Wednesday, December 25, 2013


There is nothing better about coming home than being reunited with my best bud, Paros! Our first cruise trip was over 16 yrs. ago and we were greeted with my first grandson who was 2 to raise him for 9 months during my daughter's illness. Now we promised this would be our last trip until we transferred somewhere that had capable boarding facilities. Not that there is anything wrong with the vet but just want more kennel room to where he isn't caged and can use the outside more than just 2 walks a day and when they find a cure for the new disease posted below that is hitting all the kennels now across the country. Not all vets are even aware of this yet.). And so this marked his adult year of turning 18 and graduating so it closes this chapter. And good thing...he had missed his graduation photo session because of work study so we were able to get his portrait done on the ship.

And coming home 2 days before Christmas broke from the trip and the Europe trip just before that, we had spent $100 on 3 children before leaving but found that not much of the community contributed Santa's gifts so we spent the last hour of Walmart's opening time on Christmas eve shopping for them some more toys from Santa and delivered it to them before they arrived home from visiting family (they had lost EVERYTHING ....including their clothes :( ). The check may bounce but it is the most humbling and spiritual Christmas I have ever spent. To be of use to others who really need it. And to have my hair done with my grandson, walkabout the ship with my stepfather, have my husband Jim to support me in my endeavors, and to help another family out who is really suffering. I just keep repeating my blessings and thanking our lord for them. Paros is my joy and my Christmas (although we did come home with a tiny tea cup Yorkie another lady couldn't care for and the word NO seems to be missing from my vocabulary :\).

We really didn't have too much money nor wanted to do anything after the mediterranean trip but sent the grandson on adventures and gave him a makeover for his graduation photo. I loved having my hair colored and cut with him on the ship and we had our last dinner together celebrating the occasion with cake and champagne. We also sent him spelunking alone. He seems to have plans on joining the navy and furthering his education so I am proud of him :}

I think what really makes me sad is seeing the generations of children grow and know I am getting older and saying goodbye to the things we knew as changes occur around us. We will eventually cease to exist and I just don't want there to be any regrets as to if I could have or should have done something, or more for someone who needed my help. I feel there has been more of an awakening of others with the new Pope and he exemplifies the teachings of Christ and what he wanted us to do. This humble man has not only stolen our hearts, awakened our spirits, but is drawing us a bit closer to God as well. I am also grateful for my husband, Jim who has traveled my side in these past 16-17 yrs.

So the best thing I got for Christmas is our health, happiness, memories, love, and togetherness. And the continual unseen blessing to be under God's grace with all of those unseen things like decency, values, morals, loyalty, etc. Like watching out for one another and not leaving their side if they are stranded or in need of your help.

 As for 'stuff'....I'd have to say it was the crown of thorns I will put on my wood twig cross to remind me of what it all is really about :}