Thursday, January 26, 2012


FINALLY they are done with the water!!! We have full pressure! I guess next I will be woo hooing "The phone book is here, the phone book is here!" (from the movie "The Jerk"). Not that it saved Annabelle's or Bayou's coats. Still clipping down poor Annabelle and saving the sides of P's coat now. Jerks :P

Speaking of phone books...ours isn't even as thick as the national Geographic which I posted here. They don't have much service or numbers in it but the NG magazine has an article on genetics and canines I can't wait to read. They posted pics of the Afghan Hound 3 times in there :) The issue is concerning the field of study I was in pursuing my DVM for research in communicable diseases between man and canine and how breeders did/do all the field work :}. least my pals are healthy over here. Especially after we changed their drinking water to purified spring water from the cooler :)

I also posted the Pisces wallpaper. A bit early (and gaudy..yuk :P) but I killed half the day playing in the arts programs since my speeds were down at .16 mbps. Keep emailing lawyers about trying to get my money back they overcharged me for over 2 yrs. Not to mention told me to get a new 4k on a hard drive getting the best I could so this issue would be done and well...I'm screwed :/ I just keep running speed tests, posting them in FB, blogging about it here, write times and dates techs come out or when I speak to them over this mess on the phone. Of course I put everything off for the holidays. No water, itching, dirty dogs...miserable :P Too funny running to La. and friends well out too. Thank God for motels!

Wonder whose Afgan's?
Redundant today but did get the dvd player repaired in the XP, done warranties on Cmas gifts, got media software to stream everything (not that I have speed :/) so maybe one day I can use the new Smart TV, Kinect XBoxes, 3 computers they had me buy, and HP wireless printer is crap. 4th time I've installed the damn software and hooked it up. Not that they are going to call back to help me troubleshoot the problem. Nope. Today big company's just lie to you to sell you something you think you are going to get...then dump you :( Direct TV and AT&T did it to Jim too. He has been off the past week and I've been donating his services all over town between the Realtor, Church, etc. to protect him from this mess lol! :D

Maybe that little $149 atty thing that the NRA sent me will work. For that price per year, they write all the letters you need to resolve issues and you can hire them if that doesn't work. Probably lazy non caring ambulance chasing rip offs too along with the rest of them :P But who knows...maybe there will be a decent caring person in the group :}

Man I get so fired up and then I look at my baby boy :}

And then my Realtor friend calls and my BP cools down ;)

But something's up with the email :/

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Well shoot this weekend on down when my app for a .22 rifle was delayed. Since AT&T here has kept my speeds below a 1.0, I haven't been able to focus on the web sites nor my leather works (not to mention the humidity ruined my snake skins last summer when I forgot to turn on the AC to the craft room :/). And with the animal rights activists issues with Sweetwater Jaycee's rattle snake roundups...prices have been soaring.

So I watched this blog become a theraputic journal while I redirected my focus onto something else in order to come out of hiatus. The camera had me busy lately while my BP was down so I have been researching the area, plantations, and focusing on outdoors wanting to kill some critters around here like armadillos digging holes, mean opposums, and the snakes out front that come around in spring (so far the moth balls out back around the dogs area have been working well). I already experienced one Afghan Hound bitten by a copperhead down in Waveland/Bay St. Louis at the beach house. Importing Paros in from Greece and with him being the finest animal I will probably ever own....I'll be damned if that will happen to him.

Granddaughter..firearm safety :)
In talking with the FBI to why it was delayed....I'm not too panicked. I know I follow the laws to the best of my ability (ok...some new laws my slide by me :/), worked in unison with them for the IRS back in the 80's when all the banks were seized (and lord I don't know why they weren't this year because it was transparent to me what was afoot with CEO bonuses and all the foreclosed properties that were snatched up), and I always try to point out where large criminal activity occurs. Larry would be living here if he was still alive to round them up for me plus their venom so they better be right if I am denied, or they can foot the bills to hire a herp over here (NRA sent me to some atty sites so if I need help...). At least the grandkids are proficient in firearms (thanks to my son-in-law who serves this country and a fine man as well as marine :).

Now I don't have issues with drugs as long as it is not around me or my property but when I walk into public places or have it invades my space...I have issues. I could walk into most any bar and lines of coke, meth, or whatever crank is (not to mention the junkies) ran rampant. I guess since most public officials were really didn't matter. Except to me. And thank you God for hearing your call about the big one going to hit. And on my birthday :)  Yep. Eye of Katrina went right over that mess on the 29th of August.

It seems with nothing to do but be a tourist in my own state now I haven't been missing Louisiana but I foresee me becoming some kind of activist in able to retain my rights. Brother :l  Last thing I need with my BP :P So my week has changed from the 'The Big Plantation Hunts' and picking up my 'Critter Killer' to looking up attorneys, NRA, where to file formal complaints, and courts not in the area. First complaints other the ISP and County Engineer breaking laws over no water pressure, is the department of health inspector who it seems cannot be fired or replaced. And knowing the 6 months rennovations into rennovating and bringing my bar into code along with laws pertaining to my food license....I do not see how they are able to open this dives here in Charleston. Especially across the street from the church.

Speaking of church...2 of the ladies in choir from my church and I went on a joy ride yesterday in hunt of a plantation out on the Delta. That was supposed to be the topic today. "Joy Ride Choir" lol. Of course God sees we stay on the right path so not only I forgot my memory card in the camera (and man those would have been 'killer shots' lol...pun intended ;), but it appears it may become an issue maintaining my God given rights in pursuit of protection and happiness (*#&!%).

But so quest for a Martin dreadnought I want the music store to convert to a lap slide via nut extender and tone bar hasn't been thwarted.  With an elder gentleman from church that plays a resophonic slide, I may just get some good references on where to take it in to be serviced (along with my ovation which probably needs to be planed again).

'Shots' this post from a sunset last wednesday, dining room a dear lady friend from the furniture store is helping me decorate, some old photos of Larry, and music 'fired up' by an awesome guitarist out of Australia (which I am wanting 2 of his CD' and a lesson). Also the newspaper article "This Bust's For You" when they rounded up all the bars with illegal activities on the coast.

I love it here so in a way...glad for the bust to see what kind of community I was in and to you Lord...thanks for the warning on Katrina. I hear ya ;) I guess in the meantime it will be 'overkill' with the 38 :/

My father...Bambi Killer :(

Given snakes...I made crafts. Given rejection...I make waves.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I'm always rambling somewhere around here to get something done so we headed toward Clarksdale yesterday for a bite to eat and another oil change (in another vehicle) when I saw these birds in a cottonfield in Charleston. Not knowing whether they were egrets or snow geese, I start walking against the soggy rows pulling out my camera and zooming in to get a good look at the flock when they decided to take flight.

Now knowing how mean the geese can be and not having my glasses, I start scootin' hurridly in these frantic leaps onto the mounds so as not to sink in the rows between and stumble when I could swear I heard Jim yell "Run, girl, run! They're flying this way!". All I could do is to burst out running with the thoughts of the film 'Birds' by Alfred Hitchcock followed by me face down in the mud getting pecked and pooped on if they should catch up to my white ass :l I only make it safely to see Jim hysterically laughing. It took him a bit to be able to tell me he was yelling they were flying the other way so I wouldn't be worried and running across the field :/ 

We stopped between Tutwieler and Clarksdale to take the shots of the cypress posted here. You can tell it was a beautiful clear day to meander along the way. The guys at Firestone just happen to be more professional and cheaper than Jiffy so we use them for our private rides as well as Jim's company's ride. They never seem to mess up and no break downs occur like we experience at the other places so the ride is worth it and I can get some shots along the way or pick up something from the larger stores we do not have in town.

I wanted to play some Ry Cooder's slide guitar performing the instrumental version of 'Dark as the Night' (Blind Willie song) for MLK's bday the past monday but had to ramble on with my posts of the 'Big Tree Hunt'. Seems to be an issue with Robert E Lee's bday and MLK's on the same day around here in the news :l  I say 'Slap they mama's' but it is what it is so let it ride. Of course I find it hard to imagine how someone can be so cruel to torture and beat a captured immigrant and enslave them to work free. I keep forefront in my prayers not to be so consumed in hate. It devours one's soul but none the less...history is history...can't really change it and glad General Lee surrendered and some of the beautiful plantations are in tact. They wouldn't be so beautiful if it weren't for them nor would they be here if it weren't for the Portuguese slave traders so hopefully there is a good outcome to all of that atrocity.

Like my blog...I can go off on a tangent and ramble on in you tube too. I came across a  couple of nice slide guitar blues pieces though. This one and one by Jeff Martin playing his original "Black Snake Blues", and then from there, Riverland Rambler, and 3 albums later...lost as hell in the other monitor lol. Decided to do his normal piece here even though it doesn't go well with the Ground Zero Blues Club pics. Good place for blues, a sandwich, and a cold beer unless if you are squeamish about smoke, cholesterol, or sitting on cloth seats like outside thinking unknown micro-organisms may permeate through your clothes to your tail. Then you may want to try Morgan Freeman's new restaurant, Madidi.

Till then....a post of this years valentines wallpaper... then ramble through paperwork so I can legally run from IRS :/

Monday, January 16, 2012


Sunday was a beautiful day to roll down to the swamp off Sky Lake in Belzoni. I was just giddy and singing my little 'happy' french song until I got there. Always mesmerized by such ancient is about the only time you can find me speechless. And when night rolls in, the full haunting effect of the swamp and bayous come in to play when its wildlife sounds off and the hunters dogs yelp in response to their masters individual calls up on dry land.

There had to be 7-8 feet of water so no walkabouts but with last summers drought...I'm sure there was dry bottom during the fall. Still majestic and spell binding. It wasn't hard to spot the world champion nor the old world champion. And although I could only imagine their massive root span underwater, spanish moss thriving, and the green summer paints on the branches and in the thick liquid below....I wasn't disappointed at all! (you can tell where night fell and Jim had to drag me out of there :/).

Althought the trees are over 2,000 yrs. was dated back 4,000 yrs. ago. Mississippi is full of Indian legends and names here and it's where the old south surrendered during the Unions takeover in order to save their plantations from a fiery demise like Windsor (or the antebellum plantation homes in Georgia during Sherman's march to the sea). We hope to B&B at Dunleith or Monmouth after we pay off the IRS this month :/ (I was hoping for a bit more south into Louisiana but trying to save vacation time with youngest daughter and many plantations there seem to have closed, changed hands, or burn since hurricane Katrina...not to mention they are being offered for filming which is booming down there right now).

The camera seems to work nicely but it would be nicer to have 2 set up with a macro or wide angle lens and the other with the telephoto. Bringing the 35 is out of the question since it has to go onto a tripod so I love the new Canon T3 18mpx digital! That with some slide guitar blues between wildlife noises, gators, mosquitoes, and snakes in hibernation during the winter, and unpopulated area.....I could camp out here just fine :D

And to Dot...the other photo buff and artist I met out there...hope you slide on down again and I see you in spring for new inspiration ;)

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Louisiana bayou photo in painter
It was only 3 months ago we finally got local channels through our satelite TV company. We couldn't even get Memphis or Jackson news :/  But now we are tagged onto Greenville...I just found a local show called "Looking Around Mississippi". And whereas our case has been more like 'living around', from the gulf end to the north end running from hurricanes, I absolutely LOVE it here! And learned more about the state from the show like the regions and why we are the 'Gateway' to the delta here.

Louisiana Bayou in painter
Rolling down the lane from the hill opens up onto cotton fields; the flat area of the Delta. Charleston is the point where the pine and hill regions end, and the Delta begins. But what I found fascinating enough to excitedly share with my neighbors sunday school at her church last Sunday was the fact that we have the largest bald cypress in the world! Just located an hour and a half away. And even though they consider the one out at Cat Island, Louisiana to be the is really 2 trees that grew into one so I am on the 'Great Tree Hunt' :))))

Revised with my photo
It is over 2,000 yrs. old and 30 yds from it is another that is hollowed out you can fit over 5 people in without being seen from the outside. The photos I have here are from Louisiana I put into painter (and can't take credit for because I just hit 'auto' for an oil rendition) and the ( *revised* of new champion posted here are more photos posted by others...even with link and credit without permission first ;).

Revised with my photo
Not sure if we quite survived the lack of water pressure these past 3 months but glad the 'trickle effect' is over. And still not clocking a stable 3.0 mbps on internet speeds after downgrading as promised by ATT but keeping my BP low. Most people ask for good schools, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances. I just wanted a no flood zone and internet. ATT lied :P (so much for living in the land of blues...might as well drive to Belzoni...heart of it. At least it's catfish capitol of the world :9).

 And man if Jim doesn't come up this minute and say "I'm off to Chattanooga, TN." :/  Says he'll get back to see the 'Grand-daddy' of 'em all with me ('wildlife miss') on the 'Great Tree Hunt' :)

Baby gator shot by beach house

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Had to jump up out of here and dine with my neighbor lady after being stalked on PS3 by some guy that don't even play games. I knew I had been in the house too long alone (Jim headed back to Atlanta right after New Years day). And why would he think I am a teen or something when I have my virtual character resembling my age and self? Hmmm. Maybe he thought it was a mishap lol. Every store I ran into there he was....RUNNING me down and REPEATEDLY asking me 'Why are you running from me?' I wish I could virtually knock him off his feet onto his a**. Think I will get some headphones for that platform ;)

Dunno what I'm going to do with 2 XBoxes though. Think I will give it to my youngest brother or hook it upstairs.I think we have a special bond. We are both ends of the spectrum but share more than I even realize. I guess another gift from our father :} Plus...even if I hooked it up upstairs... I don't how they look at the Gold Membership lol. Does that include just one system? The family plan when only I am playing one system at a time? Lol...guess they didn't plan on that and well...I still have a couple of months free on one....3 on another :/ And we could talk on the XBox instead of cell phones with bad receptions ;)

Well...happy birthday to Annabelle this week. Extra treats and chicken. She gets a bit smarter each month and now I can just say "Cage" and she goes into her cage at night but this week...she got to sleep with me till the rains hit today. I still have to clip her and bought her for Paros thinking he'd have a playmate to run with. Thought I'd have a pet to hang with too (the boys prefer to sit by Jim whenever he is here). She plays with the Shih Tzu, and you'd think Bayou and her where Siamese Twins. Paros just growls at her :\

Rainy week and they are having crabstuffed catfish at the local restaurant so I'm off to abduct my neighbor or reserve a table for one then read the operating instructions on the new camera :l 

All is quiet on New Years Day (and week) ;)