Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It's been a hard week for us all here I think. My baby brother's vehicle started making the knocking sound of death before it died and he is having a hard time saving up for a new ride so I just wrote a check to send him in hopes it will ease the situation. He did buy flowers to take to our father's grave Sunday for Father's Day. Then my step father's washer went out so I offered to buy him one this coming sunday. Jim says to give him ours which is only 2 yrs old and invest in one to put upstairs for me so I don't go up and down stairs with the laundry. Especially since I slid down them last week :/ To top it all off, one of his dachsaunds may have to be put down. He took him to Memphis Veterinary Specialists this week who can replace her disc for 3k but she may be in renal failure. It's one thing I love about him; a soft heart for animals and children. My father also but dogs belong outside the house and for hunting or security.

My daughter's dog, Mana, has been having a time of her life here. She keeps going into the woods to spend a night here and there only to come back wagging her tail when she wants, stinking of skunk and allowing ticks to hitch a ride. And although I'm gagging when I open the back door to go get 'skunk off' or keep my hand therapy appointments...this isn't even the reason I have to get her back out to California to her father's house. I feel so useless I couldn't help her while she is in Japan. I am hoping we can drive out before they leave at the end of July. I'm not sure though because Jim has been out of town for the past 2 weeks and it's usually busy for him in the summer so maybe my sister can go and we help fund her ride or something. It's just too hot to fly her there.

And it was the other day when my therapist told me her broken arm hurt for 6 months. So I am wondering how long the shattered wrist, arm, and broke bone will last. I've been up nights not being able to sleep soundly because of the physical pain. Not so much the plate as the torn tendons in my hand and broken bone that keeps me gritting my teeth and clenching something. I did stock the wet bar in case I don't get a refill on pain meds though. I am panicked about that. I was too happy to kick that habit and once I drink...I will have to give up therapy :/ Things could be worse though. My poor stepfather going through the anniversary of my mother's death 2 months ago and to get her stone and lose one of their dogs here at her birthday has to be very hard. Not to mention he was the one who had to identify my nephew who was caught inbetween the sunroof of the SUV and interstate and had to be cremated. We will always treasure him for that painful job and be leery of Ford/Firestone tires. (And ATT didn't call like they said so added to the rip off list).

One a good note, Paros's birthday week was really nice. Lots of walkabouts, rides, chicken and broccoli, and 2 quilts I use as coverlets on our bed for him to lie on. Even though there is a couch and he has a pillow by the window in our bedroom, he will sleep inbetween us like a human :l  I wouldn't have it any other way  :) I think I will have to take his coat though. I've been down about that. And trying to order Annabelle Lee a collar too as soon as I find or buy another soft measure :/ (Luigi from Lupavaro)

And Jim and I are looking up and forward to seeing Jerry and giving him his washer along with taking him to dinner and hitting the flea market this Sunday. With him out of town these past two weeks and not wanting me to take him to see ZZ Top in Southaven yesterday for Father's day, I find he is still my bargain hunting buddy and prefers this over a bose surround for his TV or concert. I did get him a 'Survival' handbook Nat Geo had but was beaten to the antique bowie knife he was eyeing :/

But I still exist here on earth and say the worst pain one can have is of a broken heart. I will soon forget my shattered arm and wrist and this will go away. I even still cry out for my parents like a child whether the pain is physical or emotional. Something that I ceased doing for the past 2 decades so they wouldn't be burdened with my griefs. I think it's ok now. So I do cry out to them and when the emotions of them not being here floods through me, it does knock out the physical pain for a while.

As Jim says...."One can mend anything but a broken heart."

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Man if I didn't get all my days screwed up this week! Thought yesterday was the 12th (P's bday) and today was the 13th (my grandson's birthday and hand therapy). Turns out yesterday was hand therapy, tomorrow is Jacob's birthday, and today is Paros birthday! We celebrated it this weekend with walkabouts, rides, and grilled him a ribeye and chicken breast. Of course the other pet pals got a chicken breast too ;) His cotton quilt coverlet should come in this week :}

As for today...with time to kill...on phone with ATT. YES!!!! WEEEEE!!! They are to call me back and look into adding a box on my pole!!! :D  FINALLY!! Customer service was awesome and I think they realize my ramblings and troubleshooting for 2.5 yrs aren't fictitous and that the tech over here is an idiot. Yes, isn't because of the snow, nor is the box 'down the road'. When I had the transformer replaced on the pole...thank you Tallahatchie Valley Electric...he said there was no internet line there. It ended next door in my neighbors yard.

So it is like christmas to me today and I may get our internet lines and phones restored! As for Paros...I guess another chicken breast and broccoli for dinner...sweet boy XXOO

Thanks to his breeders in Greece for my most precious gift, from their A litter; "Aegean Sea Islands".

Happy Birthday...again and all week...Paros :}

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Nothing like a week of tick infestions, seeing a cop shoot someone pulled over at the end of the lane, stuck in a storm with my neighbor at her anitque shop watching the winds blow stuff off the front porch and inside walls, and floor man gone wild and missing :l Lol...still good is found amidst the shots, dips, storms, and torn up kitchen floor ;)

The vet has helped bathe the dogs and I've been working out my hand trying to keep Paros's coat. Annabelle is a sweetie on the table but Biker Jim's evil little monster dog; the shih tzu; thinks satan is a hair brush :/ So I'm sporting a couple more bites while Bayou is running around partially clipped and I'm ordering my 3rd basket muzzle in hopes this time it fits! 2 ticks on me so I've been on the witch hunt for ticks and finally got the yard sprayed (especially under the oaks). Vet says with no real freeze this winter...they weren't killed off much. And so much for the topical flea and tick monthly applications. These don't work. Good old flea and tick shampoo along with adams dip does the job!

Yucatan Police from vacation
We aren't sure what kind of crazy storm we had last week but I was expecting a tornado to pop out of it! I made my neighbors antique mall in Oakland while winds just whipped up out of nowhere. Everyone experienced it from several counties. Some hail was reported from a couple of towns nearby. I finally made it home with some food I picked up only to see a cop standing in the doorway of a vehicle he pulled over. As I'm turning up our lane, I hear gunfire and see smoke cloud the officer's face! I look straight ahead and gun it up the lane after the second shot only to hear 3 and four more at least. Make it to another neighbors to call 911 but no answer at their door so I head on to my house, lock and load, call 911 to make sure cop is ok and no crazy cop killer is running amuck! Neighbors son is dispatch so he answered the call, checked in on it, called me back and said cop was ok :D Whew. Then I go to eat my baked chicken and see Paros has gulped it down :l  Bones and all :( I had cereal. Figured there would be a crime scene or clean up blocking the end of the lane :/

I hope my floor guy is able to give me some time to finish the floors but if not...I really wanted to stain the concrete in there. Maybe put the slate on the balcony and around the tub but ready for whatever. Already missed 2 sunday services with Jim working deep into the nights and pulling ticks the next weekend. Weee :l  At least I can drive and trying to stay on top of it all. Got all new fall bedding and put the heavy winter comforter in the dry cleaners. Just hope I can get the top soil and fill dirt along with hiring the painter to finish the house! Whenever I get a sane moment :/

Tut from Streetwise Design
And my last talk with ATT this week revealed that YES...that is why I don't have 6.0! Line ends in neighbors yard! And that is what the tech meant by the 'call box is 800 or so yards down the lane. Why the hell he just couldn't say it ends next door beside you at your neighbors pole?!? Why the damn run around?!? Yes. Those are fire words :l  A**hole ATT rip off! Or should I say "Rassa ma frassin yellow bellied flea bitten' *#&!%" after Yosemite Sam? Were they made in China too? (and I swear I think the Chinese are trying to silently kill us with chemicals!).

Well, at least the kids of Charleston had their car wash and I got help with that too. And the vets wife said she'll ask her house help if she wants any extra work. Also checking into Excede satelite services for the internet that will be 12 mbps! Limits on that though but would like to wash out ATT from here :/ And I've also been watching 'Food Network Star' along with my hand therapist girls. Their friend "Linky" is competing so we are rooting for her :}

Trying to turn things around so maybe I should just say "Shoot...Everythings gettin' a wash and dip!"