get the other hooked up? Noooo....and have to pay someone else to see if any damage was caused to the 52" TV. Since the pup I'm interested in won't be available to me (little breakfast cream here...she is cute...huh?!?), I am looking at another hard drive and flat screen...this way I will have 4 flats with 3 computers and several other gaming platforms. And I still haven't touched the new XBox or Final buying it to get off FB didn't work so well :}

Also extending fence line and allow Paros more running ground. The previous song "Die Born" has officially become his song now....King of the Jungle...running wild but when the deer come to the fence line...he's chicken! Runs right up under me lol. He's ready for more room though. Just hope I find that handler/trainer at the dog show this week. Won't hold my breath though...this place is soooo behind. I miss New Orleans.

Made a few graphics and learning horror stuff like blood, glowing eyes...etc. The ones here are for Vampire Wars game...not much to that game but a 10 minute thing twice a day. Something to do while waiting for turn over in other game. Think I have a good hang of the teeth but it was HARD...pixeling, distorting, chiseling, transforming....all that. The blood I need to work on but fond some decent fonts. I used the Cenobyte font 10 yrs ago when I had my biker site. That was my FB back then lol. Looked the dude up who created it and well...his site is offline too so wherever you are out there, Chad...Hey!!  We have 3 Chad's in our family (love that one syllable call name lol ;)

So to those I know in divorce through cheating, abuse, or whatever...when I find myself slapped in another direction....I learned the detour sometimes takes you left on Alejandro. I'm enjoying the ride and love the change of pace and view. I wish the same for you ;)