Friday, March 30, 2012


Elvis & the Cleaning Crew
Oh boy I am jotting this down before I forget what I was told. But the nice older gentleman that came out today did explain things that I can kind of understand and even put a new transformer in. Now I still don't know if it was bad or not but I still can't help but laugh at the mess that was there! I just wanted a signed report saying it was ok. I'm soooo tired of paying for rework, hunting down missing termite company, ATT....and wouldn't you know....I learned a little more about them and where their line ends!

Electrician & Plumber
So far...there is a 4 0 (naught?!?) something which are 2 lines or something going from the pole to underground to my house :l  This is my responsibility and I was told if I have the electrician move the meter box (that is on the transformer pole an acre down my lawn from the house) and have them attach it to the house closer to the inside Breaker box (and here is where I got a bit confused...the meter box isn't attached to the breaker box now....why can't we have it just attached to another part of the house so I don't have to move the breaker box?!? Not only is that an extra cost but as long as I don't have to give up any of Paros' back yard, which I am wanting to expand, I am good. So I have to get extra estimates on that because when the come to put the outside part of the AC in (which we converted the inside unit from 4 ton to 5 ton), we already know we need a new breaker box. Whew. But now I want to try other electricians to see what the costs of that is going to be. All I know is that everything was allll gooood here (except for the intercom surround sound wires which I am trying to stabalize ATT speeds to go wireless and stream that). Now since the power outage last time...half the sockets are shot in the den :((((

6 months of Gutted Mess :/
And what about ATT? He says their line ends across the street. A little more than an acre over :l  What in the universe?!? And that has brought another question around. What voltage is the cellular alarm (or is there a voltage on that?!?). Hmmmm. A call to safety link but that was installed last year after the wires were checked. There had to have been 7 outages or more since then anyway. With a couple being 'flick on, flick off, flick on, flick off". I dub that the 'flickity flick' lol. How the heck did I ever pass physics I don't know. I do know my GPA went down to a 3.4 because of the 2 Cs (Phys 1 and 2) and I was depressed that year :(

Is that you again, Elvis?!?
If there was anything didn't stick because my brain is full :/  I am wire stupid. Won't even play like I know what's up and that's why we hire people for that. What I do know is there were TOO MANY power outages around here and even though the house was built in 74...I'm not using that much power and the AC's aren't even connected or done yet so this house is actually using LESS power. And something must have been up with the transformer for them to have replaced it. I mean...what company is going to charge EVERYONE for fuel usage they didn't purchase when we aren't using any more fuel than we have been using?!? My bill this year was actually a bit less :l

I dunno but I never troubleshot so many things before in my life. Not even gutting the 5,000 sq. ft restaurant/bar (and we had walls, windows, doors, and floors ripped out and replaced. Alarms added, more coolers and refrigerated systems added...not to mention all of the outside signs! Especially the 16' one on top :/

Well...more info and everything seems to be coming together. I'm glad they sent a man who knows how to talk with people and even though I'm not sure why the power failures continue... I guess we are literally 'Down to the Wire' around here ;)

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Before I forget...TVA comes out and I pointed at the pole giggling saying how I never noticed it before but had to take a picture and post it online (below). Angrily he says "Nothing is wrong with that pole"...then something about other poles and houses but how my house is too big and pulling too much power from that pole :l  Well...I'm wire stupid but I am sure that with this house being original...that pole was put there at the same time too lol :D  He then says "You need to check your wires". We did. Twice. I didn't even want to tell him my electric bill was only $200 this month and EVERYONE that has TVA experiences constant outages. He probably would have short circuited :l

And I normally am energy conservative. I have replaced the AC units (and waiting on the outside one to downstairs), floored and insulated some of the attic, added alarm and surveillance systems, will hopefully finish painting this summer and doing the sod, etc. but I'm firing it up tonight lol! I need some downtime with my pal :)

But thanks to FDA for taking our information. I had forgotten to tell her when he runs out of Jerky treats...I sometimes don't make it into town for a couple of weeks. Glad that maybe his ocassional vomiting is not due to the ivermectin. I had heard somewhere Afghans were sensitive to it but my other two never were. More tests...but not on P :)

As for the State of Ms...I can't wait to show and tell about the town now. I see why it always makes #1 in the news for being undeducated, slow, obese....whatever it is concerning's #1 of all the states. I don't see much change coming about either after today.

Definitely talking about moving and there has been someone asking me about the house ;)


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


New and Normal
Just a quick post on boiling it all down between the electrical issues and Paros' liver/kidney levels but the other night when TVA electric company was out here (and this is all still being investigated by the Public Service Commissioner and me :})....the neighbor closest to me had his transformer catch on fire. I believe he said they had to come back out and of course they gave him a new one. I still don't know why I get all the blown sockets and stuff but knowing I am the largest and oldest house by a few years....this only means that so is my transformer. And they had to branch off of here to get theirs so what are we waiting explosion? Next time it happens...WTH can we expect?

What in the Universe?!?
In taking pictures....mine is definitely a job not well done. What is that? Spliced wires?!? OMG. You know...some may think I'm crazy but DILLIGAF. I guess slow people may percieve someone a bit...ok...a lot more saavy than they to be just that. I'd rather ride something custom than special :l I really do believe the stories of corruption and lack of education to be problematic here after all. And they just need to pass off their excuses and reasons on to the idiots because I'm not buying it. And the felonious extra charges of $100 each month because they didn't purchase enough fuel. My bill is the same as it was last year so PFFFT :P  Not really buying that either. I'm beginning to think it all needs to be supervised and regulated by the government :)

Sister and Voice of...:)
But alas!!! All the testing, diagnosis, vets, specialists, water coolers, filtrated water and it boils down to contaminated jerky treats!! Lord knows I've blogged about those issues till I just quit because I was becoming depressed over Paros' health and on the third diagnosis...I was just lost. FDA has been warning Waggin' Train products that are made in China to pull their products off the shelf. The vet this morning read the FDA report I printed him (and sending one to his internist) and he is calling the hospitals while I call the consumer complaint people. He says if they don't diagnose this....we will :) And I will have P retested after more treatments. He also said that is why we should boycot Walmart. They will not pull products from China off their shelves. Lead paint in children's toys, contaminated products jeopardizing our and our pets health....I'm on board. No walmart. I'm for paying China back our debts but I'll be damned if we need to give them our business too. Till then...I'm on all recalls but weekly...betcha I visit FDA! I also bet Paros will recover from this ;)

Falling Apart or Tip Hat?
Well...I did try to give the neighbors son the job of house/pet sitting. He is a big ol' boy and I know he can't make too much money dispatching for the Charleston Police Department so I thought he could use time away from his parents house and the extra $500. Even in his late twenties to 30...he does have it made living at home so I don't blame him. I did find a licensed and bonded pet/house sitting service out of Oxford though that only charges $75 per day then a bit extra for extra walks and stuff so we are all happy with that. They have resort and spa facilities too with a vet next door. Kennels are 6' x 6' that are climate controlled and an outdoor run attached so wherever you are..if you want in home or thier facilities....they are a big branch called Dog Smith :)

Internet Communication Deficiency :l
As for my other neighbor...with the TV's working in the bedroom now, I can stay out of her antique shop :}  She had to help me haul stuff for 2 days :l  Jim came into town long enough to check some of the stuff out...had to drag a long heavy duty electrical over to the side of the den where the sockets are working. The main Direct TV box is on the den TV so it had to be on for the others in the house to work :/  My entertainment center lights are fried too :(  Still checking on stuff but he went back out of town so I told the insurance agents...this will take a while :}

As for the outside video surveillance camera's? You can bet one will be facing that transformer pole ATT and electric company share ;)  Jerks :P  Jim says the moon is smiling on Paros and Me anyhow! Our turn to heal :)

Friday, March 23, 2012


Laser Lites. One of the few products I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT and their service? Well...for once in life I can say that I have TRUELY experienced outstanding service! Their Ohio branch here in the states must have folded. I've tried to call them for over 2 months with no answer. I thought maybe they were avoiding all MS calls because I ..well...bit his head off last year for allowing my card number to lay around on his desk for almost 6 months. That's bad when my bank calls :/  And after having no water pressure for 3 months...I was FRANTIC about not having their product to groom Paros. I already had to shave Annabelle and Bayou. So I emailed their Australia office. Whew!!! What a life saver! Not only did he ship the products out to me...but waived the international shipping charge!! I ordered WOW detangler too and think it will knock "The Stuff" off the shelves whereas I'm concerned. If Silk and Drape kept Paros from matting too much...I am eager to try WOW detangler!! :D

Have Products, Need Water
So right after the last post my products arrive, voted in the primaries (but reverting back to Obama since my man Ron Paul was not getting very far in that run lol!), and viewed most of Crufts Dog Show on FB (Europes Westminister but older and more prestigious to me :}). More shots from the hound groups there than online. I was soooo happy about the outcome too! The artist, Martial Robin whose paintings I've purchased, won along with another person who bought one of his dogs. And Paros' breeder, Evi of her dogs won in the hound group. She is owned by Pat Latimer (owner of Paros's father; Gamer). She is also a breeder, handler (and judge sometimes too :}). I just sobbed like a baby knowing I bought one of the finest hounds in the world and no help or services in this place to show him. I don't even care to breed. It's just he derserves this and maybe someone could have used him in their breeding program. I really didn't know how lacking this state was till then.

Luna Moth on Gun Cabinet :l
Oh. It's not that they don't have canine activities here. It's just more geared to hunting (bird and gun) dogs. We do have fabulous specialty veteranarian services in Memphis at least. And although my parents moved to Mississippi a couple years after their divorce, I only experienced high school here for no more than 2 yrs. I should have seen the red flags when we had to get special permission for me to attend a school out of our district right after boarding school in Tennessee. And the 5 yrs I had the beach house on the coast...well...Louisiana was only 15 minutes from the house so all my services and hound people were very obtainable to me.

New LS inspired on hold with ATT :/
Well, Jim has me watching "The Bing Bang Theory" with him now. Says I'm a bit like Sheldon. Is it because I make him drive around a new restaurant inspecting their windows to see if they are clean to avoid potential food poisoning? Maybe because my verbal jargon perturbs him sometimes. I know it isn't because I go around talking about quantitative analysis from Chem lab or molecular structaral deviations causing organic malfunction in cellular pysiology (unless he talks about his profession :/). I think it is more due to my exacting virgoian nature of having to be set up and organized before proceeding with a project. The thought process just flows better for me :} He is more of a 'Get Her Done' and 'Wing It' man :l

Thank You, Kids Formal :}
Anyway...there is a lot for him to get done around here now since the 80 gal hot water heater went out and there will be 9 of us here next month. Not to mention during another power failure due to the ancient apparatus our hokum (Sheldon word ;)) electric company charges an 'extra' $100 a month each month for (claiming it is because they didn't buy enought fuel from TVA...BS :P), I threw a lit candle and holder when I saw my hair on fire last night and broke a HUGE custom sized mirror that I AM NOT going to pay for! Then I was up till about 2:30, hot, with all the dogs barking at them. Seems the pole they were working on is in the front 3 acres of my property and is the same damn pole ATT was working on last week with their services out! I already fell down the stairs last year when the power went out...and had to replace the graphic card TWICE in the duo core hard drive with their 'flickity flick' power surges. Not to mention sending it in the HP the second time...Fed X beat the box up so bad....they broke something new TWICE MORE....and the 4th time I replaced the NIC card (it hit the news here around Christmas film how the workers just 'chunked' packages over a monitor with the picture on the box!!!). Glad I have all this in the blog somewhere. I am soooo damn done!!

Last week in church I broke down and sobbed when the pastor mentioned Japan. I guess it hit me about my daughter transfering over there. I was so busy being happy for her and arranging this cruise I didn't stop long enough to see how I felt about it. Of course with all the incidents this week...I am afraid to go this Sunday. I am apprehensive about what fire may errupt but it is doubtful he will mention ATT, Tallahatchie Electric, or lack of grooming/handling services. And oh dear....I do have a 12 year old from church coming today to help me around here! I am excited. I was industrious as she when I was her age so I hope I am a good mentor to her :}
And at least it was my neighbor at the police dept. last night when I went in barefoot, crying, couldn't find money, didn't know where a pay phone was. At least he can relate to this constant power failure issue! I'm definitely breaking down and purchasing a cell phone after this :P

So to break it down further...I am just done! No more paying for inept services and atrocities caused by their lack of services!!! I'm submitting the bills :P

And the Lhasa Apso won BIS at Crufts btw :}

Cardinal of Chaos?!? Noooo :}

Thanks to Ceri for song inspiration, Kids Formal for prompt service and 'Girly Glitter' inspiration while on phone ordereing with you ;), ATT 'heart attack' while on hold :/, and Laser!!! For beautiful, easily manageable glistening and impeccable coats with friendly expediated service! One reason to why the hounds are more gorgeous in Europe ;)

Monday, March 12, 2012


. close when I can get off this WYSIWYG online editor I can taste it! Of course I am still rerouting computers and have to check modems. I decided to keep the wireless N modem ATT gave me because the computer went down a couple times due to storm and another line issue around here so it will have to do for now until I can shop for a more sound (900+ Netgear) modem/router. I have just been busy with vacation planning, Easter coming, hunting house/pet sitter, arranging for 2 more camera's installed, and with Easter coming....too much going on. Did finish the Easter tutorial I've been following at Alfoart. Man he is tough :l

And with us gearing up for sounds...I've been playing with Ipod backgrounds. The brick background came from Mayang Textures. I really enjoy her site so when MPT (my photoshop textures) or LT (Lost and Taken) don't have what I need...she does! She is an amazing girl and has traveled extensively. It's like eye candy in her sites!! :) The tutorial for the neon came from Zee at Abduzeedo (I think...I got frustrated and just did my own thing so it isn't as nice :/). Porche font, Brewer's line art at Adobe exchange.

Got some help on Saturday. Wasn't for long but she did an awesome job and we got a bit done. Jim was home too so lots of spring cleaning will get knocked out before we get a sitter but if not...we'll just board them (~gloom~dread~) and set all the alarms and cameras, have the neighbors watch for us (one neighbors son works for the police dept here) and then I'll just probably panic about the dogs boarding :l  Already found the internet cafe on the ship so I can view the house from time to time but think I'll just take the lap top and view where I want onboard.

Primaries are tomorrow so off to vote for Ron Paul. I think he may have jumped out though. Haven't eyed the news as much this past week or so. If so...I'll vote...~cough~....Obama whom I am mad at :P  Messin' with our gun laws and religion :( No points won there with a southern girl in the bible belt :/ Here is a link to those confused like him about religion here. And the differences between Allah and God here. For atheists here, and my favorite sermon by Lockridge on how and why he says God came from nothing Hell...if all these links confuse him...just go to ehow.

As for safety at our borders...a friends bday package was thoroughly examined. I don't know if it was the "NO MOLESTE" door sign I taped on it, or maybe the DVD and 3 CD's had our master plans for mayheim on them (which would be something more along the lines from an "I Love Lucy" show lol!!). Maybe it was that huge $25 check. That's enough to fund a feminist terror camp on males :l  Maybe they read BDAY as "Biker Dames Against You" and took it personally lol :D  Regardless...I got a good laugh. Still rolling 2 days later!! :D

Till then......

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Sometimes things just come about right and lead you somewhere you didn't expect. I just sat down to render a background and do some layer styles out of the snake skins I took macro shots of and smack my demons out the way because 2 days later this piece emerged! Oddly enough we'd all talk of the demons in our lives and after reading corintheans 12 (Paul's vision and his thorn)...this would come about! I am happily, but painstakingly, pushing this forward into a wall piece with angelina copper flash fibers, sauder drippings on sticks for the cross to be painted with metalic copper, and I do have black silk chiffon for the wings with pearlescent pigments ( to play with my stuff!).

I still have some work on it but went surfing for a biblical quote for my apocolyptic war angels and found this site by a Howard Johnson that does art in this form too so I can't wait to check it out in depth but in the meantime...thanks to Qbrushes again for the chaos circles and wings brushes and to My Photoshop Textures for the paper texture. I've been up drawing wings and rendering some to my taste from my drawing books along with some public domain star and horoscope charts but may need Jim to custom me a LARGE protractor to transfer the circles or I can see me making a mess dragging a tire upstairs to my playground! :D

Came across one of my oldest daughters articles tucked away in my wings drawing book from when she was in the roller derby. Funny enough but her nickname is 'Linsanity' too only hers has been that way for years in both her band and roller derby name. I've always called her 'Lins' but spell it 'Lynz' because nothing is ever normal around here lol. Sorry Jeremy Lin...but years of home movies with me holding up a banner with that name along with posts, emails, photos....we are what we are...and have been that way so you are sharing with us...not the other way around honey (but go get 'em anyway and hope your nose heals ;) Hmmm. Rough playgrounds there :l

Well...this week has been ok and can't believe we don't owe the IRS! I was happy with last years 'draw' but this year...we get money back lol!!! And more than half of my posts went out too. Just too happy my precious grand daughter will get her mask. I just have to order stuff from Laser Lites for the dogs I have been having issues with but the main people out of Australia are helping since there are issues with their branch over here. And our trip is changed to a Carribean one since Mexico is thugging cruisers on port excursions over there :l That's cool. More festive and happy dances on their playgrounds there with the grand kids and my girl :}

I always depict life as a playground we are balancing on till we are called in so it was sad about Monkeys 'Davey Jones' leaving us. Reminded me of playing the game 'Who Stole the Cookie' outside with my friends right before it got dark. I was always next to the last to be called in so the game seemed to go on forever and was pointless till I asked one day what was the point?!? Not one really. It would just quit when the last kid was called home :l How sad they must have been with everyone gone :(  And being next to last....I kind of know the emptiness but I wasn't the damn cookie thief lol :D

Easter is coming and I played red rover long ago and chose sides so I know who my King is ;)  Just glad to be around to play longer. Hope I get to finish playing with the tutorial I am following along of Alfoart's as well as post some comments on Lockridge and CNN's piece on the 'drawing heaven' miracle (11 yr old jewish girl's materpiece paintings and prophecies since 4....don't choke up non believers!).

Whatever ground you're fair and have a good life ;)