Thursday, October 3, 2013


I had a post here about the Rattlesnake incident the neighbor shot around by my mailbox on the lane but deleting that. Nor mentioning tales of how I am suppose to be on 'Snake Trail' over here because if they want to scare me...they did! HOUSE FOR SALE. I need to contact an African American gentleman I do business with whose parents and grandparents are here. He mentioned interest in the house and knows of it. Also a group mentioned interest for retreats, parties, and get away with rental potential so I think all this will go down pretty fast after I get back from all the winter events, vacations, and other things I have planned. Maybe for spring because I did put my doctor off on some of the tests he wanted to run (lump on spine in neck is making the headaches/dizziness worse and he wanted a colonoscopy :l  Weeee :/).

I do know this. We are not letting the dogs out till the sun comes up, check the yard, worked heavy in it yesterday pulling plants and raping the yard of its gardens I spent some good money on (although half were lost to the fungus around here). Hitting it HARD with ALL KINDS of UNDILUTED poisons (away from fenced area. It will all run down hill away from the dogs). I am dreading to tell my neighbor because right now he is my hero! Even with the thing beheaded, wiggling a bit, dripping blood with its 8 or so buttons on it's rattler. Giving him something nice and would like to say I am glad it wasn't a stranger deer hunting across our yard but right now...the stranger would be a nicer tale to tell :/

Well...posting the pretty flowers that did survive and keeping it simple for now (even though I still can't sleep). Awaiting a grandson's return call and a daughter's answer on what happened and why she had to have surgery on her hand like me but know she is down or busy the best she can be when she isn't. Will light a candle and pray for her...and my babies (what I call my pet pals lately). Still can't sleep nor focus on hooking up the security camera's where I can view them from the TV instead of monitors but as long as the DVR streams them onto a private address online and alarm is good, neighbors eye the should be good enough while the dogs are boarding.

Praise God for blessing his...whatever group, culture, color, religion, etc. and to my secret 'Fairy Godmother' for inspiring me to come out of black and into 'rose' for our own anniversary ;)

Birthday Blessings to my Granddaughter, a marine/lil' brother in the wind, and Paros's breeder dad :)