Sunday, June 29, 2014


Still trying to get appt. rescheduled with the doctor in my insurances network and it's been 3 months since I had to cancel...but can't get rescheduled :l  I don't know why it is so difficult to go to the doctor anymore but it seems the world is totally backwards or upside down. I think Obama is a nice man and always tried to say something nice about him but I think he just made the low ranks whereas leaders are concerned. Especially when he traded 5 convicted terrorists for one soldier who left his post. Seems the lame are favored; like the nanny seeking law suits and squatting in the house of her former employers. WTH is wrong with people??!? I know they have rights but when it is written soooo clear and large on the wall...wouldn't that allow the righteous to have double the rights or something? Anything?

Bulbs from same pack
Now my son in law is one term short from a full career in the marines but they prefer him to retire now with no mustering or whatever like my dad, grandfather, great grandfather, etc. Isn't his fault those CIA behaved immorally when watching Obama. That training was up to their parents lol. He is a sweet, smart, loving man whose children are kind, grateful, very intelligent, and the most loving kids anyone could come across. Very well behaved. I am very proud of them but no longer do I fly a flag for this country at this time where we are Corporate America and driven further from the hands of good sound citizens. We are slowly removed from being a nation under God...more under AT&T and horrid Insurances, etc. I try to spend more and more money toward Europe, Christian based companies and refrain as much as possible from places like Walmart or other places hiring immigrants in other countries to make their products. It will kill me to say goodbye to Horchow but at least they rectify something quickly and are soooo friendly. It just takes up too much time to send something back and hope the replacement will the 2 lamps here. I ordered one for my foyer table but thought it belonged in the dining room so ordered another to have the pair replace the buffet lamps I had and didn't match as well. Not only are they of different heights, weights, and fabric but the finish is different too (one is more 'antiqued', the other, gold). I guess they don't have quality control in china :/

Neighborhood Grass Terrorist
Well my internet is down right now but since I am in this page, I thought that I'd blog anyway and keep it up until it decides to connect me to the outside world. I still have this equipment that needs to be hooked up and guess I won't see that guy anymore so WTH am I supposed to do with all this? And the PS 4 is still in the box lol. I think the judge I see will be fair and reasonable. That's all. But if my neighbor keeps blocking my husband and leaving ruts in the yard, I think suing him when I plant my azalea's out there will be difficult in court because he is from here. Billy Bub's, John Boy's, and Bubba's are always the cousin of someone's friend around these parts so I think they side with that mess :P Hopefully not but the boy just looks money hungry and I can only assume he is trying to provoke Jim to knock his block off so he can sue or something. They don't even have their children so that is already a HUGE red flag in my books. Probably got some meth lab in their basement with some of the people in and out too. What those with drug money gets us. A white trash neighborhood terrorist :l

Excited to see my daughter and her family. She has graduated so I can just give her the boxes from Christmas and money to help them start out. Of course when they find a place I am just dying to buy her something very nice as a house warming too :} More than likely from Potterybarn, Horchow, or QVC. They have been my favorite shop spots the past year or so. My 4 yr. old grandson will have a blast in the dog's house. Jim worked on it for Father's day and Paro's birthday weekend while I made watermelon coolers, orange sorbet, and ground up rib eyes for hamburgers on the grill. Maybe we can get him a little chair and they will let us get them a puppy while they are here. We will do the roof in brown with brown trim and Jim still has to cut the dog bone window out and lay some sod. Of course the painting and gardening with dog friendly plants will be last (I had to plant some for now so I could maneuver around the patio without using a GPS lol).

My step dad came out last weekend too. I tried to spoil him as much as possible and enjoyed his company. I sucked him for all I could on his gardening knowledge lol. He and my mother inspired me to grow climbing roses, butterfly bushes, purple crepe myrtle etc. like theirs. Now I have sooo many and lost for what to do with them. A lot of them are already planted on the front 3 acres but a bit apprehensive with the behavioral deficient neighbor running lose :/ What neighborhoods do they tell their kids to go ride their AV's in the neighbors yards and not theirs anyway? Oh well...I've been blogging about doing the gardens and of my plans. Not like it's anything new lol. He'll just have to pay for what he runs over and I'm not going to let him stop my plans nor wait for him to find respect of other's property. Some people and things are a bit slow here. Ok. Maybe a lot lol :D

And I'm dumb too. To trust in others thinking they will get something right or believe their word is good. But to lose faith in our county...ohhhh brother! That's a scary thought. But really...we haven't gotten much better and releasing the terrorists is several steps backwards, a waste of all that money towards war that put us in an economic crunch, and made us more vulnerable.

But kudos for this town for cleaning up the hospital in the time we have lived here as well as getting the first practicing doctor AND commercial! That's progress. Nice to see we aren't going backwards there. And if  Obama can tear down what we have worked sooo hard to do in obtaining those responsible for the 9/11 attacks....maybe we can reverse this Obama care mess and move forward when his term is up. Of course I am still waiting for us to undo this Corporate America mess we've been in since the 80's and the thought of another 2.5 yrs. with him is depressing. Like all this rain we've been having. Only sunshine for 2 weeks so far this summer. Or working sooo hard on this place in the house, removing trees, growing plants and grass only to have another set us back? Dear Lord I need an hour on a couch with someone intelligent (and not a nurse who says she is a doctor :l).

Maybe we will get to put it in reverse by renting this place and moving out of state. Or country that my husband's work is international?!? Ahhhhhh. What a lovely thought :}
Now to put it in drive and let Horchow know that not only FedX is hapless, but that China is slipping too. Still :/

*UPDATE: Horchow is not only replacing it by shipping one out now but they are also sending someone out to pick the odd one up so I won't have that long drive to the nearest FedX! :D How awesome is that for service?!?? :))))) Never goodbye to service like that ;) ~sigh~ :}

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy P, Happy Day

Happy 6th birthday, Paros!

Thursday, June 5, 2014


I've been offline for about a month but it was fixed for a few days after holy week. Tech said it must have froze up when the tree people hit the power line. Then when it was out for about 2 weeks...that tech said squirrel ate the line :l  I think the electric company's tree removal guys must have done something to the wire when they hit it. They were really nice though and reimbursed us for the new mailbox and plant though and I've been gardening and almost finished edging around some new gardens I've started around here.

Didn't go on vacation though. We did board the dogs, rented an SUV, talked with Carnival about not being able to print our boarding passes due to no internet but it was all good. We were trying to hit our platinum membership with them lol so we are starting to feel a bit like family. I was worried about my promise not to board Paros again and both he and I were a bit sick so when Jim and I talked about how we would prefer our own bed and to hang with the dogs anyway on our route to Tampa, we just turned around in Atlanta to come home. Both of our spirits improved even though we missed the boat ;)

We did some house repairs and worked a bit on renovations. Jim cleared some side property and removed some trees that were leaning toward the propane tank along with a couple that were just not right. We got some supplies to finish Paros's dog house and I started a garden and lighting by his 'summer house' as we call it :) We also bought my stepfather some sheets and a duvet along with some other stuff for his bedroom remodel, took short trips with the dogs, shopped, and just spring cleaned around the house. I did have to go to the ER though with another CAT scan :/ And most of this would be going on if the techs didn't have me troubleshoot my issues or insurance would have just allowed a chiropractor or someone look at my neck and back from the falls and trip over wires with the 6 hour connect tech over the phone that time :P

Last week I just made an appointment to a real doctor (that wasn't in the 'network' of course) after never receiving any call backs to reschedule my MRI or Xray from the doctor that was in the network 2 hours away. I have never seen him even in passing the 4 trips I was up there nor got anything more than information that I have lesion on my liver (which is no big deal normally) from all the procedures they did do to date by a nurse. She had to go back and forth soooo many times. I feel like I went through the mess the VA hospitals are dishing out (at least they are on waitlist to see a doctor!! I get nurses :/). Kudos to Obama for getting angry about that. Is this mess Ms. health care, new laws, Obama care, or did I just get a dud of an insurance company? It's $600/month just for me and I had 2 insurers for a month until I found out that Assurant like UHC had the network thing. Omg. Just when the saleslady said they didn't :( Horrid services in America and changes I don't care for but I plan to write someone about dropping this mess enabling me to just have that $600 or most of it to keep paying for a real doctor!

And he has me pegged. I didn't say OMG, OMG, OMG...but he told me not to say OMG, OMG, OMG... I'm dying lol. He says the tests they run are general and ran a specific one. They didn't even make me come back so they could pull 2 days of blood from me nor did they collapse the one good vein I have left!!! :D And OMG. The stress level from AT&T, Insurance, and contaminated water was up there (it is coliform...not E coli like the surrounding towns they say). I can't get it through my head not to rinse a cup or dog bowl before going to the cooler and it could be just gastroenteritis. I'm hoping anyway. At least it will be a second opinion WITH information and not "There's nothing more I can do for you" :l

So I think I now see the differences between the health dept., clinic, and doctors office :)  I've only know doctor's offices other than the little urgent cares for little spider bites or something minor. I have visited the health dept. for testing potential boyfriends before getting serious. Jim still laughs about that.

Well, maybe now I can get this stupid neck and back corrected (arm still tingling and neck pain with occasional lower back). Can't get into my games or do firmware so PS 4 still in box but I did dust it lol but I just quit after the second time they told me to disconnect the phone again. And I did find a service that will give me unlimited everything via satellite (not Dish but kudos to them for being straight up about no gaming or movie downloads, which I prefer PPV anyway). Only took 4.5 yrs but that's ok. Surely a judge will relieve me from this mess.

The town still has no doctor. They just lost the one that retired before I moved here. He was a nice man. He died in a house fire in Jan. I hope his son who took care of our property finds his way. He was worried about not getting his meds so now with all that AND losing his dad...I know it must be hard for him. He was always so sweet trying to give me meds for stuff but I'd just say I'd prefer to see a doctor. I guess it's just the way things are done around here. I dunno. And the doc that took his place but never saw anyone, new or old patients, moved to Montana :l He seemed ok but hear he didn't really want to work anyway. Wish somebody would just tell me to drop my hammer and buy this place. I'd go too :)

About Paros's grooming? Well...he bit the head of the groomer (no skin broken) and I think he is missing his duclaw. He has to go to the vet's this week because he won't let me near it but gets around great and all ok other than that. I flunked him and he is starting classes again next week. He will stay, lie down, sit, leave it, play dead, etc. but when we are in public...NO WAY!! He is too excitable like me with the shopping. Real merchandise!!!  Not from TV or internet!!! :D But I love my Horchow, Dillards, Pottery Barn, and QVC (hit them hard with no internet lol!). Changed our linens to escape from the dark browns and long winter we had so P got a monogramed bed cover and I had the duvet to replace his blanket on our bed monogramed JPJ (Joyce Paros Jim lol :D).

Nuff for now. I'm sure I forgot lots I need to document but lots of stuff going on and I'm just trying not to let all this mess stress me. I'll just do a lot of writing, try to resolve things via phone, and speak to attorneys for direction. Maybe I can pay them to deal with the stress of it all and resolve these issues that aren't right for me. Maybe I'll get someplace but I do know that there is NO PLACE like home! :D

Even without a fully functioning internet, services, or it's dwellers :l