Monday, September 17, 2012


I played hooky from class (hand therapy :/) last week to just take a break from it all and review the year. Seems I did get a lot accomplished by having the transformer replaced to keep us from having power surges, learn of Paros' potential problems via chicken jerky treats, and even though I now have fast hand isn't going to cooperate so no site up now. I can drop a couple of dot com names and maybe just keep a personal one until I have a new direction or see just what will this hand let me do :/ (some of me has a sick feeling but I try and nourish the optimistic side and view this as a new direction, door, or opportunity).

Ok. So I still have some other demons to chew up and spit out but I am keeping my eyes open for a move. The house may not be officially for sale right now but it's for sale lol. I will make sure I move next to good doctors and vets (nothing wrong with my silent bone doc at all but still haven't found a primary care physician nor had a complete physical :l). And the bathroom renno is slow but man what a difference!! Hit a lot of snags on the details like european cabinet hinges right now. All I know at this point is that I have to custom order them for a Face Frame Overly, 3/8 inset door :l  Whew. Who saw that one coming? They all know me and ask how I am now at the Home Depot or Lowe's store now lol. And well...I never knew they had 1 cent sales and was also greeted with a "Want to by this weber grill for $10?" Lol....I have a propane weber grill that was $500 I don't use because I prefer charcoal so use the turkey smoker when BBQing but a $250 electric grill for $10?!? Heck yeah! Clarence is my best friend! ( that "Clearance"?!? We just call him 'Clarence' ;) (eyeing blowers and tillers now)

Nasa and Remembering Neil hobby with photoshop has pulled me through. I've been playing around with space scene tutorials and found some new links ( Well...that was until I took a break and went to see what a real star field was like in NASA and it's Hubble Spacecraft and Space Telescope sites. Whoa! Soooo beautiful I spent a good while reading on the various forms of nebula and formation of new stars in different regions of space like the Carina Nebula (Mystic Mountain and Eagle's Nest...rendered in painter pictured here...are my favorites. Even over the butterfly nebula below :}). And watching the 'Universe' and 'Planets' shows explaining the energy field that start these cosmic events and formations ('creations') only makes me think of my NDE and how suspended in the energy of God...waiting to be evaluated, recycled, or sent back was like this. All that love, light, wisdom, energy, everything just changes form with time and congruent.

But it was sad to here of Neil Armstrong passing. Watching him walk on the moon back in the 60's was when I felt the whole world still and unified for a moment in time....amazed at this event. Kind of like the twin towers but this was on a bigger and more positive scale. I was also glad to see a show on the Russians view of it all this week too. At the time we were both in space but our beating them to the could feel their disappointment. How I wish we could have all worked together. It was a giant leap for mankind...but being unified...well...that the ultimate goal but how many people know that the silent spell before he walked out that he was having communion? They weren't allowed to air that (thanks to the atheist movement parties back then :P). I guess I will always think of him reborn as a new star in the Eagle's Nest Nebula now.

All of my strange but congruent 'space oddities' converging this week also found us in Jim's favorite church (the baptist one). How I love the protestent churches because of the 'messages'  but no one will discuss or talk of them; including the pastors. I may as well go to mass where there is no message and more praying. At least the priests and nun will converse this matters and in discussing this with a muslim Sunday...he seems to agree that prayer and peace take presidence over singing and fiery sermons. Like the volatile birth of a new star...a new discovery lol?!?  I do like things shook up a bit every once in a while and although I can't sing....when there is a song in my means I am happy and like to roll with it ;). I guess I will always be in the wind when it comes to religion too.

So I have my itinerary for master bath renno duty as well as my Photoshop play (want to check out tuts plus, some in depth masking techniques at psdvault, and Psdeluxe. I think we will wait on planting the rye grass or removing the tree for now since we have new neighbors riding their dune buggies, 4 wheels, and go carts all over our front lawn. Jim says they must think it's a neighborhood park lol. I am more out to focus in on the surveillance camera to see which retriever is digging holes (they also have 2 goldens). I guess Wayne won't be the only one filling in holes around here lol :D (and ohhhh dear....I saw all 4 digging in Dianes gardens! She will probably going to give explosive births to a few new stars herself soon :l). They will get it. I think they will be rennovating their house along with us and I hope to help with some extra supplies. I first wanted their house but it did need more work and the property was larger here although I love the stone work, den, and basement aspects of that house. I am glad we have new neighbors and children's laughter here ;). (and as soon as I finished this....he comes in with photos of the front yard :l Mentions also about the cop cutting it too short :/ Oh dear).  We'll just let them know it's not a park and we actually pay to have it look nice ;)

As for missing out on summer with all this hand jive...we decided to change it to Christmas by going to the Caribbean again. It's warm there so we'll have our summer for a moment then. I will miss seeing the grandkids and son in law smiling...and I still laugh when people would ask me what happened to my hand. He'd reply for me "She was rebuilding a plane engine while in mid-flight". Lol. He knows me well. Play big while you can. We pass this way just once ;)

And we all change with time. Locations, vocations, ideas and views, relgions, interests, space etc. but Jim and I feel we are always in the wind, changes are inevitable, the bible is our moral compass, and home is where the heart is :}

Friday, September 7, 2012


Soooo busy it reminds me of when I was younger running from one job to another, while picking daughter, dogs, or something else along the way. And I know we've all been so busy at times while having a burnt out headlight or turn signal yet forget to or schedule time for replacing it. Heck...I know I've been sooo busy to where I wouldn't even realize one was out. I think I've had to use hand signals when turning at least twice in my lifetime so I know the jive lol ;)

I enjoyed my birthday alone except for a hand therapy class. They were sooo sweet and gave me some cupcakes which I brought home to enjoy while playing games and having my best buddy by my side (Paros). I was afraid to offer others some and they get chocolate on their hands while in class lol. I'm sure the girls would have given me mental signals at least on that one! They have really helped me through this and I have learned so much from classes there. I will be starting a personal training program on the physical therapy side next week prior to hand therapy so I am excited about that :}

So I've been discharged by my silent bone doctor who I like a lot and lucky to have. I had the office mail me xrays to show the kids (who think I have super powers because I have a titanium plate inserted in me lol). I finally get to see the thing dead on and it's not as big as it looked from across the room or over a techs shoulder without glasses! The children asked if I would be like wolverine but told them after classes I would be a hybrid of wolverine and spiderman....shooting blades from my wrist lol :D  Ohhhhh the things we say to kids.

And even if this is as good as it gets....I'm happy to have a hand and we are all ok. We aren't at the lake house in slidell floating down our street in a boat nor are we evacuated from the beach house on the gulf coast. I did have to clip everyone down, including Jim, because I just can't keep up trimming his beard, grooming the dogs, and it takes me forever to get anything done because I am that clumsy and slow because of the injury but I get by well enough and can drive :} Skiving, cutting, or tooling leather is still difficult but with all the sanding I've done on the bathroom cabinets, I used the dremel last night to smooth out the rough edges on my sea life mask. Still not up to par but better. The dremeling around the cabinet raised surfaces was a bit like sculpting and Jim asked why I just didn't get a cabinet from Lowe's or somewhere. I told him because they weren't solid wood and had veneer not to mention the new style with legs or floating ones would not only have me sweeping up under them....but leave me lacking storage space. We are dog lovers and proofing the house like one would child proof thier home for their children ;) Plus, I have enough to do getting down when my bebe's whine, wimper, growl and carry on trying to reach their bone or favorite toy they knock up under the bed or sofa :/

Speaking of the dogs, the little guy that wanted the job in helping me groom them didn't show up on Saturday. I went into the vets and we were talking about China and the contaminated pet treats they ship us when it dawned on me that they were the country that had to destroy all those chickens because they were diseased with the avian bird flu (H5N1). I think they are freeze dried and turned into dog treats (chicken jerky) so I looked it up online this week and hell if they still aren't having this problem! Another 150,000 chickens 2 months ago! So they have had this problem since 2009 at least and Mexico now has the bird flu outbreak ( but why they are calling it H7N3 I dunno yet). We just all need to boycot treats and feed them noodles and cheese, our own chicken (which is cheaper than dog food and more healthy). And btw....Canyon Creek Ranch is also a Waggin Train product). Would you feed this to your pet even though they claim to be safe? Be Dog Aware. My pet was slowly being poisoned. (I am still having to study this and any long term effects it may have and soooo behind on research since the shattered wrist/arm incident. It's even been on NBC :( ).

Now that I started picking up where I left off since the shattering of my wrist/arm or whatever...I finally get the other computer tied in and online. Still have to boost signal to go online with games upstairs and smart TV. Not to mention 2 ATT phone cords I never disconnected after falling from the one in the craft room. And since I can't bridge a second router for signal strength to their new modem/router (you could on the older westell)...that means another $175 went pffft on an unused router. Just sick but what really makes me what to signal them with my hand is the fact all this mess put off my reading, news, research on the pet poisoning and correspondence with FDA. And they can just remain there to remind me of how big companies don't give a sh*t. :P I will try and at minimum obtain the extra grand or so I paid for fast internet (which I'm sure won't happen unless I get a tort attorney and then I may as well try and shoot for time, trouble, extra unneeded or wanted equipment, loss of money, updates to software that cost $1000's that I couldn't use and now need to upgrade....etc.).

Well...I'm no super hero. Just a PO'ed female wanting to rise up and flip the bird or a Chinese chicken at some idiot a**holes :P

Come on Blue Hole and vacation lol. Guess I need to hit the other computer now and use office to send in my payment info to Tropic Air in Belize to fly us around and rise above this mess! Some good take off signals or 'hand jive' ;)  ~sigh~

**** SPECIAL NOTE ****
Photoshop planet tutorial from Spoono (a fav since 1999), star sorta from Six Revisions. Textures from My PS Textures, Mayang, texture mate (used water, plaster, and moss in that order for main planet surface).